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As you all know, various reactions to man of steels private screenings are out (largely positive, may i add), and another one is here, nick jones jr's


He comments that its a masterpiece of epic proportions, better than the dark knight, its action scenes are watchmen meets the avengers and the cape is cgi in most scenes and looks pretty cool

Now the problem with this is that nick jones jr has never been a high profile actor, so why invite him? The closest he has been to this movie is when he was supposed to have a small role in green lantern but it never ended up happening... oh wait

Yup, its possible wb is going with this lantern for the justice league movie

Now of course you may think that it was a personal favor, problem with that is, private screenings are very serious stuff and they have lists with the people that got invited. You cant just invite someone because hes your cousin or something, that guy would get fired

Theres also the possibility that hes doing this to bring attention to himself, and yeah, that is a possibility to consider, but i guess well have to wait and see

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WOW. That's high praise. I need to stop reading these thought because I already can't wait.

Regarding possible Jon Stewart GL, I'm fine with whoever they choose to be the lantern, I'm more concerned about the quality of the movie & the portrayal of the character.

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He could be the Cyborg, not John Stewart. Although him being GL is cool.