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Just imagine this.

Iron Man marries May Parker. He then becomes best friends with Optimus Prime after buying a truck, then he eventually moves his family to Cybertron. Optimus passes on the leadership to Tony, who becomes Iron Prime, the newest member of the Autobots.

Ratchet fixes Rhodey’s legs.

Bumblebee and Peter are good friends and Tony thinks of Bumblebee as a son. He learns to appreciate the voiceless bot.

Wheeljack and Tony play Cybertron sports together.

Arcee is May’s best friend and she turns into a motorcycle and gives May rides around Earth and Cybertron. They go shopping together and she becomes like May’s sister.

Tony discovers that the Autobots appreciate him in ways the Avengers never did. They treat him nicely and don’t blame him for everything.

Tony brings new tech to Cybertron.

He and Optimus rebuild Ultron, who’s a good robot this time and who helps fight Decepticons.

Iron Man wins in a one on one fight with Megatron and eventually Megatron and Starscream surrender.

Iron Man donates money to rebuild Xandar. He and the Autobots help the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Sounds great, but Tony should be with Pepper instead.

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@mister_surreal: Personally, I like the dynamic with he and May. Plus it would be cool if Peter was his new nephew.