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#1 Posted by NightFang3 (12295 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for the news recap.

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#2 Posted by BurnSide (53 posts) - - Show Bio

i love the news, but there's something wrong with the quality. Is that just me?

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#3 Posted by EisforExtinction (2014 posts) - - Show Bio

My favourite comic book is Brad Shoemaker.

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#4 Posted by k4tzm4n (40156 posts) - - Show Bio

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It's a tough franchise to revive. It's so familiar to many, so you don't want to bore them with going through the same cycles all over again. But, IDW's comic manages to pull it off and then some. It delivers a perfect dose of nostalgia and fun, and while it stays very close to the earlier turtle stories, it makes just enough changes and modern revamps to make it feel both fresh and unique.

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#5 Posted by Blizaga101 (1035 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think they shoulda showed that scene from spiderman, that would have been great to see for the first time in cinemas yknow.

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#6 Edited by EnSabahNurX (2321 posts) - - Show Bio

my favorite comic I've read is Uncanny x-force, mainly the dark angel saga which is just awesome as a whole.

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#7 Posted by k4tzm4n (40156 posts) - - Show Bio

@Blizaga101 said:

I don't think they shoulda showed that scene from spiderman, that would have been great to see for the first time in cinemas yknow.

I'm sure they have plenty of other great scenes up their sleeves. Besides, I really think it was a good move on their part. While Spidey is hugely popular, the last film (albeit raking in tons of cash), really turned off a lot of people to the character on screen. The vast majority of movie goers don't know this is a total reboot, so giving them the chance to see how different it will (hopefully) be was a good move.

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#8 Posted by vance_astro (90013 posts) - - Show Bio

Either my computer is trippin or this video is glitchin all over the place.

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#9 Posted by jakob187 (1030 posts) - - Show Bio

My very own Brad Shoemaker is NOT included? NO DEAL!

J/K. Also, I'm getting a lot of artifacting and other issues with the video. A freeze in the beginning, the Amazing Spider-Man clip keeps getting super pixelated, etc.

Nonetheless, I hate to say it...but I haven't been reading any comics. Actually, I think the last one that I picked up was...I can't even remember. It's all because of stupid damn Heroclix. I had to decide whether I wanted to keep buying comics or buy Heroclix, and the Heroclix won out. So...I can't say what I've been reading since I haven't been reading anything.

Also, Amazing Spider-Man looks super good. So excited about Andrew Garfield as Spidey. He fits the role very well, and they have Peter's humor in there as well.

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#10 Posted by DarthStorm (162 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite comic book right now is Batman because Scott Snyder is doing an amazing job with the character and Batman fighting for all of Gotham is pretty freaking cool.

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#11 Edited by MrMazz (2002 posts) - - Show Bio

Why is Sabertooth constantly in these prequel team up books?

awww I really wanted my own Brad Shoemaker =(.

Fav comic right now Red Hood and the Outlaws. Interested in Jason Todd and its a decent team up.

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#12 Posted by AlKusanagi (732 posts) - - Show Bio

No Brad? What a rip off...

Anyway, my current favorite book is New Mutants, since it's a series I grew up with and loved as a kid, and it's great to see the old gang back together in a current book that's actually lasting a while.

The video encoding seemed a bit messed up as well.

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#13 Edited by FoxxFireArt (3641 posts) - - Show Bio

Surely you jest. Of coarse I love the work done by Babs, Tony, Matt, ...and Corey, when he's around. I especially love to see that Babs is rocking her glasses more often in these videos.

As much as I like watching these news videos. I kind of wish I hadn't watched this particular one. I don't want to see more of SPIDER-MAN. I'm at that point where I'm going to stop watching clips and trailers until I have my butt in the theater.

One of my favorite comics still has to be Fred Perry's GOLD DIGGER. I look to that man as my artistic idol. He crafts a huge world all on his own, and you can tell the man loves nerd culture with all this Scooby Doo, Star Wars, and anime references he drops in the comic. You can tell that it's a comic written by a fan. I've been into this series and all his works since I first saw issue #8 in comic stores. He also wrote and drew SHERLOCK NINJA.

@Vance Astro said:

Either my computer is trippin or this video is glitchin all over the place.

I saw glitching as well, but thought it was just me.

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#14 Posted by lifeboy (1717 posts) - - Show Bio
Did you all change the video delivery options recently? None of the videos have worked for me these last 2 weeks.
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#15 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2727 posts) - - Show Bio

The video wont play for me, what stuff are you giving away? How do I enter to win stuff?

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#16 Posted by hardindr (13 posts) - - Show Bio

Ah, I can see my bottle in the background of the Brad photo. Cool...

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#17 Posted by noj (1400 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite comic series right now is Batman, because of how freaking awesome it is. Story is amazing, art is amazing and I look forward to it each month. Though I will say that Ive REALLY been digging the last couple issues of Justice League.

