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OK, one thing. I don't get all this talk about 'why would people buy the single/paper issues if they can get it in a trade/digitally?' why are we treating single issues, specifically paper issues, as if they were like, a charity case? Why is this format so important to make the default and most highly sold and available, as long as the same number of eyes see the story? I get that with trades, sometimes people get both, so I can understand a bit of a delay from a profit standpoint, (but DC takes it to extremes) but with digital, as long as the publisher makes the same amount of profit per issue sold... I get that comic shops would take a hit, especially if they don't take steps to evolve their business (focus more on trades, other merch like statues, t-shirts or whatever) the publishers concern should be the customers, not the retailers. It's not their responsibility to keep comic shops in business, any more than it's a music label's responsibility to keep record stores in business in the wake of iTunes, as long as their product keeps getting sold in some fashion.

Also, can't believe you left Midnighter off DC's X-Force. :p but yeah, it's feeling like Team 7 will end up being pretty much that. They don't have superpowers yet... but they will. some of them, anyway.

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Just read The Flash Issue 1-4 yesterday. Didn't notice that this doctor who was shot by The Mob was you. o.O

Awesome video! Thanks!

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Michael Clark Duncan's Kingpin was good. Rest in peace.

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Omg I hate you with that court of owls mast on your wall. I stood around the DC booth waiting for so long to get one of those and i never did, and I kept going back all 3 days I went. -_-

holy shit these videos have gotten long. You should have a audio file version if their going to be this long, so people can listen to them like podcast.

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@G-MAN: Come on man, Tin Tin? Really?
That's like reading archie comics and comparing it to something like Watchmen or Y the last man. 
If someone askes me if i read american comics i don't say something like: I sure do! i read muppet babies! 
Not saying that there is anything wrong with Tin Tin, those books have a great following but come on there is so much else out there.
So with XIII you got the right idea, but how about Storm, Murena, Thorgal or Empire USA 
You know stuff you don't read with your daughter.
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This episode was much better on the editing. :)

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Nerdgasam G-Man Answered my question!!!

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@Michiel76: Opium dens, people shot and killed, an alcoholic crazy dude...not fully stuff for kids.

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Thanks G-Man, I will look at those!

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Hope your back feels better! I like the long videos, good to run in the back ground while working.

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Hey G-Man! Thanks for answering all these questions! I really think this would be much suited as a side podcast though than a video. Seems a lot more suited for that medium!

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Thanks gman for disscussing absolute 'justice' afew episodes back. I wanted a quality product to inugurate my new bookshelf. Also i am loving the story. Thanks for the tip.
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Great creepy screen cap.

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Good stuff sir!

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Always entertained by this video...always :)

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Cuz it's Batman and everyone should read it... Luv it

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thanks G Man u are the best and the time you put in

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In my opinion, Coleson isn't dead. Everyone likes him and we never saw a body. Its a rule if you don't see the body, they may not be dead.

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talk to Scott Snyder and have him put me in Swamp Thing :)

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I don't know, I would be totally into a black guy playing Batman. I would definitely see a movie starring Denzel Washington as Batman.

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All the Marvel UK guys popped up in Captain Britain and M:13. I got the entire Dark Angel series for like 20dollars on mycomicshop which was a pretty good deal. The line just got cancelled for poor sales. Towards the end apparently they were just getting published in the UK and ended up in reprints. No weird legal problems like the Malibu line.

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One Piece Vol. 64 US (Sep 2012)
One Piece Vol. 64 US (Sep 2012)

Anyone who thinks there aren't anymore original powers out there has obviously never read ONE PIECE.

I just watched this one. Thanks for the shout out in this one.

It's a shame to hear you aren't looking to expand the Comic Vine writing staff a bit more. Even if it was just more freelancers, such as Mat.

