Youth #1 - Genesis

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Set in Marvel Universe, Atlanta, Georgia


The leader of the to-be group of heroes sat about in her current Headquarters, namely the rundown basement in her best friend’s basement. The smell of mildew permeated her nostrils as she sat in her rather plush chair, sitting next to the grandson of the owner of said basement, Ajax Vermillion. She shifted her attention over to him, her long, slender fingers tapping impatiently against her thigh.

“Do you think anyone is going to come, Ajax?” She asked the boy, raising one of her eyebrows. Her red hair fell in waves about her face, until the lush curls rested gently atop her shoulders. Her skin was fair, almost pale, and multiple freckles dotted her face. Her green eyes rested upon her friend since sixth grade, hoping he’d have an answer that satisfied her.

“Patience is a virtue.” Her responded rather lamely, as he looked at his watch constantly, before looking back up and to his red-headed companion. With rather dark skin befitting his African descent, Ajax rested his head gently on his palm as he awaited the arrivals for the idea that his long time friend, Arianna, had been dying to enact. “I just don’t think it’s wise to-”

Just as he went to finish up his sentence, the door to his basement opened, revealing the kindly face of Ajax’s grandmother, Beatrix, poked her head through the door. “Hello dear. I was wondering if you and your little friend would like some cookies before I send down your little playmates!”

Ajax rolled his eyes at his kindly grandmother, who still seemed to think that this was some grade school playdate. “No, Granny, we don’t need any cookies. Just go ahead and send them down.”

With a nod of her head, Beatrix whistled into the main room of her home, before leaving the doorway, to make room for the people that’d been, apparently, waiting within her living room. In total, about three people walked into the room, two boys, and one girl.

Arianna stood up to face the group of people, smiling as she brushed some of that crimson hair of hers behind her ear. She was rather tall for a girl her age, standing at about 6’3. “Greetings, fellow students of Quisling High! My name, as you all already know, is Arianna Floros, a senior at our beloved High School. I have, through months of intensive spying, come to realize that each and every one of you has some sort of super power. Starting with you, Rafael.”

The rather short, Spanish boy flinched a bit when she called his name, his doe-like, brown eyes widening as attention was drawn to him. “M-Me? I don’t have any-”

“Cut the crap, kid,” Arianna interrupted, “I know what you can do. You’re little tricks with fire, they’re pretty intense, not gonna lie. And cool! Besides, these eyes see all.” Arianna waggled her eyebrows for good measure, as the boy looked to the floor. “And you, Katja, you can...well. I’m not sure what it is, but you can make little...beam things. Pew pew, ya know?”

Katja snorted a bit, brushing her blonde hair behind her ears. “Pew pew, huh? That’s one way to describe it. But, yeah, ya caught me, I guess.” She shrugged a bit, before resting a hand on her hip.

“And, finally, you, Dante.” She said, resting her eyes on the green haired boy who’d stuffed his hair into a beanie. “You’re some kind of...telekinetic, right?”

“Right.” Was his rather simple response, before he went back to looking down at his phone. “I assume you called us here for a reason?”

“Ah, yes, I did!” Arianna responded gleefully, before she intertwined her fingers and rested them against her thighs. “I want to assemble a team, but before I can, I want to know if, one, you’re interested, and, two, if you have what it takes to stick with it.” She dropped her rather happy smile, and looked upon the group seriously. “I’ve seen you all help people using your powers, and, while I don’t know the full extent of your abilities, and I’m sure you don’t either, I want you all to help me clean up this city. It’s a cesspool at this point, and with all these super powered individuals running around, it’s...becoming a bit of a mess. And no one is stepping up to stop them. One of those villains...well. They even killed Jax’s dad.”

Ajax, who was still seated in the chair he kept next to Arianna, had shifted his attention towards a book. ‘Karate for Dummies’. While he was, seemingly, not paying attention, his gaze visibly hardened was he read his book.

“So I want to know if you all will help me save this city. What do ya say?” She asked with a smile, shoving her hand forward.

Katja smiled a bit, and removed her hand from her hips. “The idea’s a noble one, but I get to design the costumes.” She said with a laugh, reaching her hand forward and resting it atop Arianna’s.

Rafael looked back and forth, between the door and the two women who were currently whispering excitedly about costumes. “This is against my better judgement but…” He trailed off, as he hesitantly reached forward and put his hand atop Katja’s.

The final one, who still seemed to be thinking about what he wanted to do, was Dante. He’d finally set his phone away, having placed it in his pocket and contemplating what to do for a few moments, before he sighed. “As long as we aren’t as lame as the X-men, I’m in.” He said with a sigh, resting his hand atop Rafael’s. But as the newly formed team broke, he raised a question. “So...what do you want to call ourselves, oh fearless leader? haven’t told us what you can do. Or, at least, what you are.”

Arianna coughed, before ruffling her hair. “Well...I figured we can just called ourselves Youth. Since we’re, ya know, young. And as for what I am…” The lights in the room began to flicker, as electricity sparked and crackled from her hands, those beautiful, grassy green eyes of hers being overcome by an almost divine, cerulean light. “I am Arianna Floros, Daughter of Zeus. I’m a Demigod!”