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For a time in the late 90s, I became somewhat obsessed in collecting any comic book that is painted. Regardless of the era, I was able to obtain great art and a good story line. Even before Alex Ross' epic Marvels and Kingdom Come. Until now, I am still on the search but unfortunately, its no longer being made... for a long long time.

What makes a painted comic book different from computer painted comics is that the characters are literally painted by hand before being scanned and printed. almost all panels and pages are made to be stand out pieces.

In my opinion, painted comic books brings in the concept of Fine Art and Graphic Art together.

Here are my favorite painted comics of all time:

1. DC's Kingdom Come

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2. Marvel Comic's Marvels

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3. Marvel's Typhoid

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4. Marvel's Havok & Wolverine Meltdown

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5. DC Vertigo's MoonShadow

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6. Image Comic's Hell Shock series 2

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7. Harris Comics' Vampirella/Pantha

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8. DC's Batman: Night Cries

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9. Marvel's Elektra Lives Again

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I wish that once in a while an ambitious project like this can happen again.... I still dream of seeing a Tales of the Witchblade in painted form or the Magdalena.

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Fantastic list. John J Muth's Havok/Wolverine series brought back a lot of memories. Had completely forgotten about that one.

Off the top of my head I would have to include The Horned God series by Simon Bisley

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and any issue of Neil Gaimans' Books Of Magic series (system won't let me upload a photo right now dagnabbit, but check out the link).

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Yeah.. Bisley works are very distinct and one of a kind. Love his works in Heavy Metal.

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Moonshadow and Meltdown are some of my very favorites of all time.
I like painted comics quite a lot as well.  They used to be so rare, but now that digital production methods make it easy to print any value or hue, they're so much more popular, which is great.

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The artwork for Kingdom Come and Justice always makes me melt. It's just simply amazing.