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I just recently came back to comics after a several year layoff. I mostly read DC back in the day. I just started reading The new Batman and The Walking dead. What would you recommend? I'm open to marvel but havnt read anything since Jim lee's X-men.

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I'm only reading Marvel so I can't help with DC, but the new Uncanny X-Men is shaping up well and is only 2 issues in(I think I don't keep track of release dates often).

The new Cap series is interesting(2 issues in as well) as well and I think Thor is shaping up well(currently 3 issues in).

There's also going to be a new Spider-Man comic(Superior Spider-Man) with a new Spidey rather than Peter which might be good for to get into for new readers. (although I don't know if #1 is out yet.)

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@Evolute99: Are you looking for current ongoing titles. or are you looking for just some good stories in general? How long ago did you stop reading, and which characters, if any, do you have a personal preference in?

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@Evolute99: Definitely catch up on The New 52 Aquaman, and as for Green Lantern, I've been reading the comics since I've been reading Aquaman, but Aqua has definitely made a statement in the new relaunch. There's a new character for Green Lantern going into "The Rise of the Third Army" crossover. Even though, he's not like the Hal Jordan, Geoff Johns does keep the light shining with the new Green Lantern, Simon Baz. As for the Marvel Now! they launched couple months ago (there only in ish #2) pick up Indestructible Hulk, All New X-Men, Avengers, and the others people recommend you 'cause pretty much all the titles of DC's new relaunch are all good and for Marvel, the main titles that stand out are the best ones.

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Batman is my comic instinct. I stopped reading seriously about 18 years ago--damn that is horrid to think that it has been that long. I tried to pick back up during the old 52 series but never got going.

Yes, I'm looking for recent books DC. What is good outside of Snyder's Batman?

I picked up the Walking Dead Omnibus (I haven't watched the show and not sure I will till I read all the comics. The series is unreal)

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@Evolute99: Batman: Court of Owls Vol. 1, then jump right into the "Death of the Family" crossover which consists of Batman, Batgirl, Suicide Squad, Nightwing, Catwoman, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Detective Comics issues. From there you can decide which title you would perfer. Batman, Detective Comics, Teen Titans and Nightwing are the best I think that are Bat-related.

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From DC you can start definitely reading the Swamp Thing book and the Animal Man one.If you are for more popular superheroes then you should check out Wonder Woman,Green Lantern and Aquaman's book.

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  • Action Comics
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Flash
  • Aquaman
  • I, Vampire
  • Demon Knights
  • Animal Man
  • Swamp Thing

If you want to read Green Lantern I recommend reading Geoff Johns' entire run first. I still think Green Lantern #1 is a terrible jumping-on point, despite some comments from new readers.

Some other recommendations:

  • Daredevil
  • Captain America (Marvel NOW)
  • Invincible (Image)
  • Bloodshot (Valiant)
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Aquaman, Flash, Suicide Squad.

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The New 52 and Marvel NOW is where it's at.