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It is November 22nd, Thanksgiving in the U.S.A. For some of us, it is a day of giving thanks for all that we have, and remembering the toils of the first year one group of settlers had. From what I've learned, those settlers had a feast to commemorate that first year of survival, and had invited those who had helped them. I spent time reflecting on that this morning. Now, before the craziness of today, I share Chapter 9 of X-Knights, where the attack has caused more help to be called in.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

Previous Stories and Chapters

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Chapter 9: New Tools

Tasha Lewis stood next to Yvette Cale, and she was a bit worried. The last time she was at the airport, Henry Edwards had attack the people she had met there. Now she wasn’t even supposed to be there. As she stood there, she quietly said to Yvette, “Lady Cale, your husband managed to get me sanctuary at the school. I should be back there.”

She then heard Yvette say, “I know, however, you will best recognize Henry if he approaches us.” She then saw Yvette watching the door where the plane passengers would appear from.

She glanced around again and froze when she saw the video camera. When she saw it, her heart froze. She then heard some footsteps come up behind her, and dared a glance back. Part of her relaxed when she saw it was Richard Cale. She saw a look of concern cross his face as he looked at her and said, “Is something wrong?”

She nodded and said, “The security cameras. They are going to show I was here, and I’ll have to go back to my parents. I don’t want to go back there.” It was here worst fear now that she was at the school. She didn’t want to face her parents’ wrath if she was forced to go home. Just thinking about it made her shudder in fear.

Tasha was startled when she felt Richard put a hand on her shoulder. “Relax, Tasha. The cameras aren’t even recording your image. Also, Yvette has a psi blind up, so anyone looking at you does not see you, unless they are meant to. Does that make you feel any better?”

She looked again around the airport, and looked directly at one of the workers. She watched as he looked in her direction, and she sensed that he couldn’t see her. She then looked at Yvette and asked, “Is there a way you can teach me that, Yvette?”

She watched as Yvette nodded and said, “Yes. It took me years to learn how to do it. Psi powers are not my main power, so it took me a while to learn. You, however, might pick it up very quickly.” That surprised her. Even though she had only been at the school a week, she thought Yvette’s primary ability was psychic powers.

She then looked at Richard and said, “Richard, what does she mean by that?”

She watched as he looked at her, and then motioned to the door and said, “Well, it all has to do with where Yvette and I met. In fact, Yvette didn’t know she had psychic powers, and if you don’t take our word for it, you can ask him.” She followed to where he was pointing, and was surprised to see two people walking down the long hallway leading from the plane. She could easily tell the one with mechanical limbs was the legendary Forge, but the one that Richard was pointing to was the man with orange hair. She thought for a moment until it dawned on her who the man was.

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Sean Cassidy was nervous. This was the first time he’d see his adopted daughter since what had happened almost four years ago. However, he was surprised to get into a plane with Forge. As they headed out of the plane, he looked at Forge, who had been quiet for most of the part of the trip they were in the plane together, and said, “Forge, why are you here?”

He was almost startled when Forge said, “Well, your son-in-law asked me to improve his security system. He also asked me to make some things for his new school.” That news surprised him. When Yvette had called him, she had said that they wanted him to visit for a while, and to talk about things. He never knew that there was a mutant school in England, but he was aware that Xavier was trying to push for one here.

As they walked forward, he saw Richard and Yvette. He then noticed a young African girl was standing with them. He started to wonder if she was one of the students at this school. His thoughts were cut short when Yvette ran forward and embraced him in a hug, saying, “It’s nice to see you, father.”

He returned the hug and said, “It’s nice to see you too, lass.” He then looked over at Richard and said, “I’m glad to see ye as well, Richard. It’s been a long time since we last spoke face to face. You need to bring me up to speed on some things, like this school Forge mentioned.”

He watched as Richard nodded and said, “We can talk about all that in the car. It’s not best to talk about the school issues here. By the way, Sean, how is your neck feeling?”

When Richard said that, Sean rubbed his neck, especially right over the scar from the attack he suffered years ago. He weakly smiled and said, “It alright. However, it’s did do a number on me powers. Looks like no one will hear the Banshee’s wail ever again.” He chuckled a bit at his own gallows humor, and saw everyone there smile.

