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I understand that Slades sword absorbs energy and then becomes more powerful after it absorbs said energy. But should Talia be strong enough to slice his Titanium staff in half with one strike? I mean its supposedly only able to be broken by adversaries with great strength.

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Did this make sense to anyone else?

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The blade drew blood from Superman, I'd say cutting titanium isn't unreasonable. View it as a feat for promethium, not as testament to Talia's strength. Similarly, Wolverine doesn't slice through metals or nigh invulnerable opponents because of his strength, but on pure merit of his adamantium claws.

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@morpheus_: Gotcha.

I thought maybe there was something I didn't know about Talia.

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No. The blade itself is extremely strong.

If Talia was using any other weapon Slade would've likely beaten her.