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These two come in mine

Share your choices

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Dino Thunder.

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I also liked Ninja Storm, Dinothunder and SPD.

The newest ones are terrible.

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Dino Thunder or SPD.

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The original.

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In space



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Zeo, Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm. For me this is when they perfected the Power rangers series.

They weren’t as goofy as prior ones and the Villians were not as cringy

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Mighty Morphin'


In Space

Time Force

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Clearly mighty morphing power rangers

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@emanresu_20: Ni ja storm was one of the goofier seasons when most of the ant got it including motor being jokes lol

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Jungle Fury.

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Mighty Morphin or GTFO.

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Dino Thunder

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Jungle fury, rpm, in space and time force

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Dino thunder hands down

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I've been told it's RPM and easily.

I've never seen it, though, so I'll go with Time Force. I tried watching my favorite parts of In Space a year or two ago and they were so cringy it lost the spot as my favorite.

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All Are nothing but Plastic Toys

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Time force was the shit.

Also, Ninja storm and to a lesser extent SPD...

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Don't care.

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In Space, Time Force, and Dino Thunder

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MMPR, Space, Time Force. Nothing else

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Can't beat evil green ranger saga, probably the apex of the show