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Posted by RBT (27134 posts) 3 months, 12 days ago

Poll: Better actor- Tom Cavanagh or John Barrowman? (16 votes)

Tom Cavanagh 88%
John Barrowman 6%
Result 6%

Who is a better actor overall, in your opinion?

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#1 Posted by Eobard21 (4585 posts) - - Show Bio

Tom imo

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#2 Posted by Richard96 (5632 posts) - - Show Bio


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#3 Posted by Subline (6961 posts) - - Show Bio

Tom Cavanagh stomps, all of his versions of Wells actually seem like different people.

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#4 Posted by godzilla44 (7173 posts) - - Show Bio

Love Barrowman but Cavanaugh has literally played several versions of Wells and he nails every single one of them.

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#5 Posted by mrmonster (14624 posts) - - Show Bio

Tom Cavanaugh

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#6 Posted by The_Red_Devil (4465 posts) - - Show Bio

Tom , Wellsobard solos.

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#7 Posted by RBT (27134 posts) - - Show Bio

Not gonna lie, I'm very surprised by the results.

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#9 Posted by Mister_Surreal (9055 posts) - - Show Bio

Tom played a good Reverse Flash. Enough said.

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#10 Posted by dirtytree332 (570 posts) - - Show Bio

Barrowman because of Torchwood.