He then noticed a slightly panicked look on Yvette’s face, especially when he heard her say and point, “Richard, I think we should get going. I think some unwanted company is approaching.”

He noticed Richard glance in a direction and nod, saying, “Don’t worry. I saw him, and if he gets too close, our driver will take care of it.” Sean was puzzled by the remark, and then did a quick look around. He didn’t see any menacing people around. He did see some people walking towards the area, but none that looked dangerous.

Sean then turned to Richard and said, “Lad, what are ye talking about? I don’t see who has ye concerned.” Be quickly shut up when the man he saw approaching suddenly had a microphone in his face. It was then he realize that the unwanted company was a reporter, and probably a pain to his adopted daughter’s family.

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Graylon Walsh couldn’t believe what a simple trip to the airport could turn up. When he had come to the airport, he was determined to find out about events that happened last week. However, when he noticed Richard Cale and his wife there, without the bodyguards they had, he was curious. He was surprised when he finally saw who they were waiting for. He recognized the face of Sean Cassidy. A few years back, he had begun a news story about the militant group known as the X-Corp. He smiled and then started to head to the small group. He also knew that Lady Yvette Cale had seen him. He knew very little about Lady Cale, but he wondered if any of it was related to Sean Cassidy. He decided to take advantage of the situation and pull out his tape recorder with an old style microphone and put it in Sean Cassidy’s face, saying, “Pardon me, Mr. Cassidy, but do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your X-Corp?”

He watched as Sean Cassidy staggered back for a second before saying, “I’d rather not talk about it. Now if ye don’t mind, I’d rather be left alone about that.”

Graylon didn’t move, but smiled as he said, “Well, I’d like to do that, but I have an audience that would love to hear about the X-Corp, and why the infamous leader of the X-Corp is meeting with the Royal Advisor.” He then turned and faced Richard Cale, and said, “Do you have comment about that, Lord Cale?”

He was a bit surprised when Lord Richard Cale just glared at him and said, “Are you follow us now, Mr. Walsh?” He could have sworn that Lord Cale said it more as a threat instead of a question.

He smiled and said, “To be honest, no, I wasn’t following you. I heard about a very odd occurrence that happened here a week ago. Apparently, there was a bit of an occurrence relating to a mutant attack. Of course, when I saw Mr. Cassidy there, I smelled another story. However, I think the public would like to know why you are meeting with the leader of the infamous X-Corp.”

He was surprise when Lord Cale smiled. Something didn’t seem right, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He then heard Lord Cale said, “I can sum it up in a few points. One, Mr. Cassidy had not headed that group in years, since one of the people in that group attacked him. Second, he’s here to visit his family, and recoup from his tragic accident.”

Graylon was startled by what Lord Cale had said. He leaned forward and said, “Are you saying that you and Sean Cassidy are related?” As he said it, he left a smile creep across his face. If that was the case, he knew that the school might even be a front for a new X-Corp.

He watched as Lord Cale shook his head and said, “No. We are not related by blood. The only relation is that my wife is his adopted daughter. Now, I suggest you leave us be right now.”

It was then that Graylon noticed the other man next to Sean Casssidy. Once he took a good look at the man, Graylon knew Lord Cale wasn’t telling him everything. He quickly said, “Don’t lie to me, Cale. You have Forge here, and it’s obvious to me that you have something planned with that school of yours. Now tell me the truth.”

He watched as Lord Cale turned to usher the people out of the airport, and heard Lord Cale say, “I told you the truth, but you don’t believe it. Of course, it’s not like you have any proof for your lies.”

Those words scared him a bit. He quickly rewound the tape he had recorded everything on, and was startled when he played it back. He only heard his words, and no one else’s. He looked up to see the people he was just talking to walking out the front door. “Damn it. I don’t know what you did but I know you are behind it.” He then looked up once again, and saw a girl of African decent appear with them. He felt his jaw go open when he saw her, especially when he saw her in the tapes of the incident from last week. Now he knew for sure that the Cales and their school was somehow linked to last weeks incident, but frowned, knowing that Lord Cale was right about one thing. He had no proof.

