Are Infinity Stones (MCU) Galactic level?

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Full potential of Infinity stones able to wipe out Half lives of the universe randomly.

Which level you'd put it on?

Star?Galactic,Cluster Galactic etc.

Also Think Infinity Gauntlet can easily able to use full potential of infinity stones?Then Which level you'd put Thanos?

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Universal in range, not even solar system in potency by feats.

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he did the half a universe thing, but it seemed like it broke the glove

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The answer is planet/moon level.

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Universal in range, not even solar system in potency by feats.

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Universal, going off the snap.

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@mister_surreal said:

@galactic_1000: Of course universal, you answered your own question.

Just to add: Thanos, Gamora and everyone else said "he wants to wipe out half the life in the universe. And with the infinity stones, he can. Just like *snap*."

Since it is constantly reinforced in dialogue, and that obviously seems to be the intent, and nothing to second guess it, and people as far as Nova Prime and everyone else being fearful of him getting them... We have zero reason to believe it isn't universal.

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My personal opinion:It's full potential attack was wiping out Half lives[Not planets,Stars] So In my opinion It's destructive capability is not universal.

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It's not universal in potency but it can affect elements universally

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It has universal level range but its attack potential isn't anywhere near that.

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Power Gem alone could casually jeopardize planet and moon. Pretty sure it's universal with both - potency and range.

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Planet level

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@drpepperman: Half the life in the universe; peoples/species of various shapes and sizes...and you don't think that is solar system level?

Exactly how much mass do you calculate for a solar system vs half the life in the universe? Because I'd wager more mass/matter was destroyed in the snap then ex8sts in any single solar system, and it is not even remotely close.

(Gauntlet/space stone/time stone are clearly universal)

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Universal range. Not universal power. He could snap any individual in the cosmos out of existence just as he easily as he could teleport to them but he can't do that on a genocidal scale without all of the stones together.

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Did beings like Dormammu, Celestials, etc get affected by the snap?

And would Ultron & Vision have been affected?

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@tethadam: Dormammu and his entire universe were time trapped by a single stone, bruh...

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The reality stone was going to transmute the universe into darkness, so at a minimum they have a maximum of universe level.

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All together, they only disintegrated trillions of beings, then the gauntlet broke. That's far from planet level, even.

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viners and "levels"

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@paytience: the Earth weighs 5,972,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons. Even highballing and assuming that snap killed 5,000,000,000,000 people and each weighed 100 tons, that's still only 500,000,000,000,000 tons, or 11,944,000x less than the Earth's mass. The solar system has ridiculously heavier planets than that, and all the planets put together with comets, meteors, etc. are nothing compared to the Sun, which takes up 99% of the mass of the SS.