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#18 Posted by sho3s22 (121 posts) - - Show Bio

Journey into Mystery has really caught my attention lately, Loki using his godly lying abilities for the good is awesome to see, it was also the only good Fear Itself book IMO. The crossover right now with New Mutants, Exiled arc, is putting out some interesting interactions. Seeing a reincarnation of Loki is also awesomesauce (actually two, kid Loki and Ikol the bird) and his interactions with Leah who cannot stand him has me chuckling. This book has dire consequences yet doesn't take itself too seriously. I love it. Every time I finish that last page of each book I'm left wanting more.

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#19 Posted by htb106 (1724 posts) - - Show Bio

Teen Titans

Teen Titans is such a great book. It unites all genres, all characters and all types of readers. Many may just complain saying they're just sidekicks, but in the many years of this team's existence they have become so much more. All comic book fans can enjoy this book, From Dick Grayson fans to fans of Miss martian or The Flash. With characters such as Bart Allen, Tim Drake, Donna Troy and even the Atom, anybody can enjoy the stories in the history of the Teen Titans. They've had adventures in space, adventures with magic and adventures dealing with real life issues like deaths of those close to you and complicated relationships. And that is why I love the Teen Titans so much!

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#20 Posted by Webjaker (369 posts) - - Show Bio

At the moment I'd have to say its The Flash - I've never really been a fan , he was always just 'ok' and never read a single issue, but the story, writing an especially the art of Manapul and Buccelatto is superb. Of course I love a dozen other titles, especially Scott Snyder's current (just) Batman. And im very interested in Robinson's Earth2

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#21 Posted by Webjaker (369 posts) - - Show Bio

@Vance Astro: Video was glitch-city for me too. I assumed it was my computer/connection -since Im hard at 'work'

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#22 Posted by Sammo21 (733 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally right now I am torn between Venom and American Vampire. I'll say Venom since I always read it first if they are both in my stack. Venom, in my opinion, really is a fantastic read and always looks gorgeous. MARVEL took a two characters who you'd never expect to be big heroes and completely flipped the script with them. Flash Thompson really wants to be a hero but so many things go wrong for him but he always does the right thing even when they are tough. Unlike some book where everything works out in the end for the hero, I really feel that Flash Thompson makes decisions that have an impact on him emotionally and physically and you can see that in the writing and the art. We've seen almost everyone turn to selfishness and anger when in the Venom symbiote, but Thompson has controlled it, mostly, and went from a high school bully to a member of the Secret Avengers. I can't wait to see where they take him next.

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#23 Posted by PolarisJunkie (119 posts) - - Show Bio


This book is not just my favorite because of the writing and the amazing character relationships Peter David has crafted throughout the run of it, but this book also is a nostalgic look back on some of my first comics read as a child. Peter David's original X-Factor run was one of my first comic reads to see that lady with the green hair and not only has it surpassed anything so trivial as that reasoning, its even better. I await each and every issue!

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#24 Posted by htb106 (1724 posts) - - Show Bio

I really did think that the kid was gonna fall into the water.

I need to remember the golden rule of superhero movies: kids and dogs don't die.

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#25 Posted by GamerGeek360 (259 posts) - - Show Bio

Man, what comic is my favorite right now? I want to say Batman, just because it's amazing, but I may actually have to go with Green Lantern: New Guardians. Every month I love getting this series because all the Lantern Corps are in it. Seeing as I didn't really start reading GL stuff until the New 52, I didn't know much about that universe outside of the GL Corps. This way, along with Red Lanterns, I can learn more about the other Corps. Great book every month! Speaking of which, new issue on Wednesday!

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#26 Posted by darkwolverine (41 posts) - - Show Bio

Red Hood and the Outlaws. I just love the stories in that series it makes want to get more and more.

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#27 Posted by QuantomMan (221 posts) - - Show Bio


I've always been a Batman fan due to his incredible ability to overcome situations where it his out-ranked. Scoot Snyder's Batman is amazing not only to balance the fact that he can't just win "cause, oh I'm Batman. I win" but the struggle internal and external to his character. As well as The Court of Owls concept being new. Batman's rogue's gallery is amazing, so it would be super tough to create someone or something that can keep up with the standard that they set, Talon and the Court of Owls do that.

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#28 Posted by jinxuandi (606 posts) - - Show Bio

Have to go with Daredevil. The art and writing is fantastic and after each every issue I find myself counting the days until the next one comes out.

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#29 Posted by Ganthetsward20 (724 posts) - - Show Bio


Its hard to pick a single book there are many I am enjoying. The Shade just has an almost snarky way of talking to people that amuses me and the story so far and the art has been AMAZING. As much hate as Robinson gets for his Cry For Justice book its the book that got me interested in his work. He, to me anyway.s is a talented writer when he gets to put all of his effort into a book and isn't constricted by editors or the company in what he can or cant do. The Shade has been good proof of that I think. The new Characters like La Sangre are written out really well. This is a book I want in Hardcover and TPB and in single issues so I can share it with everyone with a bit of interest in comics. James Robinson you are one AWESOME OPOSSUM!