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Davis Skinur sat in the back of the vehicle that Richard had driven to the airport. He had put his CD player on the seat in the middle, and was listening to the haunting melody from the soundtrack of one of his favorite games. Of course, the reason he was listening to it was so his powers would keep the image of Tasha Lewis off all recording devices. However, when Richard informed him of Graylon Walsh’s appearance, he had to mask all of them from the recording devices. He also knew he might not be well welcomed when they got back to the car, but he knew it would work out. When he heard the vehicle door open, he turned off the CD player and said, “Welcome back, everyone.”

He heard a gasp of surprise come from Sean, but he heard Tasha say, “Thank you, Davis. I’m glad you could help keep me hidden from view.”

He nodded and said, “Anytime, Tasha. Hello Sean, nice to see you again.” He then watched as Richard and Yvette got in the vehicle, followed by Sean and Forge. When everyone was in, and the doors were closed, he said, “You might want to get out of here fast. While I was waiting for you all, I saw some of the ‘Rippers’ abduct someone. One of them was the one leading the group that attacked the school.” He saw Richard nod, and heard the car start.

As he felt the car move, he saw Sean turn and look at him, saying “What the blazes are ye doing here?”

Before he could respond, he heard Yvette say, “Richard asked him to help with the school. In fact, the incident that Walsh mentioned ended positively when Davis came to the rescue.”

He then noticed that Sean had relaxed as he heard him say, “Sorry about the shock then, lad. I’ve had to deal with a few betrayals the past few years.”

Davis held up his hand before Sean could continue and said, “It’s alright. That was the past, this is now. Did Richard tell both of you why he asked you here?” He knew the reason, but he wasn’t sure if the others knew the reason.

He then heard the man named Forge say, “Richard had told me on the phone that he wants me to work on the security system and also some improvements at the school.”

Davis nodded with each point, and then said, “Yes. In fact, Richard thinks that Graylon Walsh had bugged the home, however, I couldn’t find them using my powers.” He felt ashamed by that, but if they were well made, it would take a concentrated effort of his abilities.

He then heard Richard say, “It’s alright, Davis. Once we get back to the school, Forge can work on stopping the bugs. If you couldn’t find them, that just means Walsh has a sophisticated way of bugging places. However, we just want to be careful. Also, Forge, I’d like you to help design a training room of sorts for my students. I have a room all picked out for it.” He saw Forge nod and he watched as Richard then said, “Sean, I did have one question for you. We did mean to invite you here to visit with us all, however, I was also wondering if you could help us get some team uniforms together. I don’t think some of us can use our old Generation X uniforms, and some others need a different outfit.” He noticed that Richard was looking at him in the rear view mirror and smiled. Davis smiled back, and realized that Richard was trying to make him feel more like a team member.


Freeze Frame made his way through the special lair that Emplate had developed for them. As he walked toward the room that was D.O.A.’s tech lab, he wondered why the little mutant wanted to talk with all of them. As he continued walking down the hallway, he wasn’t startled to see Vincente silently floating aside him. Over the past five years, he had developed a friendship with the older member of Emplate’s group. As they continued down the hall, he heard Vincente say to him, “Any clue why our Master’s technical wizard wants all of us there?”

Freeze Frame shook his head and said, “No clue. However, I am glad Emplate is back. Some of the followers have been getting very restless.”

He watched as Vincente nodded and replied, “Part of it is due to you, I’m afraid. I don’t view it that way. You proved your worth to Emplate at the time he needed it most. In fact, I’m honored that you are in the same rank as I.” He felt honored by the words.

He then heard a chuckle come from Vincente and looked at him. He saw Vincente return the look. He then said, “What’s so funny, Vincente?”

He was stunned at what Vincente said, “You know, when I was first recruited, Emplate had a servant who was similar to your Britney. She was a willing feast, and followed her master’s orders. In time, Emplate tried to turn her, but then she disobeyed him. When everyone realized that Emplate no longer had any feelings of love for her, we all tried to prove ourselves worth of having her as our slave. Of course, something happened just after I earned that chance.”

Freeze Frame now realized why everything had happened the way it did. Emplate’s other minions were jealous of him. He was also curious about Vincente’s little tale. He look at his equal and said, “What had happened?”

He watched as Vincente smiled and said, “She had escaped. The master still wants to get her back, however, he doesn’t need her mutant powers anymore. I think all it is now is that she broke free of his control.”

