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February is Black History Month

Luke Cage
Luke Cage

who do you like more?

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>_< .... Accidently voted Bishop when I meant to click Cage.

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Character Bishop

Catch Phrase "Sweet Christmas"

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Luke. I really react negatively to time travel based sh*t.

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HATE Bishop.

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I guess Cage.

Man you seem to be picking these characters out of a hat or somethin'.

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I liked Bishop more, before the writers ruined his character, forcing him to chase Hope through time.

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Really not a fan of either, but if forced to pick I go with Bishop

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I like both characters, but I'll go with Bishop.

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SWEET CHRISTMAS what an unfair question!!!!

And, first of all, I'm assuming we're all going to just try to forget that the writers at Marvel turned Bishop into a psychopathic murdering pratt who chased Hope and Cable all over the future... AFTER he shot and killed Professor X... SO out of character. We need Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Dr. Strange to do that "memory erasing" thing they do once more...

I like them both. I can't vote for or against either...

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No disrespect Bishop!

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Going for Bishop. : )