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It is November 10th, and after a hectic week, I am posting X-Knights Chapter 6. Again, as my life starts to get back to something like normal, at least for me, hopefully I can get the rest of this story, or series, up on here before the end of the month, and if not before the end of the month, hopefully by the end of the year.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 6: A Dark Strike

Lady Dark sat in her throne, in the main room of the underground hideout of the ‘Rippers’. It had been part of the Underground at one time, but that was long before they had arrived. Now, she sat next to her husband as their first minion spoke. She listened as Jack spoke about the one girl they definitely wanted to capture. “Now that she’s at the Cale Institute, it will be easy to capture her. Once we get in the school, we find her, grab her, and bring her to you.”

She felt her interest, as well as Lord Dark’s, rise in that moment. However, it was her voice that asked the key question. “A school for mutants. I take it that Lord Cale is running it. What else can you tell us about the place?”

She watched as Jack stepped back and said, “All I know is that the place has eight teachers, four of them being Lord and Lady Cale, and their two bodyguards.” She had a feeling she knew who those two were.

She watched as her husband said, “I take it you have a plan for attack. If it’s good, I’ll forget about your failure to catch the girl earlier this week.” She saw Jack cringe at that, but knew he wouldn’t go as far as killing him. She also picked up on how stressed her husband was.

Lady Dark turned to look at Jack as he said, “Very simple plan, my lord. I take some of my troops and attack the school. While they are unaware of the attack, we move in and catch them unprepared. Any of the teachers that try to stop us will die at our hands. The children will be defenseless.” She thought about his plan for a moment, and realized it had some draw backs. If she thought right, Lord and Lady Cale would have invited people in that could handle problems. She could only think of who they might call in, but she knew it had to be people they knew.

She turned to face her husband and said, “It sounds like a good plan, but I think a change needs to be made.”

She watched as her husband turned to face her, a cold look on his face, and said, “What sort of change do you have, my dear?” She could see that capturing this young girl was important just by the look on his face.

She also knew it was due to the girls power. She sat back and thought about what she had in mind. Soon she said, “If the Cale’s have realized what we are, then they have called in people who are familiar with handling our kind. We are also unaware of some of their capabilities. We may want to just launch an attack, one where we are just testing them. I think this school may prove to be our only foes.” She looked over at her husband and waited as he thought over her plan. She had no doubt to how he would decide, but she also knew that Jack wasn’t aware of what his choice would be. She saw that he stood nervously as her husband thought.

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Lord Dark sat back in his chair in the central room of their lair. He thought of his wife’s revision to Jack’s plan and started to smile. As he smiled, he saw Jack relax. He looked at Jack and said, “My wife has a good point, Jack. Stage an attack on the school. I’m not expecting you to bring back the girl, but I do expect you to come back. Find out what they are capable of. Take some of your more expendable people with you. I will expect some drastic actions to be taken. If you do bring back the girl, you will be rewarded by having her as your own. If you even fail to launch an attack, you will be punished for both failures.”

He watched as Jack started to back away to the door behind him. He saw that Jack was scared, but also respectful, as he said, “Don’t worry, my lord. I will succeed. I will do more than succeed. I realize how important Anne’s abilities are to your plans. She will be in our fold soon.”

He nodded and said, “For your sake, Jack, let’s hope you are right. You are dismissed.” He watched as Jack backed out of the room, and closed the door. After a moment, he turned to his wife and said, “She is important to the plans. Portal can’t be used to warp around this planet. That device he has only allowed us to escape to this world. This Anne’s ability will allow us to spread the ‘Rippers’ world wide. It will even allow us to take down Xavier’s people quickly. Remember when we destroyed them in our timeline.”

He watched as she nodded and said, “I remember. I also remember how we humiliated the ones we didn’t kill, turning them into slaves, prisoners, and test subjects. Honestly, that was more fun than when will killed our former teammates.”

He nodded and said, “Speaking of prisoners, I think it’s high time we check on our special prisoner. He has been unusually quiet.” He watched as she nodded and stood. He got up as well and started heading to where they kept their prisoners. When they had escaped their timeline, they had made sure to bring two prisoners with them, one being Portal. The other one they had sedated until they were here.

As they headed to where they kept the prisoners, he heard Lady Dark say, “He will lash out again. I must admit, after all the time we’ve kept him prisoner, he does not have the same spunk he had when we first captured him.” That had bothered him. Deep down, he didn’t want to see that prisoner die. As they continued down the hall, he felt his wife come up behind him and say, “Don’t be too stressed, my love. It will work out for us.” He knew she was trying to make him feel better, but right now the capture of the mutant named Anne would do that.

