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Poll: Can M'Baku two shot Captain America? (28 votes)

Yes. 25%
No. 75%
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Cap has to let M'Baku take two swings at his head, what will be the outcome and how severe do you think the damage will be?

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Maybe. Cap did take hits from Winter Soldier (not sure how hard he was hitting though).

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Doubt it though he maybe has a chance with the vibranium staff

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If Steve just let's him do it with the same weapons.

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Even Iron Man couldn’t two shot Cap.

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That thing with full force on the head twice? It's very feasible.

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Cap was shot off of an overpass into a bus hard enough to go through it. No.

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Maybe. But then he did tank multiple full force hits from Bucky's metal arm. So probably no.

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He survived a punch(to the face) from Thanos. Yeah I know its stupid. I'm just sayin

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Two shot implies he's not getting up. He got hit a ton of times in Civil War by Iron Man and got back up.

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Cap have better durability than the outriders well never mind I take that back as they was getting pass the Wakanda Shield But Cap took hits from Thanos winter soldier Ironman Loki held his ground from thors hammer strike etc so no he is not getting two shot

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No. But jesus those things are disgusting looking.

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If his head is squished between the planet Earth and a 300 lbs beast tipped with jabaari wood, then he could die. The Outrider is at least equally durable to Cap and could replicate all his feats.

Iron Man, Thanos, Loki, all of these guys landed standing punches on Cap. There's a world of difference between a standing punch, and being punched against a solid object like a wall or the ground.

Winter Soldier gave him some good ground and pound, but that was while straddling Cap, not from a standing position like M'Baku has where the power is exponentially more. Some of those standing ground pound moves are illegal in professional sport for a reason. Also Cap almost died from Winter Soldier's ground and pound, and Winter Soldier's arm is not jabaari wood.

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Come on, even Thanos blocked vibranium spear from Okoye. If M'baku hits Steve with that mace, he will die.

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