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I'm an old man to most of you, (just turned 37) and this topic heading was always something i've thought of over the years of my collecting.

The change began I believe, in 1981, with the advent of 'Baxter Paper' and promised greatness. This paper "upgrade" was billed as a much more superior quality of pulp, yet personally, the texture and colors just never looked right?

I HATED Baxter paper, and so must have many other hobbyists', because it went the way of epidermal oil.

Today's paper is in my opinion better than the 70's paper (although the carstock covers, i abhore) the comic is significantly smaller, which frankly, pisses me off. However, the quality of the comics as a WHOLE, blows compared to the 60's, 70's and 80's material (IMO) but that's another thread topic entirely.

So the question is, what do you guys think? do you even care? think of it? have opinions about it?...whatever...i'd like to know what other fellow collectors/hobbyists' think of the subject?

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