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Would Mags have retweeted a picture of baby Muhammad in a two dads nativity scene?

Would Mags have retweeted two Muhammad's gazing over baby Jesus?

Something tells me "No" for fear of retribution. Double standards avail much with some.

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@blackspidey2099 said:

@magnetic_eye Who is Mags Vissagio lol?

Brian Visaggio OR Magdalene Visaggio as she prefers, is a transgender comic book writer who hasn't transitioned yet, (just wears a wig) advocated on Twitter that all cis gender straight white males deserve a baseball bat to the teeth. This was in response to some criticism of her comic books (Kim & Kim, Quantum Teens Are Go) being propaganda books that are poorly written. She was apparently picked up by DC's writing workshop for new talent, but her name is omitted from the talent pool list when recently published.



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