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List Them!

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Uhh, no not particularly, even if a debate gets heated I would rather try to change the other users mind other than hit them. Also this is probably going to get locked lol.

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I might have made some today.😈😈

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Some guy named Killermovies

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Hell no, i ain't listing it, but, a lot of 'em. :)

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Not really lol, the only thing I really debated on this site is fictional characters.

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No, punching in the face is bad.

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Its not in character for me to do this stuff. Also hell no, Someone not accepting your points in a debate no matter what does not grant you enough reason to hit someone. Period.

Though when someone insults me and I go out of character then its another story.

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Wtf no

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Oh yeah, this is gonna end well.

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^ This guy. Just cuz. :)

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Nobody in this site is worth punching in the face for the sheer sake of not touching the occasional compassionately immature & nerdy peasant.

Except for that one guy who keeps spamming alts to troll DC fans.

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Mylittlefascist,TOWK,GR,All-Father and Master SkyWalker

Very gladly I would punch them multiple times in the face.

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Cmon... We are all friends here.

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^ This guy. Just cuz. :)

Lol, how did I know this would happen?

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The OP for making this thread

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MOTM for being one of, if not the worst DC wanker I've seen

PlotWeapon for, well, this thread alone (It's quite painful to go through)

Tonymartial claiming that MCU Star Lord could one shot 616 Spidey easily despite knowing nothing about the comics


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Oh no..

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I would one shot the majority of mcu Thor wankers! I'm not sure how that would work out because the most of the guys are kids. Lmao..let me put on some Hulk hands for

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These never end well.

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@aqualame: If this is what you are going to do with an alt then we should just shut it down and have you stick to your main.