Anyone buy new comics on Wednesdays?

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I've been in the process of uploading today's comics. Haven't been able to read many or write summaries. Does anyone out there actually buy new comics on Wednesdays? Feel free to jump in on any comics that I've already uploaded IF YOU HAVE IT and have READ IT. The longer your summary, the more points you get. I've been scoring over a thousand points each week. I don't need the points as much as others want them. Also I don't read/buy everything that's out there. Let's try to represent all the new comics.

And if you submit a new comic from this week and would like it on the New Comics page, make sure you put a comment to catch our attention.

Thanks. These new comics are kicking my butt. It was a big week.

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I feel stupid asking this, but where do we write the summaries?

Are you talking about writing a review, or is this a summary that goes on the volume's entry in the encyclopedia?


EDIT: Nevermind, I took a second and actually figured it out on my own.
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I try to go at least every other Wednesday, but the nearest shop is half an hour away. I did however go today.

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It's Thursdays in the UK (or in Aberdeen it is anyway) because of when we get our deliveries so I'll be doing my shopping this evening for new comics. I've got a couple that need to be uploaded to the site, I'll sit down and do that at some point but I don't get a whole lot of time