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To be a fan of a Superhero used to mean heading down to the local shop, grabbing the newest issue of Superman, and cracking it open when you got home, savoring every illustration until the next issue came out. However, these days to be a "fan" of a Superhero is much less involved; You go and watch The Avengers, and suddenly you're all about Superheroes, and a complete "fanboy" of Thor! It doesn't matter if you think the extent of his abilities is flying, hitting, and shooting lightning, he's you're new favorite trend. And that's something else that happens when the conversion of comics to movies. People get the wrong idea of what the Superhero is capable of! Iron Man honestly contesting with Thor? Come on. But it's what people believe. Which leads me to my next point: It's only "cool" to like Superheroes from the movies. For instance, a friend of mine was trying to tell me how Captain America could take Thor, since, of course, he saw The Avengers. He was talking my ear off about it, so I finally broke down and showed him scans of how Captain America could in now way compete with Thor. Surprisingly, he has the audacity to call ME a nerd, when he had not only brought up the topic, but talked to me about it for a half hour! And that's what it's come to: Watch the movies, you're a badass, read the comics, you're a nerd. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about Movie-Adaptions. The Nolan Bat Trilogy is my favorite series of movies, and I really enjoyed the Spider-Mans. But it's gotten to the point where the general populace is only concerned with the movies. Whenever I see Avenger stuff now, it's always got Black Widow, Hawkeye, or Hulk. Where's Scarlett Witch? Why can't I have my Vision t-shirt? I'd like some Warbird socks. But you won't see any of that, because as far as the populace is concerned, The Avengers are composed of a bunch of Hollywood A-listers.

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I would like some Warbird socks too....

But, I digress; no, I completely agree. There's a definite double standard with comic book movies and comic books.

And, in no universe could Captain America take Thor, I mean even if you watched the movie you couldn't draw that conclusion.