As then entered the place where their special prisoners were, he said to his wife, “We will have fun later.” They then walked over to the place where the prisoner in question was. He glanced over at Portal, and then into the place where the other prisoner was. The second he looked in, he ducked back as a claw came at him. He looked in again and said, “You know better than to strike at me.”

He listened as the prisoner said, “Do you know what you have done? All those murders have tainted things. Not only that, by bringing me here, you have disrupted something delicate. Even now my time is short, and that means your time is short. The only problem is when I go, what will happen?” He then heard the prisoner cough. For a brief moment, he was concerned, but he thought it was just an act. Now, of course, time would tell their future.


Tasha Lewis was on her way to the library. She had just left some of her books in her room. Everything about the school felt good to her. She had enjoyed all her classes, including History with Richard, Economics with Jubilation, and Science & Nature with Yvette. The other thing she liked was all the fellow students. It was nice to have peers that excepted her. She even felt that in time, she could tell some of the other students about her home life. Right now, only Richard knew about her plight at home, and Monet and Yvette only had a small clue about it.

Her thoughts had made her almost not realize that there was someone else in the library. She wasn’t exactly sure who it was, but whoever it was had something on their minds. As she entered, she wondered if they could teach her to filter out the thoughts of others. When she reached the door, she looked into the library, and was relieved to see Anne was in the library. She was thankful it was only Anne, but she also wondered what was bothering the girl. As she neared the table Anne was at, she said, “Hi, Anne. Did you like class today?”

She watched as Anne looked at her and said, “Yes. I must admit I like the Literature class with Darrett. Given his power, he is very well versed in literature. He even said that any form of storytelling is like linking to a new world. Do you think he’s right?”

Tasha sat down at the table and thought about it. She had read very few books, mainly due to the fact that her parents worked her to exhaustion. The only time she read had been in study periods in school. “I wouldn’t be surprised. Something about Darrett makes me think he knows what he’s talking about. It’s like he knows more about what goes on than the others do.” She also thought about one other thing that seemed odd to her.

Before she could focus on that, she heard Anne say, “Maybe that’s why Clarice told me to be cautious with my powers. Maybe all of them have encountered something like that. She got upset when I opened a link to the US.”

She put her books down on the table and said, “How did you do that?” She was surprised that Anne’s power had such a range. She also wondered how Anne was able to reach the United States with her power.

She watched as Anne leaned forward and said, “Well, it has to do with the fact that some of the people from Charles Xavier’s school were at my home. They were trying to get me to head to America. It might have been safer, since the ‘Rippers’ are showing up more and more. I just wanted to stay here in England. I’m surprised they even knew I was a mutant.”

Tasha thought back to her training session, remembering how Richard and Yvette had reacted. She looked at Anne and said, “I think that’s because he found out about you some how. In my power training session, I saw him on the Astral Plane. After that, I don’t know what happened, but he left.” She could then see that something was really troubling her, and she wondered if it had to do with the day she arrived at the school. She look at Anne and said, “Something about them, or that day, has you worried. What is it?” She then hoped she did the right thing asking that.

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Anne looked up at Tasha, and saw the concern in her eyes. She knew she had only known Tasha a few days, but she saw an honest concern in Tasha’s eyes. She leaned forward, and motioned for Tasha to do the same. She then softly said, “I need you to be aware that we are the only two who know this. I don’t want anyone else telling about this. The only other person who knows any part of this is Thomas. Do you understand, Tasha?”

She watched as Tasha nodded and said, “I understand. Your secret is safe with me. I understand about painful secrets.” Anne looked at Tasha and could tell that she was telling the truth. She also wondered if Tasha might share those secrets with the others at the school as well. She knew in time she would tell this secret to everyone.

She then sat back and said, “Well, I had told you that some of Xavier’s people wanted me to join his school. I used my power to get me to the closest bus stop. It was about that time that I ran into Thomas. He’s a nice guy, but I think he’s a bit to reliant on his powers. As we spoke, a group of ‘Rippers’ started to chase us. We ran a risk by going down the back alleys, until we came to a dead end. It was then I used my power to get both myself and Thomas here. However, the big thing was who I saw in that group of ‘Rippers’.”