He nodded and then pushed open the door to D.O.A.’s lab. He was surprised to see Britney already in the room, and she was wearing the gloves that D.O.A. had made for her years ago, except they looked different. He also saw Emplate and Aura in the room as well. When the door closed, he heard Emplate say, “Alright, D., what do you have for us?”

He watched as the little man nodded and said, “I’ve been busy working on some devices to help handle this new group called the ‘Rippers’. Also, I have developed some items so we can continue spying on Cale’s new school. I’m sure everyone is aware that seven members from Generation X as now at the school.”

Freeze Frame had remembered hearing that, and nodded. He then said, “I remember you saying that, and that the ‘Rippers’ appeared to be a group like us. So what did you come up with?” He didn’t like speaking out of turn, but he saw Emplate nod in agreement with him.

He watched as D.O.A. grinned more than usual and said, “Well, for one, I have improve Britney’s gloves. In fact, Aura, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like you to attack Britney.” Freeze Frame felt a wave of panic go through him as he watched D.O.A. and Britney both look at Aura. He hoped that whatever D.O.A. had up his sleeves, that it worked.

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Elane Bonstein looked over at D.O.A. with a puzzled look. She didn’t like being put in a position where she was attacking one of her lover’s followers. She glared at D.O.A. and said, “Why should I do that? She been very loyal over the past five years.” She had been thankful for that during Marius’ absence. It was actually difficult not having other women to talk to in Marius’ lair.

It was then she heard Marius say, “I think D. has a very good reason for asking you to do that. In fact, I think Britney is expecting it.” She watched as Britney stood there, ready to defend herself.

She then heard Britney say, “Come on, Aura. You don’t want to make Emplate upset.” She could tell Britney was mock taunting her, but she knew everyone was expecting her to attack Britney.

She then glanced at Britney and said, “Alright, Feast, you asked for it.” She saw the stunned look on Britney’s face as she said the codename the girl was dubbed with. She then pushed her hands forward, and with it, pushed the aura around her hands forward. She was stunned when Britney held up her hand, and the gloves started glowing. She was then surprised as she felt herself getting pushed back. She stopped using her powers, and looked at Britney, stunned.

She then heard D.O.A. say, “As you can see, I’ve improved her gloves. Now they can mimic any power used directly on her. The only draw back is that it can’t handle psi powers. However, I am working on something to handle that. I can make it to shield her from psi powers, but it will take time to make a helmet that can counter a psi attack.”

She listened as Marius said, “A wise move, D. Besides, we should have the helmet tested on various different psi mutants. I’m sure you remember your cousin’s psi abilities work differently than other psi mutants.” Elane then remember that D.O.A. was cousin to Yvette.

She noticed that Britney had walked over to Freeze Frame’s side, and heard Freeze Frame say, “D., what if the mutant power isn’t directly used on her? I mean like someone creating a split in the ground, or levitating something with their mind.” It was then she noticed a worried look on D.O.A.’s face.

Elane then heard Marius say, “I do believe that D. said that the gloves worked with direct attacks. I’m sure he will find a way to protect your precious minion, Freeze Frame. However, I think we should focus on spying on our enemies. I’m sure Skitz already suspects we were behind the attack, and he’s probably taking more precautions than normal.” She then watched as D. smiled and started to head towards the back of the room, to what looked like a large picture frame.

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Marius looked on as D.O.A. walked over to the odd frame like structure and said, “Allow me to show you my window to the world, so to speak. This little item will allow us to view in any window in any building.”

He looked at it, with a slight bit of skepticism, and said, “Exactly how does it do that, Donald?” He used D.O.A.’s real first name to hint to the little mutant, that he wasn’t upset or doubtful, but curious.

He watched as D.O.A. started to fiddle with some controls, and said, “Well, it works on linking to the glass of a window, and allowing the light coming from inside to travel through a portal in time and space, and set the image here.”

He then heard his beloved, Elane, say “What about sound? Will we be able to hear what they are saying?” He had to admit, that thought crossed his mind as well.

He then saw D. go to a panel and open it up. As he worked with the insides of the device, D. said, “That’s not a hard adjustment. Sound can be transferred in waves just like light.” He then watched as D.O.A. continued his work in a blur of activity. Soon, the little technical wizard closed the panel and said, “That should do it. Shall I turn it on?”

