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Thor: Ragnarok?

Loved both. But i gotta give it to Thor.

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WW is extremely overrated. Thor still sucks tho

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Wonder Woman, and it's not even close. I think a case could be made for Wonder Woman being better than the entire Thor trilogy.

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@revan- said:

WW is extremely overrated. Thor still sucks tho

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Thor in total stomp.

WW is the most overhyped trash of all time. But it served its purpose. WB cheating with this one movie saved the whole DCCU from going into the red. The overhyping is a direct result of WB. It has nothing to do with a "DC movie finally being good" or "because it's a female lead cbm" as some think.

WB overhyped WW to financially save the DCCU investment. Pure trash

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They are both about the same. I wish they let Thor wear his helmet more often!!!!!!!

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Thor was really mediocre only good parts are the begining and the end

WW is a better film

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WW stomp the first two Thor movie. Thor Ragnorak or WW is a tough decision.

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Thor barely.

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Thor is underrated but not this underrated lol

Although Wonder Woman's third act had some of the worst acting I've ever seen lol

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Thor had a better villain and a better score. The visual effects are probably near equal surprisingly.

Other than that, Wonder Woman exceeds in almost everything. I still think Thor is very underrated though.