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From anywhere this includes





Real Life

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Lex Luthor

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Coiffio from Perfect Hair Forever.

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damn i know this one! what was his name....it was this guy who could pull weapons out of his gigatnic afro...it was an anime. I gotta find out his name now -_-

starts to Google it

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that one basketball player... who shagged carmen electra

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Wolverine and alternate universe daughter with Elektra,  Wild Thing....its weird to have a hair that looks like a crescent moon

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Demon Red Eyes Kyo

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wolverine when he was in marvel vs dc comic

he looked like a dog too

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Billy said:
"that one basketball player... who shagged carmen electra"
Dennis Rodman ?
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c'mon...No one has mention Gambit when he first appeared. Well any of the x-men for that matter Bishop's El Debarge jerri curl, or how about Strong Guy?!

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One-Above-All said:
"Lex Luthor"
The dude's bald, man...
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HobGadling said:
You are SO Aztek!