He nodded and said, “Indeed, and if you can, try to get an image from Cale’s household. I’m sure he’s going to be jumpy after the ‘Rippers’ attacked him I want to know what he has planned.”

He then watched as D.O.A. started to enter some information into the machine. As he did so, he saw a small screen next to the frame show a three dimensional image of the Cale household. He then watched as one of the windows on the image started to flash. As it did so, he saw an image start to form in the frame. As he looked on, he saw a long hallway, and saw three teenagers at the far end of the hall. He also saw a few doors in the hallway. He turned to D. and said, “Is there anyway you can set up one of these to work with doors, like a teleporter?”

He saw D.O.A nod and say, “It may take a few days, but I can set something up. Are you thinking of a way to sneak in to the place?”

He nodded and said, “Yes. Richard has apparently opened a new school, and judging by the three walking towards the window, they have some interesting powers to sup on.” He heard some of the others laugh as he said that. He also noticed that Vincente seemed quieter than the rest. Marius then remember the vow he made after Yvette injured him all those years ago. He then inwardly smiled, knowing that Richard would not willingly switch from good to evil, which left only one choice to him. He would kill Richard, and then capture Yvette. He then said, “I’m sure that in time we all will have what we want.” He then watched as the three teenagers, one girl and two boys, neared the window. He also wanted to know what they were thinking.


Kevin Mitchel walked down the hall with Amy Johnson and Prince James. As they walked, he heard James ask, “Do we know how well Darrett is doing?” He understood his classmates concern. Earlier in the week, the ‘Rippers’ had attacked, and injured Darrett. It was Richard’s orders that he spend a few days resting before teaching again.

As they continued walking, he heard Amy say, “I spoke with Clarice earlier. She said that he’d be able to help tomorrow. He and Davis make a good teaching team. I wonder how they had met.”

He looked down the hall and sighed, thinking about what they learned on Wednesday. He then said, “Maybe they were all members of Generation X. It only makes sense. They must have all fought side by side. Maybe they all went to school at the same time.”

He then heard Amy say, “You know, that sounds nice. I mean look at all our teachers. Most of them are married to each other. They must have fallen in love at school. Do you think that might even happen to all of us here?”

Kevin raised his head and looked over at Amy, and was surprised to see a look of love in her eyes. He had always cared for her, but he did his best to keep his feelings secret. His only concern was that her father didn’t like him. His parents adored Amy, and he knew her mother liked him. He weakly smiled at her and said, “Anything is possible. Of course, personally I think that some of us might have gotten together without attending the school.” He saw that Amy was blushing as he said that.

When they reached the window, he looked out and saw the vast grounds of the school. He had heard that Cale family home was one of the bigger estates in England, but he never got a chance to see it’s real size. He then remembered when Lord Cale had allowed the town to hold their annual festival there. He started to wonder about if it would continue, when he heard someone running down the hall. He turned with the others to see Anne come running up, saying, “Tasha and the others are back. You won’t believe who all is with them.”

He watched as she turned around and headed in the direction of the main hall. He heard the others start to follow as he went after her. As they ran, he heard James say, “Who all is with them?”

He listened as Anne said, “Well, I recognized Forge, but the other guy is a bit unknown to me. All I remember is that he has red hair, and that he must be Irish. I could tell that when he said hello to Thomas and I.” He started to wonder who the other guy was, and then remember that Yvette had said that she knew someone who could help them. He wondered who it could be.

When they finally reached the main hall, he saw all the other teachers flocking around all the people who had come back from the airport. He then saw Richard looking up in their direction and heard him say, “Kevin, James, Amy, get down here. I’d like you to meet the people who are going to help us out here. I’d like you to meet Forge and Sean.” He started to head down the steps with Amy and Anne, responding to Richard’s prompting. He did stop midway down the steps when he realized that James hadn’t moved. He turned and saw that James had a bit of a confused and upset look on his face. He then looked over at the man Richard had identified as Sean, and wondered why the man looked familiar to him as well.

No Caption Provided

Prince James couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Even though he was a teenager and royalty, it made him pay attention to the news. He was stunned when he recognized the man who had arrived with Forge and the others. He just stood at the top of the steps and said, “Lord Cale, do you know who that man is?”

