Better film: X2: X-Men United or Avengers: Age of Ultron?

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Posted by JohnBrief (146 posts) 10 days, 8 hours ago

Poll: Better film: X2: X-Men United or Avengers: Age of Ultron? (28 votes)

X2: X-Men United 79%
Avengers: Age of Ultron 21%
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#1 Posted by KingCarcosa (117 posts) - - Show Bio

X2 is one of the best movies in the genre. People just need to remember that.

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#2 Posted by Blueshoecant (1552 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultron sucks, so X2

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If we go off of story telling, power use, and acting, X2. If we go off of CGI, Avengers 2

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Is this for real? X2 slaughters AOU.

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X2 slaughters AOU.

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X2 murders Ultron.

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I've seen AoU long time ago and from what I remember it's really close. At least Ultron is a better villain than Magneto or Stryker IMO (though they're both fine).

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Age of Ultron loses, big time.

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@johnbrief: Mismatch. Age of Ultron is a 6-6.5/10 af best. And X-2 is a good movie by himself.

The reason age of ultron is said ok because it’s sequel bait for civil war and the gems

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I didn't think AoU was bad or anything but X2 is in another league.

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I preferred Age of Ultron, X2 is really overrated imo.

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