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Respect Bloodshot

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General Information

  • Name: [ Classified ]
  • Alias: Bloodshot
  • Hometown: [ Classified ]
  • Team Affiliation: Bloodshot Project, Unity, Secret Weapons, Project Rising Spirit
  • Bio: Bloodshot was once [ Redacted ] but now serves as a super soldier, having been injected with powerful nanites that increase his physical attributes, grant him regenerative abilities, and allow him to interface with technology. His memories of his past are shaky, but what is known is that [ Redacted ] and that he is a powerful ally and a deadly foe.

Table of Contents

  1. Physical Attributes
    1. Strength
    2. Durability
    3. Speed
  2. Nanites
    1. Computer Interfacing & Hacking
    2. Enhanced Sensory Capabilities
    3. Regenerative Abilities
    4. Shape-Shifting
    5. Skills & Knowledge
    6. Synaptic Burst

1.0 Physical Attributes

Bloodshot has enhanced physical abilities due to the nanites that run through his bloodstream. He is, essentially, a super soldier and has been turned into a killing machine.

1.1 // Strength

  • Bloodshot #2 - Dangles a full grown man over a ledge -- holding him by his wrist -- while he interrogates him.
  • Bloodshot #5 - Throws a man by his neck across a room into another man.
  • Bloodshot #13 - Kicks down a steel door. Was stated earlier to be 3 inches thick of solid steel.
  • Bloodshot #14 - Crushes a cue ball in his hands.
  • Bloodshot #14 - Throws a man by his wrist into another man, was basically using him like a flail.
  • Bloodshot #15 - Kicks through a wooden door, causes it to splinter into pieces.
  • Bloodshot #19 - Again uses a man like a flail. Throws him into another man.
  • Bloodshot #20 - Lifts rubble off of himself while his nanites aren't working. Is stated to be a couple hundred pounds.
  • Bloodshot #23 - Hurls a park bench at Cinder; looks like it's made of stone/marble, but it could be wood.
  • Bloodshot #25 - Stops a bulldozer in it's tracks then tips it over.
  • Bloodshot #26 - Holds the jaws of an alligator shut. Mentions that he could snap it's neck but decides to just throw it away from him.
  • Bloodshot #29 - Backhands Ninjak across a room. Context - He was infected with the RAMPAGE virus and his strength is given a boost because of this. Ninjak eventually programs Bloodshot's nanites so they keep the boost, even without the rage side-effect.
  • Bloodshot #30 - Uses a broken chunk of a wall as a throwing weapon. Throws it one handed.
  • Bloodshot #31 - Uses Proteus' momentum against him to throw him into a generator.
  • Bloodshot #33 - Punches a physically enhanced vampire across a room.
  • Bloodshot #37 - Crushes a skull in his hand.
  • Bloodshot #39 - Comes up from under the floor and lifts Rampage (an all evil version of Bloodshot) over his head
  • Bloodshot #41 - Breaks free of some chains/restraints.
  • Bloodshot #41 - Rips through some metal bars.

This section comes from the Bloodshot series that began in 2012.

  • Bloodshot #1 - Breaks a dude's neck.
  • Bloodshot #2 - Rips off a man's arm then sends him flying with a punch.
  • Bloodshot #8 - Rips a man's spine through his body by tearing off his head.
  • Bloodshot Reborn #3 - Breaks a man's neck while he only has a small fraction of his nanites; the dude whose neck he broke had the same amount.
  • Bloodshot Salvation #3 - Slams a dude against a wall so hard that his face turns to mush.

1.2 // Durability

This section comes from the Bloodshot series that began in 2012.

  • Bloodshot #2 - Is shot multiple times but it doesn't slow him down.
  • Bloodshot #5 - Is shot by a group of automated machine gun turrets. Just charges through them.
  • Bloodshot #6 - Has his arm broken in a fight with another super powered being. Ignores any pain and uses the bone shard poking out from his arm as a weapon.
  • Bloodshot #25 - Is shot in the head. Isn't fazed.
  • Harbinger Wars 2 #3 - Has his hand ripped off and is pumped full of bullets. Fights through it.

1.3 // Speed

  • Bloodshot #1 - Moves so a bullet hits him in the arm instead of the heart. Two bystanders comment on how they've never seen anyone move so fast.
  • Bloodshot #1 - Ambushes a couple of thugs. He mentions that it's like fighting them in slow motion.
  • Bloodshot #2 - Dodges bullets fired at him. Deflects a bullet with his sword.
  • Bloodshot #16 - Moves in front of a sniper shot after it's been fired to protect someone.
  • Bloodshot #19 - Again, fights several thugs. Comments that it's like fighting in slow motion.
  • Bloodshot #23 - Redirects two mini-missiles before they can hit him. Fired at fairly close range too.
  • Bloodshot #38 - Dodges a hail of bullets that were fired at him. The gun was locked right onto him as we see from the laser dot on his head.
  • Bloodshot #39 - Dodges a flurry of bullets while charging his target head on.
  • Bloodshot #39 - Dodges a close range shotgun blast.

2.0 Nanites

What makes Bloodshot unique are the nanites coursing through his bloodstream. They enhance his physical abilities (strength, speed, durability) as well as enhancing his senses, granting him regenerative powers and the ability to interface with technology.

