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It is November 17th, and after another crazy week, I am posting X-Knights Chapter 7. Again, as my life starts to get back to something like normal, at least for me, hopefully I can get the rest of this story, or series, up on here before the end of the month, and if not before the end of the month, hopefully by the end of the year.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 7: Knights Of The X-Table

Yvette Cale sat at the table and focused on her psychic powers. She needed to find out what was happening. It was the only thing she could do, since she knew the kids couldn’t leave the room. She used her powers to keep a tab on them. She knew they were all in the secret room with her. She glanced back and saw them all looking at the old costumes. This whole situation was not good. Her husband and their friends were fighting off a group of ‘Rippers’. She knew what they really were. They were a group of Emplates, and that meant Emplate was in charge of them. She knew how to pinpoint anyone influenced by Emplate, except for one individual, and she knew what she had to do to focus on the attackers. She quickly searched the castle for any links to Emplate. The longer she searched, the more she started to panic. She couldn’t see any of the ‘Rippers’. She focused on everyone else, and saw they were in a heated battle, even thought she couldn’t see their foes. She quickly said to her husband in their mind link, “Richard, I can’t see any of the ‘Rippers’ in my mind link. Maybe Emplate found a way to block them from psi-scans.”

She listened as her husband said, “Keep trying. We are doing our best to keep them from overwhelming us. It seems a lot of them are focusing on Mancer.”

She nodded and said, “They must know about his power. I won’t let Blink know about that.” She then realized how serious the situation was. Richard was using their old code names. She shivered, knowing how bad the situation must be. She had hoped never to hear the code names ever again. She then looked at the children and said to her husband, “Skitz, please tell me everything will be alright. I don’t want to lose you.”

She was glad to hear her husband say, “Everything will be well, Penance. You and I have many long years ahead of us. The rest of us will get through this. Just have faith.” Yvette Cale nodded to herself, and then turned to face the kids. She saw her daughter, Ashley, look at her and smile, as if everything would be well. She smiled back at her daughter, and then turned to look at the others. She had noticed that Grimore was setting on the floor, looking at the new students. She then looked and saw that Tasha and Amy had joined hands and looked deep in meditation. She also started to wonder if the two students were up to something.


Everett Thomas stayed with his wife, Jubilation, as the ‘Rippers’ attacked. He had used his own ability to gain hers, and was trying to blind every ‘Ripper’ that advanced. The only problem with that plan was that once they had blinded one, another had gotten closer. In fact, all their time was preoccupied with keeping four of the ‘Rippers’ from grabbing them. As they kept blinding the ones around them, Everett said, “You think after five years, we would have had some time to get back into the swing of this, huh, Jubilee.”

He wasn’t surprised when Jubilation just said, “I think when Skitz said Emplate was back, we should have been ready for this.” He watched as his wife blinded another ‘Ripper’ before she said, “At least we are keeping them at bay. It looks like M and Soundwave are doing all the hard work.” He glanced over at the two other members of the team, and wasn’t surprised to see one ‘Ripper’ go flying across the room.

He then heard Davis say, “Nice toss, M. Here comes another one.” He watched as Davis gave a roundhouse kick to the next one’s back, causing it to fly towards Monet. He then saw her punch that one towards the far wall.

He then heard Darrett say, “I hope you all aren’t forgetting about a majority of these things.” He heard Darrett statement get punctuated by a blow to the stomach. He dared a glance back to see that four ‘Rippers’ were keeping Darrett distracted, but he could see they were determined to do more than distract Darrett. He honestly thought they meant to kill Darrett.

Everett then heard a scream come from one of the ‘Rippers’ as it staggered backwards in flames, and holding it’s chest. He knew what had happened. Richard slashed it with a Penance-type claw, and the flaming sword set the ‘Ripper’ ablaze. He then saw another Ripper go to fight Richard as Richard said, “We need to do something to change the numbers. Mancer, try to bring in some help.” Everett knew it wouldn’t be possible for Darrett to bring in help. With all the ‘Rippers’ attack him, Darrett wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

He knew they needed something to turn the battle around, and was surprised when he heard a voice say, “Hey ugly, what are you things looking for?” When he heard the voice, he knew what was happening. It was Amy using her power; and he realized that somehow, the kids were trying to help, or they were no longer safe. He then saw that the ‘Rippers’ had paused for a moment. Maybe this was the break they were looking for.