He watched as Lord Cale nodded and said, “Yes I do. His name is Sean Cassidy, and I take it you’ve paid attention to the news.”

He nodded and said, “Yes I have. He was the leader of that X-Corp. You want to trust that man around all of us. I’ve heard of the brute force methods that group used. You can’t believe that he could help us.”

It was then he noticed that Sean Cassidy had lowered his head as if in shame. He then heard the man say, “I don’t blame ye for thinking that. When I founded that little group, it was shortly after someone I cared about was killed. I’ll admit that it wasn’t my best idea, but I paid enough for my foolishness. Ye see lad, it cost me my own mutant power.” James was shocked when he saw Sean look up at him, and showed the scar along his neck.

He then heard Richard Cale say, “Sean isn’t an evil man, James, and every one of us who are teaching you can vouch for that. Sean was one of our teachers and supervisors of Generation X. He taught us to use our powers to help mankind. Now, if you choice not to believe me, James, you can take the word of Lady Cale.” He watched as Lord Cale gave him a very stern look.

He started to climb down the steps and looked at Yvette. He could tell she was upset with him as well. James carefully chose his next words, to avoid making the whole situation worse. “Lady Cale, how do you know he’s good?”

He felt her stare at him, and he could tell she was a bit upset as she said, “I know he’s a good man because he is my adopted father. He took me in when I was rescued from the person who had abused me. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.” James felt ashamed for his accusations. He should have realized that the Cale’s wouldn’t have picked someone they didn’t trust to teach at the school. He then heard another sound, and turned to see Tasha was stepping through a side door.

James decided to follow her. He knew that they might need a moment to recover from his outburst, but he felt that Tasha was upset about something. When he entered the next room, he saw her sitting in the corner. He walked over to her and asked, “Tasha, what’s wrong? What has you upset?”

He was stunned when she looked him in the eyes, and he saw her tears. He listened as she said, “Yvette was just like me. My parents don’t care about me. They tried to control me, and tried to make sure I could only turn to them. She knows what I’ve been going through. I just hope that Graylon Walsh didn’t see me. He probably knows I’m a student here now. If anyone knows I was at the airport, my parents might be able to force Cale to give me back to them.”

He walked over to her and took her right hand and said, “Tasha, I don’t think Lord Cale is about to let that happen. I think he will do what he can to make sure you stay in a happy home.” He then looked into her eyes again, and as he did, he thought he saw something special in her eyes.


Anthony Lewis walked with his wife to the location they had found out about only a few days ago. One week prior, his mutant daughter had managed to escape his control and make her way to the Cale Institute. Her doing that had ruined all their plans. However, they were adaptable. As they neared the place, he heard his wife say, “Do you think we’ll be able to properly change our plans now?”

He nodded and said, “I have no doubt that we can salvage our plans. We set things up to frame Lord Cale. As we ruin his ‘good’ name, we get our daughter back, and then claim he did something to her. It would ruin the Cale’s, the King, and maybe we’d get a proper leader in charge of this country. It will allow us to get a real human in charge of this country, not a human being manipulated by a mutant.”

He watched his wife smile. That was part of the reason he loved her. She also knew the proper order of things. As then reached the door, she just said, “We are going to set things in motion to improve our country, and even the world.”

He nodded and said, “Yes. Who knows, maybe once the new order is in place, we’ll be in a place where we can make those rotten mutants pay. They don’t deserve to be compared to us. They are unnatural.”

He wasn’t surprised to hear a new voice say, “I’m glad you agree. You’ll both make fine additions to our group.” He nodded and then follow the man who was waiting at the door for them. As they walked inside, they saw what looked like several old suits of armor. The only difference in all of them was that all the swords had the letters ‘KOH’ in red letters. He wasn’t surprise to find a huge number of people in the room that the hall emptied into. When they stopped, the heard the man say, “Welcome to the Knights Of Humanity.”

Anthony smiled and said, “Thank you for letting us join.” He then picked up the small pins with the same red letters on them. He then handed one to his wife and said to the man, “You won’t regret inviting us in.” He then gave the man a smile, and that smile told the man that the plan would succeed.

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