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Poll: Best MCU Black Widow look (38 votes)

Iron Man 2 34%
The Avengers 3%
Captain America: TWS 42%
Age of Ultron 11%
Civil War 5%
Infinity War 5%
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#1 Posted by Ready_4_Madness (15388 posts) - - Show Bio

Winter Soldier

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TWS imo

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They all look great but she had the best hair in TWS.

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1. Winter Soldier hands down

2. Iron Man 2: Usually don't like curls but on Scarlett they looked good

3. Avengers: Haircut was a bit too old-fashioned, otherwise the look was nice

4. Civil War: This is a weird one as there are shots were she's so hot that she could contest for number 1, yet in other scenes she looks kinda strange

5. Infinity War: Scarlett's usually hot with blonde hair but somehow it doesn' fit the character

6. Age of Ultron: This was really bad. Not only was it her worst haircut, her suit was pretty lame too

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IM 2.

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Winter Soldier

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WS all day

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For me Civil War

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Im2 no question!

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Winter Soldier Natasha is probably the most attractive any actress has been in a CBM

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Straight hair is bland and boring looking. Any of them but WS.

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