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For the both Batman movies that got alot of fans, Which movie did you think was better written for the caped crusader.

Who did a better job at making a Batman film adaptation, Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan?.

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Batman Begins

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Really goes down for the taste but for me BB.

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Batman Begins is a better movie, but I cant ignore the comic feel and vibe the Gotham Tim Burton made compared to Nolan. the gothic art style of the buildings just felt more like Gotham to me.

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Batman Begins.

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I recognize BB as the better film, but my heart is with Batman89

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Christopher Nolan's film doesn't feel like a comic book film, but he got the character right IMO

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Begins, better direction, better music more human characters. The closer area is the script which can go either way but I’m leaning towards 89’

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Begins of course

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I recognize BB as the better film, but my heart is with Batman89



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Begins. If you look past nostalgia, it’s just the better film.

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Begins is one of my favorite movies, no other Batman movie comes close

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The worst of tdk trilogy still beats the 1989 Batman movie.

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Batman Begins stomps, his origin literally couldn't have been done better.

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Batman Begins is a better movie (off the top of my head, my only criticism is the camera work during some action sequences), but I like Batman'89 more since it holds a special place in my heart.

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It's a hard choice but of course Batman Begins but Batman89 is in my heart as a film I love.

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I found Batman begins much better

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Begins. I don't think it's that close.

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Begins definitely

Cool origin story

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I have them tie.

Batman '89 because of massive nostalgia value.

Batman Begins because it's a better movie.

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I don't get this enthusiasm for Batman Begins.

I thought it was an "ok" film.

In the other end I loved Batman (1989).

I guess most of you didn't have the chance to watch in the theater when it came out.

I was in high school, and it is one of the very rare example of a movie living up to the hype generated before its release.