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Ye she definitely doing it. I've timestamped when she says it.

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Bet she won't.

Also timestamp is 2:03 for those who didn't get the stamp like me.

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Still doubt it'll happen.

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Lol, she’s an actress. She doesn’t write the movie. Her talking about what she thinks a character can do means absolutely nothing.

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It'll probably be referenced in some way though we may not see it happen during the film.

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I'm sure that won't happen, it's ridiculous.

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“She can move planets” never moved a planet in the comics ever.

“She’s so powerful omg she’s better than everyone” that’s why Hulk one shotted her in Time Runs Out.

Make me roll my eyes back into my skull more

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LOL chill guys

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This is way too much fun

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Press X to doubt

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y'all trippin for what? if she does it in the movie then she can do it, if she doesn't then she can't...who cares who says what?

just wait lol I'll wait for the battle forums because I probably won't watch the movie haha an unlikable superhero being played by an even more unlikable actress. no thanks

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I'm pretty sure she doesn't move planets, but she will punch a moon away from a spaceship. That's what Kevin Feige said, and I can easily see how that turned into "she can move planets." Still ludicrously OP, but with Thor's star feat that seems to be the direction the MCU is headed.

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616 Ben Grimm still one-shots.

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Nothing in the trailers so far seem to indicate that she is capable of such a feat. In fact she seems to be struggling strength-wise. Even in her Binary form, we only see her using her energy projection powers. That makes me think that even in her Binary form, it's not her strength that's going to be her strong suit but her energy powers.

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Anthp lives for these moments

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Good on Brie for pushing a jeep up an alley, tbh.

As for her saying Captain Marvel can push planets... OK? Why is it such a big deal?

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No,even the movie writer says such a thing,if it doesn't show on screen,comic vine feat believer will still deny it.

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OK, she'll just become the statue that would lift a planet to Clark.

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What's the big deal?

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