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Poll: Best Movie: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol or Skyfall? (26 votes)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 54%
Skyfall 46%
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Comment or vote that which 21st century spy movies are great?

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Ghost Protocol.

This narrative balanced action and comedy much better which left the audiences feeling rejuvenated after leaving the cinema. Of course this was mostly to do with the Mission Impossible score being naturally more exhilarating due to the musical instruments being used being the flute, chello saxiphone.

Additionally Tom Cruise with Simon Pegg is in overpowered combination as you have, arguably the most famous actor in history alongside one of the most witty and charming.

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They're both very good, but being the James Bond fan that I am, I have to say Skyfall.

@socajunkie: Skyfall has the vastly better villain though ;)

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Always thought bond was overrated as for movies, Skyfall was no different for me - but it did modernize the franchise. And figuring I really enjoyed MI: GP, I am going with that.

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Skyfall however Ghost Protocol was more imaginative.

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Paula Patton = Babe

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Liked both but Skyfall.

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Very close

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Skyfall, but Ghost Protocol was also really good.

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MI: Ghost Protocol