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Hey Gman i have some questions for your next video, if its cool.

1) Do you think we will ever see the rumoured Pixar animated marvel movie ( i beleive the rumour was antman)

2)Desert island disc scenerio, but with comics. You can bring only 5 issues with you what are they and why?

3) Wildcard question ,Who would make a better car salesman Deadpool or Gambit

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I asked this at my LCS and I thought you could shed some light on it:

Did the Green Lantern Corps try to do anything about the destruction of Krypton? It seems like something that would fall under their jurisdiction. The guys at the shop said it has been addressed and I was wondering if you knew anything about it as a GL fan. Thanks!

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do you think Nightrunner is a better character than batwing and he deserved to take batwing series

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What day of the week are you going to be doing the video so I know when to post questions to Twitter/FB/CV?

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hey Gman i would love to know what star wars ongoing or mini series do you think is the best right now

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I have three questions.

  1. First one is a two part question. Do you think Marvel should have Spider-Man, Venom, Scarlet Spider, and Miles Morales should do a crossover since they are doing Spider-Men soon. Or do any varation of the 4 doing a crossover like Scarlet Spider and Miles, Venom and Kaine or just the three main Spider-Men (Spidey, Venom, and Kaine) for example?
  2. Why has there been so many X-Men books over the years?
  3. Is it me or is DC Comics releasing a number of crossovers lately within the New 52?
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If you could pick just one of the Justice League to have a film made OTHER THAN Batman or Superman, which would you want to see and why?

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@sdunham818: I plan on shooting them Tuesdays with a probably late Tuesday/early Wed. posting.

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If theres a 5th Superman book in the new 52, what sorta book do you think would fit best?

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If you had a super power, what super power would you want?

who would you cast in a justice league movie?

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Hey Gman I got 3 questions for the next vid...

  1. The Clones Wars could be ending this season but it's one if not the best animated series on TV... Would you like to see it take up another storyline and if so which one? (personally I would pay to see the New Jedi Order storyline in the shows format)
  2. What do you think is the key to a successful Black Panther comic series? What is your point of view on his and Storm's marriage?
  3. Why do you think superman type characters like The Sentry and Blue Marvel have such a hard time fitting into the Marvel Universe? Or if you think they do belong why don't they get more face time?

I really hope you answer at least one of them in the next vid :P Thanx

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Hey G-man!

You said on the podcast before that you used to teach math, how did you go from teacher to being G-man?

Also do you know how to combine three 5s to equal 3 using only the addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and square root symbols?

for example

1 + 1 + 1 = 3,

(2 / 2) + 2 = 3

3 - 3 + 3 = 3,

9 - 9 + squareroot of 9 = 3


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  1. After all this time: Do you Think New 52 was worth it? Did it help you as a reader.
  2. 3 Books you're looking forward to reading each month (doesn't have to be the most or exactly 3, don't mean to grill you).
  3. Millar/Miller: A thing of the past?
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1. What do you think about Fraction writing the new Hawkeye series?

2. Somewhat of the same topic of questioning. What did you think of Jim McCann's writing?

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would there ever be merit in a dc marvel crossover movie?

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Now that Avengers has come out, which other movie are you most looking forward to, The Dark Knight Rises or The Amazing Spider-Man?

Which character do you think suffered the most from the DC relaunch?

What is currently your favorite title that's not from the big two publishers?

Among Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, and Ant-Man, who do you think should get a movie first?

Thanks for enduring my four questions, if you answer them.

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1. With Hellspont, Grifter, Apollo, Midnighter and Warblade's appearances in DC books lately, do you think we will ever see Majestic's arrival there and if so do you think DC fans will receive him well?

2. Based on what you saw in the movie Kickass do you think a live action Invincible movie will ever be made?

3. Should Superman like characters (Sentry, Captain Marvel, Blue Marvel, Icon) get their own movies and if so would anybody be interested?

Last one if a Luke Cage movie is ever made who do you think could pull off playing a respectable Cage? Same for Blue Marvel and Icon?

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Who do you think would win in a battle, no holds barred? AoA Blink or Earth 616 Blink?

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Do you think marvel well ever have a female leading role book that can stand on it's own?

Where do you stand on Jean Greys return yay or nay?

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What happened to the Quests on Comicvine? 
What's your favourite superhero cartoon(s)?

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You discussed a bit about how we should have a JLA film before. So here's my question, who would be your ideal lineup for that JLA and who would you like them to fight?

Lastly, do you have a director in mind that you would want to handle the film? Whedon? Nolan? Bay? Shumacher (hehe!)?

Bonus question... Who's your favourite Marvel/DC amalgam character? Or if it is non-existent back in Amalgam comics, who would you have wanted to see amalgamated back then?

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What do you think about Young Justice 5 years time jump for the new season?

Damian Wayne or Tim Drake?

Are you going to be doing some more 3 minutes expert in the future?

Would you like to write comics yourself? Which characters would you like to write?

Can Batwoman still call herself Batwoman even though she is not part of Batman Inc. ? Wouldn't there be some kind of Copyright Infringement?

Do you think ruins will remain in New York in the Marvel Movieverse after the final battle of the Avengers, or are they going to be able to rebuild everything within a few days like they seem to be able to do in Comic Books? I mean, last time I checked it was quite smashed...

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I have a few questions for you G-man:

1) Do you play DC universe online? and if so are you a hero or a villian?

