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 A big part of loving comic books is supporting your local comic book retailer. So, to show our support for the local comic shops that the users in our community visit, we ordered 100 window stickers to send to the different shops where you guys purchase your comics. Not only will your local comic shop receive a sticker that they can place in their window, but they will also receive a letter from Comic Vine letting them know that you (the user) gave us a heads up about the shop and that you support them. Who knows, maybe they'll let you score some free GL plastic rings? So, if you guys don't mind, please post the address of your local comic book shop in the forum below, and we will be sure to send them a cool sticker and a letter letting them know that you support them. I can't wait to see how many different cities we get to send these stickers to! 
 Coming to a local comic shop near you       
 Coming to a local comic shop near you       
First off, thanks to everyone who submitted their comic shops for our window decals. A couple of the shops added to the thread later didn't get sent a window decal and letter from Comic Vine in this round, but they will if we decide to do a 2nd round of mailings. It all depends on how successful this is. 
And that's where you come in, again. Below is a list of the location pages on CV for all the shops we mailed to. These are both U.S. and international shops, by the way. Since I just mailed the packages this morning, they'll be arriving at your shops in the next week or so (bit longer for our international audience); so be sure to go check the shop and see if they've gotten the package. Your user names (real names when provided) are in the letters, so make sure and let them know you nominated them! What we'd also love to see is a photo of the sticker in the shop window so we can show that this in fact worked and we can do more! You can add that photo to the location page gallery for your shop (again, listed below)
While you're at it, get a photo of the staff at the shops and upload that as the default image for the page. These pages are pretty bare as of now, and we'd love to see some information added to them besides the mailing address. Any special items at your shop? Famous for whatever reason? That's all juicy info for the location page. 
Again, we really appreciate you all getting the word about Comic Vine out to your local shops! We think this is going to be awesome, and we're looking forward to building a stronger bond with the shops that provide you the comics you love to read each week. 













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Amazing Stories of 55 White Rd Ste 1, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 My Earth name is John Dwyer if you need that 

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OH OH awesome please send it to my home town comic store  
Quality Comics
   872 Hay Street 
Perth, Australia 6000

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Beach Ball Comics  
3024 W Ball Rd.
Ste. G
Anaheim, Ca 92804 

Awesome Idea!
Edit: My names Monica M.

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Thanks guys, you're awesome :D Keep them coming! 8D

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Graham Crackers Comics
  1271 Rickert Dr., Suite #135; Naperville, IL  60540
  (Not the one I work at, but the flagship store)

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   This is awesome that you guys are doing this.  My Comic shop is the best in the country, in my opinion, they have foosball, tv area for watching sports and movies, and a gaming zone with x-box 360, PS3, and the wii.   They also do Magick on the weekends and other gaming as well.  It's a great place to go sit and talk comics, sports, girls, and whatever else comes to mind.  There address is 10355 Federal Blvd
Unit C
Westminster, CO 80260 
and the name of the shop is I Want More Comics.   
No Caption Provided
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Third Eye Comics 45 Old Solomon's Island Rd. Suite 102 Annapolis, MD, 21401 

 They have some great stuff and fun contests/giveaways via their Facebook page and Charm City Geek.
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The best store in Pittsburgh!
New Dimension Comics-McMurray
113 E. McMurray Road  McMurray, PA 15317  724-941-5445
Tell them Matt sent you :)

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My place is: 
Infinity Music and More
4564 William Penn Highway
Murrysville, PA 15668

he needs to change the name of the store, since there is no music anymore.... just comics!!! 
its a great place, and the owner is a cool guy.  he really deserves this recognition. 
from Jessie.
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 Velocity Comics
904 West Broad Street
 Richmond, VA 23220

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 23 Silver Street
LE1 5EU 
UK, England
Phone: (+44) 01162 515266     
Forbidden Planet Leicester. 
Tell them Thomas Pickering sent you :) 
Awesome store, all new comics up to date (Which is quite surprising, seeing that it's a small shop in the UK)

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Lone Star Comics #6
931 Melbourne Rd.
Hurst, TX 76053 
(817) 595-4375
Thanks for supporting LCS's guys!  :D 
- Joe David Soliz (aka grifter78)
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 Source Comics & Games
1601 Larpenteur Avenue
Falcon Heights, Minnesota 55113

Big Brain Comics 
1027 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415



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Cool Idea! :D
Kingdom Comics
1425 Montgomery Highway
Birmingham, AL 35216-3685
(205) 978-0600

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Comic Fusion 
42 Main Street 
Flemington, New Jersey  08822
(866) 202-3348 
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Mahopac Cards & Comics
P.O. Box 444
50 Miller Road
Mahopac, NY 10541
(845) 621-2699
Midtown ComicsGrand Central
459 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017
(212) 302-8192
From Diego Salamanca
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Forbidden Planet
 31 Cross Cheaping
024 7622 9672
Oh, and my name's William Keilloh.
I doubt they'll know me by name at the shop though.