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Jack looked around for a moment and started to wonder. He heard the girl’s voice and wondered if it was Anne. At first, it didn’t sound like her, but he remembered what her power was. If it was her, and she was using her power, there might be distortion. He looked around at some of the ‘Ripper’s and said, “Fan out, check all the rooms, and make sure Cale and them don’t get any funny ideas.” He watched as three of the ‘Rippers’ moved to the room doors on the ground level.

He watched as one opened the left door and said, “Nothing here, sir.” He watched as the same one looked in the room again.

He then heard the voice again say, “Are you trying to find me?” He watched as the one by the right door opened the door and shook his head.

Jack smiled and shouted to the one at the door in the back of the room, “Open that door, she has to be behind there.” He smiled as he watched the last door open. The plan was turning out better than they hoped. He knew Lord Dark wanted her captured, but he had also said that his main interest was testing the place.

He was startled when that Ripper said, “There’s no one in here.” Now he was upset. Could Anne be opening and closing her portals faster than they could react? He knew she couldn’t do that. When he had first told Lord Dark about her powers, Lord Dark had said her power would take time to open and close a portal, unless someone went through it. Now, he had to quickly figure out what was happening. He knew if the people of the school caught on to the confusion, they would strike.

Soon, he heard the voice again, coming from the left room, saying, “Hey ugly, are you still trying to find me?” He quickly glanced over at the ‘Ripper’ at the door, and saw him shake his head. That was not a good sign. They were being fooled at every attempted.

Before he could call them back, he heard one of his troop scream. He turned to see one fleeing from the one called Darrett. He also noticed that that one was in flames. He turned to see Richard Cale holding the sword, and saying, “We need to strike now. We’ve gotten an opportunity. We need to strike now.” He noticed then that figures were starting to appear, and that they couldn’t win against more people.

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Darrett was thankful when Rich struck the one ‘Ripper’ attacking him. Having a few of them attacking him hindered his ability to concentrate on keeping his summons around. Now that the attacks had stopped, and the ‘Rippers’ started to back off. He could do something to help out. He looked as the others started to move forward, and quickly summoned forth some of the robots from the Mega Man series. Once they were there, he tried to stand up, but almost fell. He then looked at the two bots and said, “Gemini, help me get up. Gravity, help the others get rid of the ‘Rippers’”

He watched as the two bots nodded and went about their tasks. He watched as Gemini cloned himself and the two Gemini bots helped him stand. He then watched as Gravity altered gravity around some of the ‘Rippers’, causing some of them to float into the air. As they floated, he heard Monet say, “That certain turns the tables on them, Mancer.”

He nodded, and then heard Davis say, “Well, it leaves them helpless, but will what’s happening to them happen to us?”

Darrett nodded and said, “Yes. I think it will. You may just have to use something to bat them away.” Before he could say anymore, he watched as Monet hovered and flew into a trapped ‘Ripper’ and sent him flying out the one window.

He then watched as Everett did the same, and the two start to knock more and more out. As the two continued, he heard Jubilation shout, “Now that’s good team work. I’ll keep them blind.” He watched then as Jubilation sent out more of her plasma blasts, and made them explode right in front of the ‘Rippers’ eyes. He watched as many cried out in pain.

He then heard the lead ‘Ripper’ shout, “Fall back. We need to report back to our master.” He then saw the front wall turn translucent, and the ‘Rippers’ run through it. He also saw the rest of the others start run forward, just as the wall returned to normal. He then looked at the others as they stopped, and wondered how they would give chase.

Before finding out, he motioned over to a chair, and said “Get me to the chair, Gemini. I don’t think I can stand for much longer.” He felt the twin bots carry him over to the chair, and set him down. Now he wondered what Richard would do.

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Richard watched as the ‘Rippers’ ran out and ran to the window. He watched to see them do the same trick to the far outer wall. He went to the door and saw Davis run down and open the door for him. He also saw the robots that Darrett had summoned disappeared. He had to think quick, because he didn’t want them to get away. He knew Emplate had to be leading them, and he wanted to know where Emplate called home. He also wanted to be sure they didn’t kill anyone else. He glanced back, and saw that Darrett was not in good shape. He glanced back and said, “Jubilee, Synch, stay with Mancer. M, Soundwave, you’re with me. I don’t want those ‘Rippers’ escaping.”

He watched as Davis and Monet ran towards the door to help him. He knew Davis wouldn’t be much help, without some source of music, but he also saw how well Davis and Monet worked as a team. As they ran for the main gate, he heard Davis say, “Hey Skitz, I don’t think they were giving their all. I think they were holding back.”

