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#51 Posted by Fictional_Fan (246 posts) - - Show Bio

GOW should win that, imo

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#52 Edited by KingLouie (2812 posts) - - Show Bio

@michaelbn: I disagree Odyssey is a lot better. Main and Side Quests are actually enjoyable. Also digging the protagonist more.

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#53 Posted by sladerulez (10000 posts) - - Show Bio

The main competition is GOW and RDR2. To which I say GOW will win

As realistic as RDR2 is, it’s REALLY slow and hard for any casual gamer to enjoy without spending an extensive amount of time to play.

God of War does not have such problems, as the game always has something for you to do and it has plenty of challenge and fun to enjoy. It’s something I can jump in and play 30 minutes of before calling it a day.

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#54 Posted by Amendment50 (15112 posts) - - Show Bio

Celeste is the only one of these I've played. Excellent platformer, happy to see it get some recognition.

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#55 Posted by Michaelbn (2121 posts) - - Show Bio

@kinglouie: I don't know in terms of what it's better but it's a total mess (same as origishit) in both gameplay which turned it into JRPG creed and those missions, main missions are about a genetic chosen ancestor (what a joke, now you can choose an ancestor, biology died laughing) while Pythagoras side missions are actually the main focus of modern timeline story. Story and narrative ruined the lore and everything that previous games made as a legacy. The protagonists are so lame written and boring even than those twin fryes.

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#56 Posted by RIKR2 (21283 posts) - - Show Bio

not yet played RDR2 nor Spiderman but so far GOW has been the game I enjoy the must (DAMN Harpy ..... it took me a while but you are all DEATH)

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#57 Edited by Supermanthor (13548 posts) - - Show Bio

GTA v will win the game of the year

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#58 Posted by Mike_Fowler (4914 posts) - - Show Bio

@michaelbn: jrpg? My friend, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Have you played the game? And I mean actually played it, not just look at a walkthrough of it

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#59 Posted by DeutschKurzhaar (1174 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely RDR2

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#60 Posted by Michaelbn (2121 posts) - - Show Bio

@mike_fowler: No I didn't played it. In fact I wasted my time for it and I can make hundreds of points that it's a disgrace to Assassin's Creed name. Everything is just some JPRG every power up and every weapon can do some weird shit which in previous games was just because of Eden-based powers but in this everything is too ridiculous and a lot of unnecessary side quests just to powerup to kill enemies or passing the missions.

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#61 Edited by Mike_Fowler (4914 posts) - - Show Bio

@michaelbn: First, stop calling it a bloody jrpg, that’s, quite literally, factually incorrect man. It’s like if I called The Witcher 3 a jrpg, or Mass Effect, it’s utterly ridiculous. Second, I honestly doubt that you can. Third, most of those “abilities” you’re talling about comes from, you guessed it, the piece of eden that the main character is wielding

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#62 Posted by Michaelbn (2121 posts) - - Show Bio

@mike_fowler: It's not even an RPG but a JRPG, the amount of ridiculous things that involves RPG elements and their effect even make those Japaneses jealous. Abilities, you're saying it, ABILITIES not WEAPONS. They're those abilities just because they need to be for the sake of the lame story and it's completely inconvenient.

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#63 Posted by Lan_Fan (12666 posts) - - Show Bio

How are these games mediocre, wth? Some of you guys are insane.

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#64 Posted by Havenless (2892 posts) - - Show Bio

@michaelbn: JRPGs are almost specifically turn-based. This is the reason they’re discerned from WRPGs. Western RPGs are more so action-oriented, even if that action is particularly slow as in Baldur’s Gate. Western RPGs also can have ridiculously overpowered or massive inflation as the game goes on, like in the Diablo series. I don’t think the point you’re making is the one you think you are.

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#65 Posted by Mike_Fowler (4914 posts) - - Show Bio

@michaelbn: you are aware that those abilities are granted by the WEAPON right? And I mean the actual abilities, not mere effects of using a weapon (so and so inflicts poison, etc etc) And I really think you don’t know what defines an JRPG, cause those have a completely different feel to the type of rpg Odyssey is. Again, with your logic, Witcher 3 is an JRPG, Horizon Zero Dawn is an JRPG, Bloodborne is a JRPG

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#66 Posted by King-Ragnar (3487 posts) - - Show Bio

The event is today. Any predictions?

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#67 Posted by KingLouie (2812 posts) - - Show Bio

GOW better win

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#68 Posted by phillip33 (3657 posts) - - Show Bio

Tossup between GOW and RDR2