2) who is your favourite of the Teen Titans at the moment?

3)If you were fighting in the Culling and only had one power what would it be?

4) Finally, how many T-shirts do you have that have superhero logos on them? name a few.

Thanks G-man.

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What do you feel about certain posters on comicvine calling you and Sara's review of Earth 2 biased because you guys are friends with James Robinson.
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What do you think of the idea of having a new series in the New 52 titled SECRET SIX that stars Wally West, Donna Troy, Connor Hawke, Booster Gold and two others from the Pre-Flashpoint timeline existing in the current timeline and remembering everything that happened before and are trying to figure out what changed everything and how to exist in this new timeline? If you like the idea, what other two characters would you choose to be on their team. Reason why I choose Booster Gold is because at the end of his series, it seems like he could possibly be immune to the Flashpoint effect.

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Did Mark Millar ever think about writing a sequel to his Wanted series?
Have you heard what the plot of Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. will be exactly?Kinda wondering what exactly is an Agent of S.M.A.S.H.

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What do you think that will happen to Ahsoka Tano at the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Death or some how survive. If you think she survives, do you think fans would accept her in other book series (e.g. after Fate of the Jedi)

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@G-Man:Do you think that darksied will make an apperence in the new 52 superman seris in the futre??

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I've started the expensive habit of collecting comic art books. Do you collect art books and what are some of your favourites?

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I have a few questions for you G-man:

1) Do you play DC universe online? and if so are you a hero or a villian?

2) who is your favourite of the Teen Titans at the moment?

3)If you were fighting in the Culling and only had one power what would it be?

4) Finally, how many T-shirts do you have that have superhero logos on them? name a few.

Thanks G-man

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I have some questions:

  • Do you read much manga? Have you read Death Note or Bakuman yet?
  • What Night of Owls issue are/were you excited for most?
  • Who's your favorite Robin?
  • Do you use online comic stores? If so, which is your favorite? Is Mycomicshop reliable?
  • Who would you like Batman to fight in the next arc of Scott Snyder's Batman series?
  • Which do you like more: JLA, Outsiders, Teen Titans, Avengers, or X-Men?
  • What do you think of Cyborg on the Justice League instead of Martian Manhunter? Were you excited to see Martian Manhunter make an appearance in JL #8?
  • What do you think of the next arc of Amazing Spider-Man featuring the Lizard as the main villain?
  • What would you hope to come out of the Batman reboot that Christopher Nolan is supposedly working on for 2015/16?
  • Have you read Scott Pilgrim? Would you like to see a sequel series?
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Here's my question:   
Do you think Mark Ruffalo's performance in Avengers will have any impact on Bruce Banner in the comics? Will we start to see Banner look more like Mark?   

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With their being a new member joining Rick Remenders X-Force soon, do you think Gambit would be a good choice?

It just seems like Gambit would be a perfect fit for this team, what do you think?

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I'm looking to get into the Avengers books after the movie. Could you suggest a few for me? Old stories or new, it doesn't matter.

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Hey G-Man, Would you ever consider becoming a comic book writer?

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Hey G-Man, got a few questions:

  1. If comic book characters were to become real people tomorrow, which hero would you want to meet the most?
  2. Do you think Superman would make a good dad (I mean to a biological child)?
  3. Do you think Hal would have still become Parallax if Coast City wasn't destroyed? I mean, if Sinestro had planted the parasite within him, wasn't he headed that way anyway? (Please don't punk out and say that Rebirth wasn't written yet so we don't know)
  4. Who do you think would make the best villain for a potential Justice League movie?
  5. Do you think Nolan's Batman could be incorporated into a JLA movie and/or a World's Finest movie, assuming Nolan all of a sudden got on board with it?
  6. Do you recommend that I pick up Avengers vs. X-Men?
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I would like to know which books that are currently out are carrying ramifications for the DC Universe. Like in the Animals man and Swamp Thing books we see an overlap and if the rot wins there would be some big issues. Batman's court of owls is affecting all the other Bat family books, where as the Captain Atom book it doesn't really seem to have any weight on whats happening in the World of DC. What books do you think have that weight where they could change the way things are done in the DCU, and do you think that is a huge thing that affects how books are bought.

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Hey G-Man? Who do you think is the better villain, Darkseid or Thanos?

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Will you be doing any new 3 minute expert videos?

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If you could pick one comic character to die, who who it be?

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what would be your personal line up of justice leaguers and avengers?

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i was wondering if there will ever be any new 3 minute experts

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Digital was the step I needed to start reading comics. I found myself enjoying the art of Greg Land. I understand there is some controversy around him. Give me a brief lesson on the ethics of art in comics. Thank you.

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What is your master plan for taking over the world?

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What do you want to see in Thor 2, CA 2 and Iron Man 3.

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This is actually a question asked by my nephew and I actually made a battle thread about this, but I want your expert opinion on this! so here it goes:

In a crucial battle, Ghost Rider was able to come close to Dark Phoenix and does his most lethal power attack...the PENANCE STARE! Its a lock in stare and Dark Phoenix looks at Ghost Rider with gusto.

1) Will Dark Phoenix gets it or not?

2) If Dark Phoenix gets out of the attack will she be able to destroy Ghost Rider?

Thanks in advance!

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G-man your thoughts on Justice League international being canned? Also your thoughts on vibe coming back randomly !?

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Do you think Sentry should make his return? If so should they change him in any way?