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I can't count the number of times I have gone to the park on a beautiful  afternoon and taken with me some of my favorite comic books to read for leisure- in public. Clearly, I have no problem letting people know that I am crazy about comic books, but I didn't always feel that way. There was a time when I was in fact a little bit shy and not so crazy about the funny looks I would get from strangers when they'd catch me reading the latest Batman trade. Now, I'm proud to say I- who cares! I've learned to embrace both the funny looks and the conversations that have started thanks to comic books!

I know all you guys are comic fans and you demonstrate that with all of your contributions to ComicVine, so why not take your passion to the streets this weekend? I know that's what I'll be doing!  A concept started by Sarah Morean and Brian Heater of The Daily Cross Hatch, "Read Comics in Public Day" is a day where we, as fans of the genre, can show all the "normal people" of the who "aren't nerds" that comic books are pretty awesome! So, to commemorate International "Read Comics in Public Day," this Saturday, August 28th, 2010, I am challenging you guys to take your favorite comics and hit the streets! Go out there and celebrate by reading your favorite funny books in public, and send us a photo! I want to see pictures of all of your adorable faces reading your favorite comic books at your local coffee shop, bookstore, local school, park, and etc. Feel free to post your photos in the comments section of this news post! I can't wait to see how many of you participate!
Thanks to DCWomenKickingAss for the heads up on this article.
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I read comics in public all the time. I read them so much in high school that people were constantly borrowing my trades from me.... I'm still missing my "Maximum Carnage" and my "Deadpool VS The Marvel Universe" because of that =/

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This feels like a gay pride parade but with comics, lol.

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I've never hid the passion and dont think I ever will

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I read comics in public all the time in my quest to spread the word. I even walk around with the title out and clearly readable so if anybody sees it and thinks it looks cool they know what to look for. Everybody needs to do their part!

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I can only speak from personal taste, but I would find it quite interesting to see a lovely lady reading comic books. It would give me an idea on how to approach and what to say. lol
Probably the only reason I don't take my comics out is because it's a bit cumbersome. I almost never travel somewhere to read things. I like sitting out in my car port and read a nice book (comic, novel, or manga). I am more likely to take a manga out somewhere. If only because they are small and I can fit them in the pocket of cargo pants.
Uhhh, Babs. Did you mean Saturday August 28th 2010? The 27th was Friday. August 28th is Saturday, and the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream." speech. Though, this is a lot better than what that ass Glenn Beck is pulling on this day.
I do have to go to the library tomorrow to pick something up. They do have this little garden reading area outside. Perhaps, I'll take my X-Men Blinded by the Light with me and a manga from my collection.

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I live in Arizona its to hot to go out  in public.  I was reading Scott Pilgrim outside of my classroom on Wednesday though so I'm going to say that counts 

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Haha, I can't wait to ride the subway tomorrow and see if people are picking them up and reading.

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i always read comics in public
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but the sun is outside...it's scary seeing it when it's new comic day :)

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Someone should set up a lawn chair and several long boxes in the middle of the highway and obstruct traffic like a comic book Tianemen [sic.] square.

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I read comic books in public everyday! One time on the city bus, some guy noticed me reading 52 Volume 3 and he asked me which one I was reading and then said it was a good story. I laughed.

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I always Read Comics in the Starbucks I always go to... Two Days ago I was reading Batgirl Destruction's daughter.. Today I will Read Hellblazer and The Watchmen..

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I read comics out in public all the time.  comics and graphic novels and even how to draw comics type books.  But I had a big day planned of sitting and doing nothing tomorrow.  Guess I'll figure something out.

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X-Men first class tmorrow in the student center. I have learned not to read X-Fcator, I laugh to loud :)
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I've been known to read comics on campus before.  That, and if I was coming out of the comic shop with something I was super excited for, I might just read it in the parking lot. 
If this is an actual "thing", though, I guess I should go out of my way this weekend to make sure I bring some comics along with me when I go out.  If only hadn't started, I could do some ACTUAL reading... instead of this "academic" stuff.

