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So this question is for all the CGC owners and gurus. I recently purchased a CGC Walking Dead comic book off of ebay, and this is my first CGC comic Ive ever purchased so I have nothing to compare it to. Anyways, as I was inspecting the outer case I noticed that the right spine has a chipped, rugged type crack thats about 2 inches long. The left spine doesnt have anything like that. It is smooth and continuous. I've never seen a CGC comic in person until now, so is this normal? Here is an image of the spine. Thanks for the replies!

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@ComicFox: No not normal. The Ebay seller definitely should have been upfront about the crack and mention it on the items page. You have a few options. Not sure if you have the option to return it on your ebay purchase but that would be one. The crack doesn't appear to have affected the actual comic so it's value still should be the same. If you're fine displaying it with the crack you can just do that (Is the crack on the front or the back?). Lastly you can send it in to CGC to be re-cased for a small fee but they would reevaluate the grading and it's possible that could go down but like I said the crack doesn't appear to have hurt the comic so it should come back with the same grade.