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Amazing Idea!  

Comic Odyssey 
3400 East 8th Street
National City, CA 91950-3168, United States
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Oxford Comics 
2855 Piedmont Road Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30305     
Titan Comics 
755 Virginia Avenue
Hapeville, GA 30351    
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@War Killer said:

" Cool Idea! :D  Kingdom Comics1425 Montgomery HighwayBirmingham, AL 35216-3685(205) 978-0600    "

You better be attending Shades Valley!
 Big Planet Comics
426 Maple Avenue East, 
Vienna, VA 22180
Phone: (703) 242-9412 
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 This is North Carolina's oldest and by far best comic book store. They have brought out everyone from Brian Bendis to any of today's hottest artists and writers on free comic book day for signings and other events. They are also really down to earth and helpful.  
Acme Comics

2150 Lawndale Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27408
336-574-ACME (2263)
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i'm actually trying to find a good place, does anybody know of any in massachusetts?

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Hey cool idea Babs!  
These guys have a booth at all the conventions...im sure you've seen em.
Comic Madness 
12345 Mountain Ave. Ste j 
Chino, Ca. 91710 
From: David Dykstra
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Clairemont Comics
2543 E Clairemont Ave
Eau Claire, WI   54701-6725
Great idea Babs! Only thing better would be if your face was on the sticker too ;)

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@kittenpride said:
" Beach Ball Comics  3024 W Ball Rd. Ste. G Anaheim, Ca 92804  Awesome Idea! "
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sweet!  I think the shops that make this cut should also get like a page or something.
 im pretty sure amazing Comics is the most used shop in the city! i know theres one downtown somewhere, but its kinda new. And Pulp Fiction is run by a guy who gives great deals and has a wide range of comics. My names Evan Battle.
Amazing Comics & Cards
 5555 Stearns Street
Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 493-4427
 Pulp Fiction Comics
 1742 Clark Avenue
(562) 986-4154

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Well I actually order my comics online, but it still is an actual shop:
Kings Comics
310 Pitt Street
NSW 2000

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Keep them coming, guys! :)

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Frankenstein Comics   
845 Mantua Pike,   
Woodbury Heights,  NJ  08097
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FYI Great topic and idea  @Babs:

Fantasy Shop 2426 West Clay Street
St. Charles, MO 63301
(636) 947-8330     
The friendliest people i have ever met. All of them are nice, helpful and full of knowledge. They give great recomendations as well as P.O.V. one different characters and arcs if you decide you wanna talk comics or debate while your there. Bar none the best comic store ive ever been to hands down, even against their other chain stores and the bigger named comic stores in the St Louis Missouri area like Star Clipper Comics.  
When the time comes to whether or not to switch to digital comics, this comic shop will be the sole reason to keep me from going digital just beacause i want to support them.

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Very awesome idea!
My local shop:
Bookery Fantasy
16 West Main Street
Fairborn , OH  45324


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Wow, this is a great idea. 
Heroes and Dragons 
 510 Bush River Road
Columbia, SC 29210-7314     
Name's Michael Schubert.

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These guys deserve it!!!
Tribe Comics & Games
2919 Manchaca Rd, Suite 102
Austin, TX 78704  

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This guy's store really deserves a shout out!

Invincible Ink Comics & Graphic Novels

630 Nordahl Rd Suite K 
San Marcos, CA 92069 
(760) 746-2774 
e-mail: invincibleink@rocketmail.com

My name is Roman Hollis. The shop owner will know who it is.

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Nova Comics

6324 Springfield Plz
Springfield, VA 22150-3431    
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BaT Comics
218 Broadway St
Chico, CA 95928
Me: Nathan Mendenhall
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This is awesome!
Graham Cracker Comics
610 S. Randall Road
Saint Charles, IL 60174

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Be sure to add your name so that when we send them a letter they know who recommended them.

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@Solace said:

"  Velocity Comics 904 West Broad Street  Richmond, VA 23220 "

LIES! you've only been once!
 Velocity Comics 904 West Broad Street  Richmond, VA 23220 
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@geraldthesloth said:
" @kittenpride said:
" Beach Ball Comics  3024 W Ball Rd. Ste. G Anaheim, Ca 92804  Awesome Idea! "
Wad I do?
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Unicorn comics  
216 S Villa Ave 
Villa Park, IL 60181

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The shop I frequent is
 The shop my friend works at (and thus I hang around) is
Comics and Friends
  7850 Mentor Avenue
Mentor, OH 44060-5520
(440) 255-4242
Tell em'  Tony sent ya

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Fanfare Sports & Entertainment
 4415 South Westnedge Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49008