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1) What are you biggest on? Marvel, DC, other (please name)?

2) Top 5 favorite characters.

3) Top 5 characters you hope die.

4) If the comic book industry wanted to lure in PC video game geeks, they would have to create a hero or villain that was a....
a) Ninja -pirate.
b) Ninja-zombie.
c) Zombie-pirate.
d) Ninja-pirate-zombie.

5) Do super heroines & super villainesses have realistic or plastic boobs?

6) We know why the artists do this to female characters, but why (or for whom) do 90% of male super heroes & super villains wear skin-tight latex/spandex that shows every bulging muscle? If it's for women, why doesn't the comic book industry acknowledge is female following? If it's for gays, why so few gay heroes & villains (if any)? Does it make you feel inadequate about your body the way pretty much everything makes girls feel about theirs?

7) How long have you been into comics? How many do you have? Do you know their net worth? Are they insured?

8) What's the coolest thing you've ever seen based on your favorite comic book series?

9) What was the most disappointing?

10) Who has the ugliest of funniest costumes?

11) Who has the best costumes?

12) Is there a character you can relate to? Who?