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Respect Brainwave Jr.

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General Information

  • Name: Henry King Jr.
  • Alias: Brainwave/Brainwave Jr.
  • Hometown: Unknown; operates out of Los Angeles, CA
  • Team Affiliation: Infinity Inc.
  • Bio: The son of the super-villain, Brainwave, Henry King Jr. choose a different path for himself. Inheriting magnificent mental abilities (telepathy/telekinesis) from his father, Brainwave Jr. first used his powers for good to aid the JSA and Infinity Inc. stop the villain known as Ultra Humanite. During an altercation with Ultra, Brainwave Jr.'s father, Brainwave, was killed, but before he died he passed on all of his mental abilities to his son, enhancing Brainwave Jr's powers. For a time Brainwave Jr. worked with Infinity Inc., and fell in love with Jade, the daughter of Alan Scott. Eventually; however, the strain of his mental abilities would corrupt him, driving him mad and turning him against his former friends. Hero, or villain, Brainwave is a mighty threat that brings meaning to the phrase - mind over matter.

Table of Contents

  1. Origin
  2. Powers
  3. Conclusion

1.0 Origin

2.0 Powers

Brainwave Jr. has inherited a variety of mental powers from his father, Brainwave. Originally he simply had telepathy and telekinesis, with his enhancements he is now able to cast illusions, do astral projection, levitate himself, and his base powers of telepathy and telekinesis became stronger.

Astral Projection

Brainwave Jr. can project his astral form to fight on the astral plane.

  • Captain Atom #17 - Sent his astral form to aid Captain Atom's astral form. Generated a protective field that stopped the Black Racer.
  • Extreme Justice #18 - Fights Maxima on the Astral Plane and is victorious.

Brain Blasts

Brainwave Jr. can project psychic energy in the form of 'Brain Blasts' to harm his foes.

  • Infinity Inc. #2 - Hits Alan Scott, Wildcat and Wonder Woman with his brain blasts; also throws The Atom (Al Pratt), Hawkman, Doctor Mid-Nite, and Hour-Man off of him. Manages to render Doctor Mid-Nite's black out bomb ineffective.
  • All Star Squadron #24 - Uses a brain blast to destroy Tarantula's web gun.
  • All Star Squadron #25 - Destroys a brick wall with a brain blast.
  • Infinity Inc. #23 - KO's Northwind with a brain blast.
  • Infinity Inc. #28 - KO's Mister Bones with a brain blast.
  • Infinity Inc. #32 - Fight's Jade (both he and her are affected by the Psycho Pirate) and manages to hit Psycho Pirate to sap him of the remainder of his Psycho Power.
  • Infinity Inc. Annual #2 - Stalemates Mekanique's electron bursts with his Brain Blast.


Brainwave Jr. can 'levitate' himself which results in self-propelled flight.


Brainwave Jr. can project a illusions for a variety of effects.

Mental Powers

Brainwave Jr. has a variety of mental powers that don't seem to fit in any specific sub-genre of his powers. This is basically the 'other' category to showcase things I can't classify more specifically.

  • Infinity Inc. #2 - Uses his mental link to travel back in time with several other heroes despite not being inside the capsule that allowed them to time travel.

Mind Shield

Brainwave Jr. can project a mental force field to protect himself and others from physical and mental attacks.

  • All Star Squadron #24 - Projects a mind shield to defend himself against Tarantula's web gun.
  • Infinity Inc. #3 - Projected a mental field to protect himself and the other members of Infinity Inc. while sleeping.
  • Infinity Inc. #43 - Projected a mental field to protect himself from an explosive attack and debris.
  • Infinity Inc. #51 - Projects a mind shield to block attacks from Zzlrrrzzzm and Mzzttexxal, two parasitic energy beings.


Brainwave Jr. has access to telepathic abilities. While a hero he dislikes reading minds as he feels it is a betrayal of trust, as a villain, he goes right into it with mind control.

  • Infinity Inc. #9 - While in Limbo finds Starman via telepathy.
  • Infinity Inc. #10 - Is able to defeat Ultra Humanite in a telepathic battle after his father (Brainwave) gifts him with all of his abilities. From now on Brainwave Jr. has this amplified power.
  • Infinity Inc. #23 - Shows the people of Feithera their forgotten past.
  • Infinity Inc. #26 - Read's Alan Scott's mind.
  • Infinity Inc. #27 - Removes bad memories from Fury's mind. Is so thorough that he purges what he did from his own mind as well.
  • Infinity Inc. #31 - Mind link with Jade.
  • Infinity Inc. #35 - States that he normally tries to avoid reading minds, he views it as a breach of privacy and trust. This changes when his morality changes.
  • Infinity Inc. #41 - Reads the mind of an energy being, this is Mzzttexxal AKA Thunderbolt.
  • Millennium #5 - Scans every mind on Earth to locate any remaining Manhunters.
  • Infinity Inc. #53 - Pulls Jade inside his mind while his body is frozen.
  • Extreme Justice #17 - Mind-tricks a cop; very Obi-Wan Kenobi of him.
  • Green Lantern/Sentinel: Heart of Darkness #1 - Mentally manipulates Kyle Rayner and Alan Scott. Makes Kyle revist his childhood and forces Alan to see a younger version of his daughter, Jade. Both are completely incapacitated until Obsidian interferes.
  • Green Lantern #152 - Mind controls ~2,000 people to cause riots throughout a city.
  • Green Lantern #152 - Mind controls Alan Scott to have him fight Kyle Rayner. Winds up leaving Alan, Jade and Kyle Rayner KO'd.
  • JSA #51 - Read's Kobra's mind.
  • JSA #56 - Mind controls a small group of soldiers and orders them to shoot each other. Can still read their memories after they've been killed.
  • Hawkman #24 - Mind controls Captain Marvel into saying 'Shazam' to transform him back into Billy Batson.
  • JSA #58 -Establishes a mental link between Shazam/Billy Batson, Black Adam and himself.
  • JSA #58 - Mentally incapacitates the majority of the JSA.


An ability that Brainwave utilizes for flight; here are the other uses of his telekinetic powers.


Brainwave Jr. is a lesser known telepath (as shown by how often I've seen him on the battle forums) but he has some credible feats that could easily make him a threat. His hero/villain/hero morality gives him some interesting characterization and he's got some more esoteric showings that may make him more useful than other, more straightforward telepaths.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed the thread and remember; comment if there are any misrepresented feats or errors, let me know if you've got feats to add, and feel free to suggest characters for the future!

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This is great. I'm a big fan of Telepathic/Telekinetic powered comic book characters. I'll bookmark this for later

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Where do you find these characters

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This is great. I'm a big fan of Telepathic/Telekinetic powered comic book characters. I'll bookmark this for later

Glad you like it, I certainly recommend reading his appearances in Infinity Inc.

Where do you find these characters

I see other users mention them or use them in debates. Currently I've been going through the list of characters on ET's PYP High Tier Tournament and looking for some that seem interesting, then I read every issue they're in to see if they're good or not!