Better film: Jackie Brown or Black Panther?

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Posted by JohnBrief (221 posts) 11 days, 2 hours ago

Poll: Better film: Jackie Brown or Black Panther? (19 votes)

Jackie Brown 79%
Black Panther 21%
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I enjoy BP a bit more personally, but Jackie Brown is a better made film. Jackie Brown, while not my favorite Quentin Taratino film, its still great. It has phenomenal acting, and the story was solid enough. I enjoy BP but the cgi climax battle was terrible. Plus never like how they have the obligatory Killmonger is the bad guy scene to remind the audience he is the villain. I mean the acting is solid, the story was something I would not expect marvel to make tbh. It is one of the better MCU film imo, but have room for improvement.

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Jackie Brown is much better than MCU Lion King.

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I couldn’t believe some of the stuff Sam L did in Jackie Brown.

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Mismatch. BP isn't even a good film.

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Another mismatch by John Brief everyone.

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