He then heard Monet curtly say, “They didn’t seem to be holding back on Mancer. They were trying to kill him.” He had noticed that as well. He also noticed that Monet still seemed to wonder about Davis. He knew his friend had left his old ways, and the influence of Apocalypse. He also knew that Monet owed her life to Davis. He could tell the others had managed to bury the hatchet, but Monet would take some time to do the same.

As they got near the main gate, Richard just said, “I think you are both right. If they were really giving it their all, I think we’d have a lot more to worry about. However, they did seem to want to see Darrett dead. Maybe Emplate told them to attack Darrett, to try and make us think it’s not him.” He had to admit, it did appear a bit too brutal for Emplate, but he was sure that the five years away from Earth had twisted his mind.

He then heard Monet say, “Well, they did a good job of it. And they did a good job of disappearing as well.” Richard watched as Monet hovered in the air, just high enough to look over the edge of the wall. He then heard her say, “Maybe my brother has learned some new tricks. I don’t think they can normally phase walls like the one did.”

He nodded and then said, “Unless that is power of the leader of that small group. However, I don’t think this will be the last time they try something like this.” He turned and started to head back in. As he walked, he stopped and looked around the area. They didn’t know which way the ‘Rippers’ went. He looked around to see if maybe one of them dropped something that they could track, or even find out the identity of one of their attackers. He also wanted to know the reason they had attacked. If the attack was to test how ready they were, there had to be something that brought them here.

As he looked around, he heard Davis say, “Looking for the reason they attacked, Richard?” When he nodded, he heard Davis say something that bothered him. “What if they were after one of the students? Some of them would be right what Emplate needs.”

He then heard Monet say, “You may be right, Davis. They might be after Prince James. If they nab him, the King might give the country over to my brother.” Richard felt himself go pale as he realized what that would mean. It would be the first step for Emplate to conquer the world. Mutants and humans everywhere wouldn’t be safe.

He then stood up and said, “Let’s not focus on those thoughts right now. Let’s double check the yard to make sure we didn’t miss anything, and then check on Darrett. We also have one other thing to figure out, and that will be answered by our students.” He watched them both nod, and then continued to search. Soon, he’d know why they attacked, and why the students disobeyed orders.


D.O.A. watched as the ‘Rippers’ fled from the Cale home. When Marius had told him to keep an eye on Richard and his friends, he thought Marius wanted him to figure out a way to attack them. When he saw the ‘Rippers’ attacking, he knew he had to notify Marius, and now, he knew Marius would want to hear this turn of events. He quickly activated his communicator, just as one ‘Ripper’ ran by his cloaked spot and said, “Boss, I have some news for you.”

He waited until he heard Marius say, “What have you found out, Donald. I take it the ‘Rippers’ had left. Did they appear successful?” He knew Marius was worried that if this group was successful, it would mean he would lose out on claiming his old quarry from five years ago.

He watched as he saw Monet rise up over the wall, apparently searching for the ‘Rippers.’ He then said, “I’m guessing they were successful. However, It looks like Richard called in some help after your little visit. Your sister is here.”

He listened for a moment, and then heard Marius say, “Monet is there. That does change things. There must be others there. If he now has a school, he will have called in other Generation X members. What can you tell me of this ‘Ripper’ group?”

D.O.A. watched as another one ran past, and notice the hands of this one. He remembered that this one had also lead the group. He then said, “You aren’t going to believe this, but it looks like they are Emplates as well.”

He was almost started when he heard Elane shout, “WHAT? I thought we had stopped them from rebelling. Are you saying that there is another group out there?”

He watched to see if the ‘Rippers’ kept moving, and then said, “They are Emplates, but the leader isn’t one of ours. He’s some mutant that can make anything intangible, or something like that. He must be working for whoever the leader of the ‘Rippers’ is. If it is one of our own group, you might have to take action.”

He heard a long silence until he finally heard Marius say, “We must take into account that it could be one of our group, but we must also keep in mind other possibilities. Richard is already thinking I’m leading this group. We may be able to confuse him and his friends long enough to defeat them. However, you better get back here, and work on new methods of spying. No doubt that this will make them come up with better security. Now, get back here.”

D.O.A. nodded and said, “Yes, sir. In fact, I’ve had a few ideas that I’d like to work on. Some that will benefit our group very well.” He started to configure the device so he could transport back. He looked around again to make sure all the ‘Rippers’ had fled. He didn’t need to have them know they had Emplate’s attention, and his cloaking device wouldn’t let him teleport. Maybe if he could tinker with it a bit more, he would be able to not have to shut the thing off. He watched to make sure the coast was clear, and waited to be sure no one was looking over the wall. He then deactivated the cloak and activated his teleporter. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was in his lab, and decided to get to work on the new items.


