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Poll: Best anime out of these (49 votes)

One Piece 10%
Naruto/Naruto Shippuden 14%
Bleach 8%
HxH 2011 12%
Jojo 4%
Boku no Hero Academia 4%
Black Clover 0%
World Trigger 0%
Fairy Tail 0%
Magi 0%
Soul Eater 0%
Akame ga Kill 0%
Kill la Kill 4%
SAO 0%
Index 0%
mahouka kouko no rettousai 0%
Rurouni Kenshin 4%
Yu Yu Hakusho 0%
D.Gray-Man 0%
Busou Renkin 0%
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 0%
Ao no Exorcist 0%
Accel World 0%
Gintama 0%
Saint Seiya 0%
Assassination Classroom 0%
Toriko 0%
Medaka Box 0%
Nisekoi 0%
AOT 4%
Inuyasha 0%
Kekkai Sensen 2%
Tokyo Ghoul 0%
OPM 6%
Seven Deadly Sins 2%
Deadman Wonderland 0%
K-Project 0%
Overlord 0%
Gate 0%
Goblin Slayer 0%
KonoSuba 2%
Kingdom 0%
Grancrest Senki 0%
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Dragon Ball

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My favorite is



Yu Yu Hakusho

One Piece


Seven Deadly Sins

Toriko (manga) I don’t like the anime


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Top 3 for me


7 Deadly


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#5 Posted by KAMInoChIkArA (47 posts) - - Show Bio




Boku no Hero

Fairy Tail

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Ignoring manga and focusing purely on the anime:



Boku No Hero



In no particular order.

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Tokyo ghoul bleach naruto

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Out of these? Only ones I'm interested in are...




YuYu Hakusho

Rurouni Kenshin


I voted Jojo since that's the only current anime I will watch, until DBS comes back.

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Hunter X Hunter is my favorite anime of all time. Naruto and MHA are close.

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Bro. Wtf.

Focusing on anime, here's my opinion on all of these because I want to say it!:

-90's DBZ was ahead of it's time imo.

-OP & Naruto are average anime, mangas definitely better, filled with filler.

-Bleach would be on OP and Naruto's level but their filler was actually entertaining and the animation was great from beginning to end.

-HxH and Jojo are GOAT

-BnHA and BC are both overrated in animes, although still entertaining.

-World Trigger and Fairy Tail are TRASH

-Magi, Soul Eater, Akame ga Kill, Kill la Kill are great


-Just started Index, pretty good so far

-Never heard of mahouka kouko no rettousai

-YYH and Rurouni Kenshin was also ahead of its time.

-D.Gray-Man is so underrated.

-Never heard of Busou Renkin

-Hitman Reborn and Blue Exorcist are just meh, not bad, not great.

-Never heard of Accel World

-Gintama is great, but a commitment

-Never seen Saint Seiya

-Don't care about Assassination Classroom

-Toriko is TRASH as an anime though!

-Don't care about Medaka Box and Nisekoi

-AOT is overrated

-Inuyasha is TRASH

-Never heard of Kekkai Sensen

-Tokyo Ghoul is TRASH as an anime though!

-OPM and SDS are great.

-Dont' care about Deadman Wonderland, K-Project, and ERASED

-Overlord is awesome

-Never heard of Gate, Goblin Slayer, and KonoSuba

-Never seen Kingdom, i like the manga though

-Never heard of Grancrest Senki


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One Punch Man and HxH are the only ones I've seen out of these. I'd say OPM is my favorite one, I've read the MHA manga though.

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Got to go with my Number 1 Naruto 2 is DBZ 3 is My Hero 4 is Bleach 5 is HXH

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Tenchi Muyo and Hellsing original are better then all of these.

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DB/DBZ/DBS would be my no.1

HxH no.2

Naruto no.3

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@faradaysloth: never seen FMA. might try watchin it tho...original or Brotherhood?

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@strongerthanrin: Watch original only because Brotherhood would confuse you at first, then watch Brotherhood which is better. They aren't connected like sequels or anything.

Great franchise, except for live action movie.

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@faradaysloth: heard Brotherhood was a lil better and goes more in depth in the manga, but i'll go with what you rec. thanks

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Have watched the vast majority of those mentioned in the OP, so out of these, Kekkai Sensen for me.

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Having an "other" option in an "out of these" thread is contradictory to say the least...

I'd go with Cowboy Bebop

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@rukelnikovftw: yea i know, but the ones i listed were the ones that only I'VE seen. i assumed some of y'all favorites weren't on here, so i added the OTHER option

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Jojo or bust, tho some of these are pretty decent

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No FMA but you have trash jojo, smh (only half joking). I guess is either DBZ or Kill la kill, but you have DBS there, so I pick KLK.

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The best is HxH 2011, my favorite is DBZ.

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FMA Brotherhood is the best, but I also really like One Piece, Gintama, R. Kenshin, Hero Academia, Yu Yu Hakuso, Accel World and Index. Others that I thought were good, but not great are 7 Deadly, Magi, Inuyasha, OPM, Kill la Kill, KonoSuba, Titan, Soul Eater and Blue Exorcist. Fair animes were Hitman, Naruto, DBZ, Black Clover, World Trigger, Kekkei, Bleach, D.Gray Man and SAO. I haven’t finished or seen enough to have a strong opinion on Agami ga, Overlord, Saint Seiya, Tokyo Ghoul, Assassination Class, Gate, Nisekoi, and Medaka Box. I saw all of the first HxH series and about half of the second seies twice, but I can’t seem to finish it. I’ve lost interest in HxH. Similarly, I have started Jojo three times and each time I turn it off because I don’t like anyone in it. I saw Deadman, but I don’t remember anything about it, so no opinion there. I actively dislike Toriko. Finally, the rest I haven’t started or have never of. Side note, I am current now with Shokugeki no Soma and am currently watching Law of Ueki.

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Voted Naruto but just because don't there animes like

Cowboy Bebop
Zankyou no Terror
FMA Brotherhood

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Hunter x Hunter

One Piece

Yu Yu hakusho

Ruroni Kenshin

Jo Jo (well depends i can grade by arcs some are better than others.)

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I like dragon ball but a main character almost never dies, and if they do they get brought back. It’s kind of annoying.

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Push past Phantom Blood, and Jojo's is phenomenal

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Other: Kaiba is my personal favorite.

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Either HxH or Kill La Kill is the best anime out of the above, but my personal favourite is Nichijou

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attack on titan

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Why do we have things like Nisekoi among all these Shonen stuff LMAO