Assemble your anime Avengers team. Who do you pick? (Read OP)

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  • You can only choose a maximum of six characters
  • Each character you choose has to be at around same general level as each of the 6 founding members e.g. Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Clint (If you use someone like Goku or Naruto, It'd have be an earlier incarnation that could compare to one of the six
  • The team has to be balanced(diverse and versatile). You cannot have six "Hulk like" brute strength characters or six "Flash like" speedsters -- You want a strong team combat-wise but also a versatile one when it comes to rescue missions and saving lives
  • The six characters have to be heroes or at the very least not villains/antagonists( reformed villains and morally grey characters are selectable)
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  1. Captain Levi (The Cap equiv. High peak human stats. Borderline superhuman)
  2. Kaneki (Superhuman stats, high regen abilities, fast but not overly, Kagune manipulation that allows for offensive, defence and support)
  3. All-Might (The Hulk equivalent but way smarter and with a little more versatility)
  4. Edward Elric ( Brings intelligence, scientific knowledge and Alchemy. Like Levi, peak Human stats
  5. Goblin Slayer (need a tactician and a prep god)
  6. Orihime (glass cannon, not too strong in combat but can provide healing and a bit of hax)