Attack on titan Theory Chapter 120 Spoilers

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u can see two shadows in the background of chapter 12. its clearly two people standing there as u can see the shape of a head and a body.

as we saw in the latest aot chapter zeke and eren is going trough memories.

can these two people be eren and zeke going back to memories.

if this is true its insane. iseyama is such a good mangaka if this turns out to be true.

if he planned all this out.

from chapter 12 - 120 it linkes up.

but maybye its just a coincidence. idk

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Seems legit to me.

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@princex: That's pretty cool. Hopefully it isn't just speculation and is actually what happens.

Also, you should move this over to Gen. Discussion as it belongs there more than Off-Topic.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Isayama did this.

The guy has been bang on brilliant with this manga IMO.

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They're not going through Eren's memories, but Grisha's. I don't think those are people standing there. You roughly see the same shape on the window. We'll have to wait and see, though.

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Monthly manga kills me.

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Who cares