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#30 Posted by Rowen545 (404 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine and the X-Men- Book does a great job of holding the X-verse together. The book has themes from X-force and AvX while also keeping its own feel. Its never a tedious read. 

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#31 Posted by mattydeNero (535 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite comic book currently is Robert Kirkman's INVINCIBLE. This book as gone through drastic changes in both the story as well as the characters themselves. What began as the story of a typical high school kid developing powers while dealing with being a teenager, has turned into an intergalactic tale that is so far from the early days of Mark Grayson. Gritty at times, one will not find as wholesome of a comic book as Invincible.

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#32 Posted by Darthmat (101 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonder Woman. Every month ends in a shocking cliffhanger, the dialogue is sharp as a knife, and I never have any idea what to expect.

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#33 Posted by Hichael (7 posts) - - Show Bio

Video quality was a bit weird.

Any who my favorite comic would be the Scott Pilgrim books. I might get a bunch of crap for that but since I never really read comics before that was pretty much the first series I read. (I did read them before the movie btw) I think it's a fairly nice story a little romantic a little comedic; it also has some video game sprinklings in it as well. The first time I heard of Scott Pilgrim was a few years back, I went on to his website and I saw that he was sort of asking people to buy his books so he can eat. I also super love the art, it's so freaking adorable.

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#34 Posted by DustinFun1704 (239 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite comics right now are DC's new Batman series off of the new 52.

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#35 Posted by Silkcuts (6040 posts) - - Show Bio

Of Course I have to say I am loving Hellblazer.  Peter Milligan is doing a wonderful job with John Constantine.  JLD would be my second choice, again Milligan is VERTIGO!  The metatext in both books are great, looking forward to Jeff Lemire in JLD.

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#36 Posted by where4artthoucarlos (305 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite comic book right now would have to be Aquaman. It's been a blast seeing geoff turn one of my favorite DC characters from a laughing-stock, to the compelling story-driven hero he deserves to be. Ivan Reis' art has done great for the series as well, and i think these 2 were the perfect pair for the series. One of the best things to come out of the New 52!

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#37 Posted by No_Name_ (16193 posts) - - Show Bio

@Webjaker said:

@Vance Astro: Video was glitch-city for me too. I assumed it was my computer/connection -since Im hard at 'work'

I'm gonna look into this! Thanks and sorry for the quality :(

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#38 Posted by knighthood (1917 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman and Robin is my favorite book at the moment. Which is something I would never thought would happen. I typically am not fond of Boy Wonders, but Damian Wayne is such a precious little killer. Patrick Gleason's art doesn't hurt as well.

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#39 Edited by knighthood (1917 posts) - - Show Bio

@Ganthetsward20: I agree. The Shade is a great book. Highly recommended.

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#40 Posted by slapz88 (63 posts) - - Show Bio

Walking Dead

Right now walking dead is the best book out there. Its full of suspense and drama around every turn. It has the most indepth characterization and it shows raw human emotions during such a stressful and dangerous life that we could never understand unless we were in the same position that the people in that book are placed in. Kirkman is amazing and you never know what he is going to do in those books.

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#41 Posted by cyberchop979 (466 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite comic right now is definitely Batman. As for the reason? Two words. Scott. Snyder.

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#42 Posted by MarvelMan1985 (156 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for the news Sarah!

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#43 Posted by Billy Batson (59854 posts) - - Show Bio

By Aaron and Guera, one of the best series right now, sadly it's being slept on. Soon ending, a noir series about an indian reservation with awesome characters, themes and great dusty art work by Guera. Plus, who doesn't like Jock's covers?

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#44 Posted by Bestostero (5782 posts) - - Show Bio

Tough decision, but I think Winter Soldier edges out slightly over the rest as my current favorite title...its just everything i want in a book, plain and simple.

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#45 Posted by captainspidey1 (45 posts) - - Show Bio

The Amazing Spiderman has got to be the best comic ever. It's filled with action, laughs and drama. Also Spiderman is really likeable. He's my favourite superhero, and I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't like him.

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#46 Posted by linuspxy (29 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman..Cause I am lovin the court of owls storyline

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#47 Posted by Grondoth (22 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't read comics, but I DO love you guys. Take from that what you will.

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#48 Posted by TheHeat (697 posts) - - Show Bio

The Mighty Thor...because I love seeing Thor smash foes with his trusty Mjolnir. The Amazing Spider-Man is another that I like.

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#49 Posted by Primmaster64 (21668 posts) - - Show Bio


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#50 Posted by sj_esposito (478 posts) - - Show Bio

03:21 ...that's how I feel about Batman, Inc. also. -.-