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Poll: Better character: MCU Spider-Man or John Wick? (35 votes)

MCU Spider-Man 34%
John Wick 66%

The Earth-616 Spider-Man is probably my favourite fictional character ever (with Superman close behind), but I cannot say the same about his MCU counterpart, I vote Wick.

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A garbage can has more character than MCU Spider Man.

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Wick. A BJORKING pencil dude.

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I like John Wick way more

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Wick. "You steal his car, and kill his f#cking dog".

MCU still has some ways to go.

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On one hand, Wick is basically just revenge personified, but on the other hand Peter is pretty pitiful character-wise.

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So random.

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A garbage can has more character than MCU Spider Man.

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The way that people react to the mere mention of John Wick's name does a lot for him character wise.

MCU Peter seems a bit one note as of now.

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Neither really have much substance tbh.

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@tommythehitman: I like how John Wick is a strong and silent type, he doesn't speak nearly as much as most of his supporting characters and lets his actions speak for him. Actions speak louder than words.

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John Wick.

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I’ll go with Spider-Man. There really isn’t a lot of depth to the Wick character. Most of what people remember is his mythos rather than his character. He’s more a force of nature than a man. He’s Godzilla come to town to destroy everything and then move on. That’s fine, I love the first two movies, but I accept that Wick is the means to showcase amazing action and stunt work.