Jubilation watched the windows in front and she saw the others looking around. As they searched, she thought about what had happened. She wondered where the voice came from. She had to admit it was good timing for it to happen. She turned back to face Darrett and Everett and said, “Ok, I know the fight wasn’t going well, but what exactly just happened here?”

She watched as Darrett looked up at her and said, “It was the kids. That was Amy who was distracting them.” She was surprised by that. She didn’t think the kids could have kept an eye on things, but then she remembered that Tasha was a psi. If it was the students helping, Tasha must have been acting as the leader of them all.

She then heard Everett say, “Wait, Amy doesn’t have psi abilities. How could she have known which rooms to make her voice come from?” Jubilation quickly realized her husband forgot about Tasha’s psi abilities.

She then looked at the two and said, “Well, maybe Tasha is calling the shots. Yvette isn’t about to tell the kids to take that risk. Besides, isn’t Tasha the psi of the kids?”

Jubilation wasn’t startled when she heard Monet answer, “She is. Yvette and I were training her the other day. Do you think she had something to do with what happened?” She turned to see that Richard, Monet, and Davis had returned from their search.

She nodded and then heard Davis said, “That might explain that odd feeling I had during the fight. I don’t know why at the time, but it felt like something was behind my eyes, looking out.” Jubilation then realized what had happened. Somehow, Tasha had used her powers so she could see what Davis saw, and then had Amy use her powers to cause confusion in the ‘Rippers’.

She then heard Richard say, “That explains why I had heard Amy’s voice. I think it’s time we tell everyone the coast is clear. I also want to ask the students what they were doing.” She then saw him start to lead the way to the secret room they were hidden in.

As Richard led the way to the secret passage, Jubilation rushed to his side and said, “You aren’t going to punish them, are you?” When he said nothing, she just said, “They did what they did to save themselves and the school. Also, remember what we all did when we were at the school.” She was careful not to say the name of the school, knowing how Richard felt about Xavier right now.

She watched as Richard stopped and said, “I’m aware of that, Jubilation. However, some of them shouldn’t be taking that risk. They aren’t ready to take on Emplate’s minions.”

Jubilation paused for a moment and said, “Emplate sent them. Do you think he knew about the students?”

She wasn’t surprised when she heard Monet say, “It appears that way, but we also think that he was just testing us. He must have realized after his visit that Richard would call us here.” Now Jubilation knew why Rich was so concerned. However, she also knew that Richard wasn’t about to punish them for saving their lives. She then followed with the rest as Richard opened the secret passage to the hidden room.

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Clarice was happy when she saw everyone coming down the steps of the secret passage. It had told her the attack was over, and they had won. However, she was surprised when she saw her husband being helped down the stairs. Whatever had happened in the fight, Darrett had taken the worst of it. She did want to know what had happened as she ran up to her husband and said, “Love, what happened to you up there?”

She wasn’t surprised when Darrett said, “Don’t worry, hun. I’ll be fine in a few days. It just got a bit rough up there.” She realized he didn’t want her to worry, but she still did. She wanted to know what had happened to her husband.

She then heard Everett say, “Some of the ‘Rippers’ were beating him up. If it wasn’t for the distraction, they might not have stopped.”

Clarice was puzzled by this. She looked at all of them and said, “There was a distraction to who, the ‘Rippers’?” When everyone nodded, she then said, “What had happened?”

She then heard Davis say, “It was Amy. First her voice came from one room, then another, and then another. Plus, we think Tasha was helping with this.”

She gasped when she heard that and said, “I think Yvette knew they were pulling something. She psionically told me that the kids were up to something.” She had remembered that, but wondered why she hadn’t told them.

She then heard Monet say, “We were so focused on keeping my brother’s goons at bay, we might not have noticed Penance’s page.” She took in those words. For some reason, she thought it was odd that Emplate would focus on her husband.

She then heard Jubilation say, “You know, he might have told them to focus on Darrett so we might think it wasn’t him.” Clarice didn’t understand Jubilation’s logic, but in a way it made sense. After Emplate’s appearance less than a week ago, they were expecting him to try something.

She then watched as Richard approached the door and said, “Right now, let’s just be thankful that this appeared to be a test. However, I need to talk with the students. Maybe some of you should get Darrett to our Med room. He’s going to need some time to recover from the attack. Davis, you might have to do a solo lesson. Clarice, if you want to blink Darrett to the Med-Room, go ahead.”

She nodded and said, “No, I think it’s better we walk. Everett, Jubilation, can you help me get him there?” When they nodded, she started back to the stairs, but glanced back to see Richard heading into the room with Monet and Davis, and she was sure he was getting ready to talk with the kids.

