Yugi/Yami vs Dark Zane

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The Stage was set , and the curtains have raised.

Zane had returned to the Pro Dueling World to face Undefeated Champion Yugi Moto.

In a chance to become one of the only duelists in history to beat yugi, Zane straps his duel disk on and shuffles his deck.

He looks up and stares down yugi moto.

After a grueling stare off , a coin was flipped and started with yugi going first.

"I draw !."

Yugi analyzes his hand looking at what should be his first move.

After a few seconds he looks up , " I set two cards facedown and summon Alpha the Magnet warrior in attack mode !. That'll end my turn."

Zane looks at his cards , " I draw."

Thinking to himself," He probally wants me to attack . And his facedown is probally either spellbinding circle or mirror force. "

He looks up at yugi," Since you have one monster out and I do not I special summon Cyber Dragon from my hand . Then I normal summon the Cyber Phoinex in attack mode. Now cyber Dragon attack his magnet warrior. "

Yugi acting fast says ,"Reveal facedown , wabakou. "

"You baught yourself a turn Yugi . I activate the magic card Diffrent Dimension Capsule ,I'll now place this caRd in my capsule. And in two turns I'll add it to my hand. I set one card facedown and end my turn."

Yugi looking determined draws his card. "I activate my magic card change of heart ! Now I take control of you're cyber dragon ."

"What !" Zane yells .

"That's not all truesdale, I sacrifice you're dragon and my warrior to summon , the Dark Magician ! Now dark magician , attack his phoniex with dark magic attack !"

"Not so fast yugi , reveal facedown ! This duel will end for you !"

To be continued.....