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2.1 // Computer Interfacing & Hacking

Bloodshot can communicate with electronic systems to gain information or hack into them to shut them down.

This section comes from the Bloodshot series that began in 2012.

2.2 // Enhanced Sensory Capabilities

Bloodshot has enhanced perception abilities; be it sound, sight, smell, etc.

  • Bloodshot #7 - Showcasing his enhanced smell in a jungle to sense Ninjak before he appears.
  • Bloodshot #12 - Has night vision.
  • Bloodshot #14 - Knows someone is hiding a gun because he can smell the oil.
  • Bloodshot #15 - Has better peripheral vision than regular humans.
  • Bloodshot #19 - Can smell the cologne and greasepaint of Uzzi the clown after he's left a location.
  • Bloodshot #27 - Enhanced sight can spot targets the rest of his squad can't see.
  • Bloodshot #32 - Can isolate the smell of his friend in a night club despite the thousands of other scents.
  • Bloodshot #40 - Can smell caffeine.
  • Bloodshot #41 - Can sense the life signs/vital signs of his foe.

2.3 // Regenerative Abilities

Bloodshot can regenerate from seemingly any injury as long as the nanites have enough protein to do so. If his protein levels are low his regenerative abilities slow down. They can be restarted by consuming protein.

  • Bloodshot #1 - Ejects a bullet from the wound. Heals over instantly.
  • Bloodshot #3 - Is stabbed but the cut heals instantly.
  • Bloodshot #7 - Is stabbed through the chest by Ninjak and heals instantly.
  • Bloodshot #8 - Is shot with a tranquilizer but is unaffected. Increases his oxygen and adrenaline to chase who did it.
  • Bloodshot #9 - Resists the life draining powers of Sosa the Soul Eater.
  • Bloodshot #15 - Can regulate his body temperature.
  • Bloodshot #18 - Ejects another bullet.
  • Bloodshot #19 - Bullets do NOT stay in his body.
  • Bloodshot #28 - Ejects bullets fired into him. Uses his nanites to engorge his pectorals with blood to make them denser.
  • Bloodshot #30 - Regrows an entire leg in an hour while low on protein.
  • Bloodshot #31 - Ejects rubble from his body.
  • Bloodshot #43 - Filters gas so he is unaffected by it's effects.
  • Bloodshot #47 - Lowers his body temperature so he is undetectable by infrared.

This section comes from the Bloodshot series that began in 2012.

  • Bloodshot #1 - Is blown up by a missile. Regenerates the lost tissue from a near-skeletal form.
  • Bloodshot #3 - Is shot in the chest with a .50 cal. Gets right back up and heals instantly.
  • Bloodshot #4 - Heals from a bullet to the head.
  • Bloodshot #5 - Heals from a hail of bullets from automated turrets.
  • Bloodshot #13 - Heals from being nearly disintegrated.
  • Bloodshot Reborn #1 - Heals from a MASSIVE hole in his head.

2.4 // Shape-shifting

Bloodshot can disguise himself with shape-shifting or blend in with his environment due to the nanites.

2.5 // Skills & Knowledge

Bloodshot has skills and knowledge downloaded directly into his memories. These will showcase his skills of marksmanship, swordsmanship and martial arts.

  • Bloodshot #2 - Has knowledge on weaponry he didn't knew he had.
  • Bloodshot #11 - Has access to every military strategy and every martial art form.
  • Bloodshot #14 - Is able to analyze surroundings to perfect his aim. Uses this to knock every ball on a pool table into various pockets with a single hit.
  • Bloodshot #17 - Implementing various tactics and strategies mid fight. Altering them based on new data he gets during the fight.
  • Bloodshot #18 - Learns how to fly a helicopter on the fly.
  • Bloodshot #19 - Ricochets a bullet off of a girder to shoot a gun out of Uzzi the Clown's hand.
  • Bloodshot #24 - Throws a knife to cut the string of an assassin's crossbow.
  • Bloodshot #28 - Accesses battle files to out-skill Ninjak in a sword fight.
  • Bloodshot #48 - Throws an ax into someone.

2.6 // Synaptic Burst

Bloodshot has access to a synaptic burst which allows him to disrupt psionic abilities and shutdown brain activity. He is also immune to mental control.

  • Bloodshot #11 - Uses his synaptic burst to disable Toyo Harada, an omega level psiot. Is also immune to Harada's telepathy attempts.
  • Bloodshot #12 - Uses his synaptic burst to shutdown brain activity in the foes around him.
  • Harbinger Wars #2 - Is immune to mind control and scanning. The synaptic burst also disables psionics and telekinetics in the area. Bonus: He has an infectious attack where he can puke his nanites into someone else to attack them from within.


Bloodshot is like a cross-breed of Wolverine and the Punisher; he's got some insane regenerative abilities and tends to blast away with his firearms when he comes head to head with a foe. If it comes to blows he's no slouch in the strength department, and his regeneration combined with his enhanced durability allows him to take quite a beating. Overall -- a real solid street tier character.

As always; correct context if you think I got it wrong, provide more feats if I missed anything, be on the lookout for the next Respect Thread.

Thank you all!

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I love you Bloodshot 💕

Bloodshot loves you too!

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