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@G-Man: As a white guy, I agree with you on casting and race. Race doesn't define a character, but it is a part of who that character is. For well known characters, it would feel odd to have a black Batman, but a more obscure character like Heimdall or Kingpin who don't have a strong identity in pop culture, it doesn't bother me. That was one of the MANY problems with The Last Airbender movie, a world filled with various asian (inspired) characters had all the good guys as white. But that's just me, and I'd prefer Wonder Woman be cast by a Mediterranean actress (doesn't have to be Greek, Italian, Spanish, or even some Middle Eastern people would look good to my eye.

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@FoxxFireArt: We just added Gregg, who has been kicking major ass.

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And I think he's doing great, but it's building your coverage of publishers you were already covering. I feel that if you want to expand the audience. You need to expand the coverage.

The problem with user reviews is that they never reach the same level of attention as the front page reviews. In light of new staff, why not talk to Dave and Alexis about working a feature into the front page that allows staff to highlight user reviews of series you don't have time to cover. Staff picks out a few reviews made by users that you like and think deserves some attention.

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Still enjoying this lengthy video feature. I agree with you on the point of comic book cartoons not needing to be violent. If anything it's even more faithful to classic comics that they keep their animated series as kid friendly as possible even today. The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was the most recent shining example that you can still have pretty good action and storytelling without getting too extreme. I'm willing to give Beware the Batman a shot as long as the production goes smoothly.

Every super power is kind of played out now but their are still continuities outside of Marvel and DC that still surprise me to this day. The somewhat "Image United" universe I've seen in Invincible shows a mish-mash of super powers I have very clearly seen before in older comics. Most of these characters possess enough unique charm for me to overlook these comparisons and I end up liking the story even more. This is especially true for the One Piece series which arguably has more in common with DC and Marvel than just about any other manga. Perhaps the big difference worth mentioning is that the primary characters are all criminals and outlaws as opposed to gods, heroes, and vigilantes. Other than that it just feels like another comic book version of earth with it's own unique take on super powers, mythology, and martial arts. Keep doing these informative videos.

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@FoxxFireArt said:

One Piece Vol. 64 US (Sep 2012)
One Piece Vol. 64 US (Sep 2012)

Anyone who thinks there aren't anymore original powers out there has obviously never read ONE PIECE.

I just watched this one. Thanks for the shout out in this one.

It's a shame to hear you aren't looking to expand the Comic Vine writing staff a bit more. Even if it was just more freelancers, such as Mat.

I love One Piece and I never miss it when it comes out in manga or anime form. lol

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@whiteknight67 said:

thanks G Man u are the best and the time you put in

Agreed, Thanks

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Here is my two-cents on the whole race thing in movies and comics. Bane is of Latino and Mexican descent, but in the Dark Knight Rises, he was cast as a white British guy. Honestly, I don't think it mattered because Tom Hardy was great for it, and I don't think many others cared, because in all the negative parts of the million reviews I looked at, I never saw that point. Honestly, as a HUUUUUUUUUGE Batman fan, it didn't even bother me, but ironically, my friend who doesn't know to much on Batman, was the one to be frequently annoyed by it. But, I do agree, if they ever did Aquaman or Superman as say Chinese, it would definitely be weird. (No racism, sorry if you took it that way :D)

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Perhaps as an European I don't get all the color codes you have in the US. IMO it is to wrong to pity minority groups and therefore give them smaller cast role that are not their background. Michael Clark Duncan did a create job, he just simply because he has the wrong color made me zoom out of the movie (not that I wasn't already). The same goes for Nick Fury (I have only seen the first Iron Man movie) and yeah I know they have used the Ultimate one It just made me more confused since it seams like the movie is a mish mash of several universe. While it of cause is its own universe. It seams like you don't look as minority groups as equals when they can be a lot to be white, but white can't be black, red, brown, yellow or whatever. A weird form of respect than in the long run doesn't fix the problem but still creates a us/them relationship. Also some kind of weird respekt that a black character can be traded up to a white character as it is in some way more valuable.

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Where did you get that awesome Court of Owls mask?!?!

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were is this weeks? my question is finally up