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I was gonna re-read Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 today anyways, and i'm going out to buy some more comics also
btw, it is the 28th, not 27th

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@NightFang: LOL
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@haydenclaireheroes said:
" @NightFang: LOL "
              Yeah i'm a sick man, lol.
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Heh. I read comics in public all the time, and while at the USA this might be something a bit more common, here it absolutely isn't ( for example, to my knowledge, there are only 3 comic book stores in the whole country here. And they are nowhere to be compared to lets say Midtown Comics. ). So people tend to either not really notice/realize it that I'm actually reading a comic and not, say, a gaming magazine. Though by the popularity of The Big Bang Theory and some other media attention comics have been getting, more and more people are becoming aware what these comic books are, and the funny looks are increasing. 
On the other hand; so is the interest for comics. When I arrived at my current school, I was like the only one who read comics, and I'm in a pretty nerd-ish education. By now several of my friends ( and my girlfriend ) are reading comics as well. Mostly on the computer, but a few of them actually buy them ( or have me go get them for them ) at the comic book store too. But as I said; I'm in a pretty nerd-ish education, my girlfriend is studying in the Biomedical sector, and if she takes one of my comics to class for when she gets bored, she gets a whole lot of funny looks and questions.

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@Kurrent said:
" I've never hid the passion and dont think I ever will "
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I always read on in public, but hide my face with a scarf.

Not because I’m ashamed of reading comics, it’s because I’m extremely ugly.

Torch and pitchfork ugly!    

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HAHAHA I was taking my "SOL's" and I finished early, So i pulled out my super girl comic  and my bestie made such a big deal about, it talk about embarrassed. Haven't done it since.

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haha I never new there was such a special day like this hahaha

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i reas comics where i want to tbh 

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@Lazy8 said:

I always read on in public, but hide my face with a scarf.

Not because I’m ashamed of reading comics, it’s because I’m extremely ugly.

Torch and pitchfork ugly!    


Bizarro hates you just the way you aren't
Bizarro hates you just the way you aren't
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Count me in!

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Damnit I can't go outside its raining.

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I always read in public when i ride the train, some people talked to me and said that they miss the comics and asks for updates.

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I read them a borders....does that count?

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Gotta love babs! 
hmmm... I may take it a bit further and read some comics in a park or subway...Naked! LOL 

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This is a celebration i can get hooked on.

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i do this all tha time. if i go somewhere, i like havin a trade or a few issues with me. and about 2-3 semesters ago, i started carrying a trade or hc with me on campus. i started doin this mostly becuz i started spending so much more time on campus, instead of heading back to my place. i figured i could catch up on reading inbetween classes or meetings. 
wasnt there something like this on facebook earlier this year? if i remember correctly, it was a week long thing too. i'll have to double check facebook. 
edit: yeah there was. it was in april, it was within two weeks of fcbd.
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Man i always read on the train and what not. Who gives a fuck, comics are the shit
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I had no idea it was Read Comics In Public Day!  I would have done this... while wearing my new Comic Vine t-shirt :)

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we should meet in front of that politcians house.
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@goldenkey said:
"we should meet in front of that politcians house. "

i like where ur head's at
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I don't own any physical comics. Do digital comics count?

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Best place for me to read comics is a local bar i know that has a nice outside porch area.  Get some sun, have a drink, and read a tradeback.

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Cool, I'll have to try it.

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when i worked in belfast i usually read em all the time on the train going to and from work, you could usually spot 1 or 2 people sitting beside ye trying to read it outta the corner of there eye.... nothing to be ashamed about tbh its just a comic book...

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I prefer the term "graphic novel" when reading them in public.

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@xerox-kitty: You seem to be enjoying that T-Shirt! (I went to a concert wearing mine, and a girl came up to me and asked me what that's all about... the next day she e-mailed me saying she went on the site and just started watching videos here @CV)
I didn't know there was such an amazing holiday! Today I have to work but I'll read at work in front of Mickey & Friends! (Maybe I should go get a Boom! Disney comic...)
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Sounds like a groovy idea. It can also inspire young minds to read their comics in public as well. Unfortunately for me....I have to do some college homework and study for quiz by MONDAY. If the event is today....I'll do it later on towards the night.

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I did it today

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Oh, what a coincidence.  I just  happened to finish reading a trade while was eating lunch earlier this afternoon.  I dont mind reading comics in public.  I still think people might look at me funny, but no one has the guts to say anything to me about it.

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Wish i had that much Pride bout that too take the looks like u do Babs 
Still it doesnt stop me

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I read comics at school all the time, and no one really calls me out on it.

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i publicly read all the time

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when i went to get thenew -men this week i got alot of funny looks but who cares

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Went down to the park nearby  
Read comics in front of a bunch of people.  
Had an interesting conversation with a guy named Walter.