2000 AD Special

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The Good

Out of all the Free Comic Book Day books we've read, no book really captures the feel of the regular series like 2000 AD does. This 48 page FCBD book contains 6 short stories containing characters like Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, and Slaine, all of which can be seen in regular 2000 AD books.

Chris Burnham drawing a Judge Dredd story? This was probably the coolest part of this book, seeing the guy who drew Batman take on 2000 AD's most iconic character in this brand new story. His art is fantastic here and the story itself is a good step into the world of Judge Dredd and gives readers a good idea of who these characters are.

The rest of the book is very different from what American readers are used to. Not everything in this book falls under the "house style" readers are used to. Take Slaine - Lord of the Beasts, by Rafael Garres, for example. It has more of a painted look, which is incredibly beautiful and reminiscent of the late, great Frank Frazetta. There's a lot of different styles of art, writing, and storytelling contained within the pages of this special, which is very different from American comics, in the best way possible.

The book even has a comedic story about a Galactus-like character floating through space. 2000 AD Special has something for everyone.

The Bad

Finding the creator credits is like trying to find Waldo (Wally). They're on the opening page of each store but they're pretty hidden. It took a few read throughs to even find them. Luckily, we have the answers you seek here.

The Verdict

While this book does have a few reprints, overall, there's a lot to enjoy in this very large Free Comic Book Day offering. It truly captures the look and feel of the week-to-week 2000 AD book. Also, the opening story features the art of Chris Burnham, which is an incredibly huge treat for fans. This book has something for everyone from science-fiction to fantasy and while some stories are a bit stronger than others, overall, it was an incredibly fun read and the best of the FCBD lineup.

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gotta be my favorite FCBD comic this yr.

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The last story was..uhm...special.