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Poll: Better supporting character: Ray Nadeem vs Ward Meachum vs Ralph Dibny (20 votes)

Ray Nadeem 60%
Ward Meachum 10%
Ralph Dibny 30%

I consider these three some of the best supporting characters we've had in recent years regarding comic book related TV shows.

Ray Nadeem (Daredevil)

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Ward Meachum (Iron Fist)

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Ralph Dibny (The Flash)

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Which one in your opinion is the best ?

If you could rank them, that would be much better.

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Can't comment on Ralph because I'm behind on Flash. But I can't stand Ward, and I kinda liked Rey. So Rey by default.

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Obviously Ralph.

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Ward is the best part of Iron Fist, but still sucks. I like both Nadeem and Ralph, but I think the fact that Rey is in a good show while Ralph is in the flash makes him better for me.

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Between Ward and Nadeem, Ward.

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Shit, I love all three of them.

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Don't know Ralph, but it is hard to choose between Nadeem and Ward. Nadeem was part of a stronger show so he didn't stand out as much, whereas Ward was the best part about Iron Fist.

I'm gonna say Nadeem because I think he had a more realistic arc. Ward was willing to have Danny killed early in IF, which was never really brought up again, that always annoyed me.

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Agent Nadeem

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Ward had really good character development and I liked him by the end of IF S2

Nadeem was a pretty good character

Dibny has had pretty good character development throughout his run too he's a decent character too and he's the most fun to watch

I went with Ward but I could easily pick either of the others

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Ralph is still sometimes annoying

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Ralph is still sometimes annoying

Just imagine this is S4 Ralph, considering everything, every character, episode and dialogue in S5 has been extremely bad.

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I love all 3!