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Whenever I see Agent 47 on threads he doesn't seem to get enough respect. Either because everybody in a thread says he must win because he is genetically engineered, or because people haven't really analysed his feats. I'm here to do so. When showing feats for 47 all his best ones seem to come from Absolution, but what people seem to forget is that 47 is 48 (lol) years old during Absolution and is past his prime. This is because Absolution is more cinematic than the others and because there aren't many cutscenes in the other games people don't really appreciate his feats. If you have any more feats or suggestions for how the thread can be improved please say so.

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Agent 47 was created on the 5th of September 1964 and is a clone of French Foreign Legion members Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer, Lee Hong, Pablo Belisario Ochoa, Frantz Fuchs, and Arkadij Jegorov. He was genetically engineered to possess their best traits and to be the perfect assassin.

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47 is so skilled at stealth that he can drop down to the ground completely silently.

Agent 47 has an 100% mission success rate, which is incredible considering the vast number of assassinations he's been assigned to as well as the difficulty of them. He is so good of an assassin that most of his hits look like accidents and until the end of Blood Money nobody could prove he even existed. Let's go over his best hit.

Agent 47 breaks into the White House and kills the Vice President, as well as the second best assassin in the world but I will get into that later. The White House had full security as well.

Shooting skill

I don't think I need to establish how good 47 is at assassination, so let's go over his feats in other areas. First of all, his marksmanship.

This is one of his lower end feats. He snipes three other snipers from a window. Let's get to his great ones.

Here he beats the record at a gun shop. While this doesn't sound impressive for a fictional character, the character he beat was a renowned marksman and is an excellent shot. Watch the video from where I started it until after he has shot all the targets. He is using a pistol and has to hit certain areas of small targets, some of them even move. It may not sound it, but this is truly impressive.

After being ambushed by four opponents with guns, 47 is able to draw/raise his weapon and kill them all before being killed himself. At this point in the game point shooting automatically activates, so it is not gameplay mechanics. The person playing also misses some shots and gets hit himself, but this is unlikely to have happened canonically because if it did 47 would most likely be dead.

Agent 47 was drugged and nearly killed. He is on his deathbed surrounded by eight elite FBI agents and their leader. 47 gets up, regains his senses and gets a good idea of where he is and then guns down every one of the FBI agents before they can kill him. This not only takes borderline perfect accuracy but also impressive speed and quickdraw as well.

Mark Parchezzi III. The best clone The Franchise could produce. He is possibly physically superior to 47 and was created with the sole purpose of killing him and destroying the Agency. He had an unhealthy obsession with 47 and thought that killing him and taking his blood would extend his shortened lifespan. He blew up a room with 47 in it, knocking him to the ground, outran him and got into cover, giving him an advantage. This still wasn't enough, since 47 gunned him down. Parchezzi also has enhanced pain tolerance and durability.

47's best shooting feat. Here he fights and kills eleven 48 clones at once. 48 clones are genetically engineered to be physically and mentally superior to 47, as well as also being trained killers themselves. Beating one of these would be an incredibly impressive feat, yet 47 was capable of beating eleven.

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47 consecutively shoots five small, moving duck targets.

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Shoots a target directly in the middle of the forehead with a revolver at medium range.

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Lands two kill shots in 2.3 seconds.

Let's go over some scenes from trailers:

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We can see in this one that 47 has gunned down lots of people in the Casino mission. We only see some people partially, implying that there are more bodies off screen that we aren't seeing. Realistically if he gunned these people down the other guards in the Casino and hotel would be alerted and 47 would have to kill them too. It is unknown if he did in reality though.

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There are several scenes of 47 in shootouts here. In the first one he takes out a large amount of armed guards whilst he himself is not in cover.

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Guns down seven FBI agents. Not too different from the feat I posted earlier.

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Takes on several armed guards with only a pistol without cover.


Let's move on to unarmed combat.

This is widely considered to be 47's best unarmed feat and it's easy to see why. He beats multiple armed assassins with nothing but his bare hands. The best assassins, besides from him of course. This clip also shows impressive marksmanship, when he guns down Saints on either side of him.

Here's Agent 47 is a bar fight. Note that although the person in this video decides to knock everyone out, that isn't necessary though some people do start fights with you no matter what. They are the ones that trigger QTEs.

47 beats Sanchez, a 7’6” 440lbs professional wrestler who was injected with a Super Soldier Serum and has almost doubled muscle capacity as a result of it, in around 30 seconds.


47 is peak or enhanced when it comes to strength as well.

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He is capable of snapping necks without exerting himself, whilst his opponent's head is looking forward. It requires roughly 1,250lbs of torque to snap a neck usually, and it is even harder when the victim has their head straight.

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47 is capable of effortlessly pulling a fully grown out a window with a single hand.

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47 slams a man’s head against a metal gate from the other side, killing him and opening it.


(0:43-1:10) This video states that 47 instinctively sees threats and knows who his target is, can locate things in the environment he can use to his advantage and even has minor precognition.

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Catches a woman who had a head start in six seconds.

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47 is trained to wield virtually any weapon with ease.

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This thread exists, just to let people know.

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@lubub55: https://postimg.org/image/myg5od8qd/b1d24ec9/ https://postimg.org/image/ddwj1kbph/52996ed9/ Agent 47 can use both hands equally in the Hitman Enemy Within Novel. There are other feats you are missing that I'll post.

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@danieldaripper: Here, I'll sort the feats on Twitter. I'll post them when I'm done.

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@danieldaripper: https://twitter.com/MisterAgent47/status/937131392202182656

I did an entire coverage of as many feats from the Novel as I could. This should be all of them. I'll let you analyze it.