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Tasha Lewis looked up when she saw Richard Cale enter the room. She could tell that he knew about what they had done, and she couldn’t tell if he was happy or upset. That had worried her. She also noticed that the others were looking over at him as well. She wasn’t sure who would break the silence; but she knew that when it broke, they were going to be lectured. She almost gasped when she heard Amy say, “I take it what we did worked.”

She watched as Richard nodded and said, “Yes, it did work. In fact, you’re little distraction ploy helped turn the tables in our favor.” She wanted to smile at that, but she knew there was more he had to say.

She held her breath as she waited for the other shoe to drop. Tasha then heard James say, “Something tells me we are in trouble.”

She then heard Yvette say, “You are in a bit of trouble. The reason we brought all of you children down here was to keep you safe, and keep you out of harms way. All of your teachers know about these things, and know what risks are out there. We want you to be safe.”

Tasha looked over at the Cales and said, “With all due respect, we were only doing what we could to help. Amy used her power to distract them, and I did my best to watch using Mr. Skinur’s eyes. We did what we could to save all of us. Don’t tell me that you are going to punish all of us for that.” It was then she realized she had raised her voice at the two people who were trying to help her most. She quickly looked down and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it to come out so harshly.”

She was grateful when Richard put a hand on her shoulder and said, “Tasha, I’m not upset about you raising your voice. However, next time you want to try and help out, talk with which ever one of us is with you. You know that Yvette and I are always in touch with each other. Maybe I should tell you something we have been keeping from all of you. Something we weren’t sure how to tell you about.” Tasha stepped back, and turned to look at the costumes they had seen when they came in. It looked like they were about to learn the secret behind those very costumes.

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Kevin Mitchel couldn’t believe what he was about to hear. He was going to learn some of the Cale’s mysterious background. He quietly listened as Richard said, “A little over six years ago, Yvette, myself, and some of the others here, were part of a group called Generation X. We were like a younger version of the X-Men. In our time as a group, we had become a family, had our ups and downs, and fought our fair share of battles. I was hoping when I agreed to start this school, that we wouldn’t need a team to do the same. However, I think it may be needed now. This team will consist of both the teacher and the students, however, to protect yourselves, we will need codenames. I want each one of you to give me a codename for yourselves.” He then watched as Richard said nothing more but looked at them.

He then heard Prince James say, “You know my father won’t be thrilled to find this out. I hope you plan on hiding our identities as well.”

He was surprised to hear Yvette say, “Don’t worry. I know someone who can help us with that. May I make one suggestion. When you pick your code names, make sure they reflect your ability in some way.”

He then heard Prince James say, “Then I think I’ll take the name Monsoon. It’s suits my water based power.”

He then heard Anne say, “I think my code name should be Guildmaster. It may not describe my ability, but it’s roots are in it.” He couldn’t figure out why she choose that name, but he saw Richard smile. Maybe he caught the meaning.

He then heard Thomas say, “Well, since my ability is luck, I’ll take the name Chance.” Kevin had to agree that the name matched the power.

He smiled when Tasha said, “I think I’ll take the code name Soulshock. It fits, in a way. Isn’t the soul a part of the mind?” He saw Yvette was in deep thought until she nodded.

He smiled when he heard Amy said, “I think I’ll make my code name, Voice. I know it’s not very creative, but it’s my powers to the letter.” He had to agree to that, but he also thought her code name was very clever.

He then felt all eyes upon him and heard Monet say, “Well, Kevin, what will your code name be?” It was then he noticed that both Davis and Monet were in the room as well.

He glanced over at the odd costume in the room and thought for a moment. He then closed his eyes and said, “Switchover. It describes my powers, and should warn anyone who may not realize my powers.”

He then heard Davis say, “That’s a good choice.” He opened his eyes and saw Davis turn to Richard and say, “Well, Richard, are they going to be the new Generation X, or something similar.”

He watched as Richard Cale shook his head, “No, I think now the team will be known as the X-Knights.” He then saw Richard smile at them and said, “Now, I want all of you to head to your rooms. Over the weekend, we will work on getting your costumes together. We will also tell all of you our codenames then. Some of us may want to change our codenames from five years ago, and some of us might want to pick more original ones. Now, get to your rooms and rest. You’ve had a very busy day.” Kevin watched as everyone started to head out of the room, but before he left, he glanced at the costumes and at the odd black costume. He reminded himself that some day he’ll find the secret of that costume, as well as some of the other secrets of the Cales. He could never resist a good mystery.

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