She watched as Tasha looked at her and said, “You knew who one of them was?”

Anne nodded and said, “Yes. One of them was my friend, Jack. He had disappeared months ago. Deep down, I had hoped they hadn’t got him, but they had. I don’t know what they did to him, but something had changed about him. He was in charge of the group that was chasing us. I think they were after me. I’m not sure why, but something tells me they were after me.”

She watched as Tasha looked her in the eyes and said, “There is something more, isn’t there?” Anne started to wonder if Tasha was reading her mind. If she was, it was a violation of the school rules. Before she could say anything, she heard Tasha say, “I can see it in your eyes. I once heard they are the windows to the soul.”

Anne nodded and quietly said, “I had feelings for Jack. I think I still do. I’d do anything for him. I never told him how I felt about him, and maybe I should have. Maybe that would have kept him from getting caught. I knew he was a mutant. I had seen him run through a wall once. When he did that, I could even see through the wall. I just hope he didn’t accidentally run into a group of ‘Rippers’. I could have prevented something like that with my power.”

She felt Tasha put her hands on hers, as she said, “Anne, it’s not your fault he got caught. He might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. From what I heard about the ‘Rippers’, they attack without warning, and always mutants are killed or captured. That’s all I know, but if they capture mutants, what do they do with them?”

Anne remembered when they had arrived, Lord Cale had mentioned something called Emplate. She looked at Tasha and said, “Maybe we need to ask them about this Emplate thing. Maybe that is what is in charge of the ‘Rippers’. If that’s the case, how much do the other teachers know about this Emplate thing?” She saw Tasha shrug, but she figured that they would both be asking the teachers about it.


Kevin Mitchel sat in the one room with Prince James and Thomas Jacobs. When they first had gotten together, they were talking about the classes and the teachers. Of course, as time had passed, they started talking about the people themselves. He sat back as he heard Thomas say, “Personally, I think each of them has their own little secrets they are keeping to themselves. I wonder if they each have their own little secrets they don’t want us to know about.”

He looked over at Thomas when he heard him say that, and said, “What do you mean?” He knew there was some mystery to Lord Cale and his group, but not all the teachers seemed that way to him.

He then heard Prince James say, “You may be right. My father has asked Lord Cale a few times how he came across his wife and bodyguard, and all Lord Cale has said was they met at school. Plus, I’m sure Lord and Lady Cale’s parents are dead. I’ve never heard them mention her parents, and my father told me Lord Cale’s parents were murdered.”

Kevin nodded with that and said, “I always wondered about Lady Cale, although they prefer to be called Richard and Yvette. I don’t think they were raised as nobles, but just as normal people. I wonder if their school life was like that.”

He then heard Thomas ask him, “How did you get picked for this school? I’m here by chance. James is here because he’s the Prince. How did you get picked?”

He glanced over at the two and said, “I think Amy and I were picked because the Cale’s knew us. This is our home town. We actually live not to far apart from each other.” As he thought of Amy, he let his mind wander. He knew part of the reason he wanted to come to the school was that Amy was going. He was so much in love with her, and he hoped she shared his feelings.

He was lost in that thought when he heard Thomas say, “I think he has the hots for her.” He turned to see Prince James nodding in agreement. He felt himself blush as they spoke. He then heard Thomas say, “Sorry to embarrass you like that, Kevin. All the girls here are good looking. I have to admit that. However, I do know Anne. We are from the same area. I think the only one we know little about is Tasha.” He watched as Thomas seemed to think for a moment before he finally said, “Come to think of it, even the teachers are good looking.”

Kevin shook his head and said, “I wouldn’t think of them like that. I’m sure you all know why I think that way. You basically guessed how I feel about Amy. Besides, I don’t think Lord and Lady Cale will like you thinking of the teachers that way.” He watched as the two others looked at each other. He could tell they were thinking about what would happen if their thoughts were discovered. He also noticed that the Prince seemed more worried than Thomas did.

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Prince James shook his head and thought about what Kevin had said. He knew Lord Cale would remember his stunts, including the one he tried before Lord Cale brought him to the school. Even when he had tried to soak the others, Lord Cale had made a point to tell him not to make Lady Cale upset. He then looked at the others and said, “Maybe Kevin is right. Something tells me that making Lady Cale upset would be a very bad thing. Besides, he’s going to remember how often I’ve tried to soak his bodyguard, Clarice.”

He watched as Kevin turned to face him, but noticed that Thomas had walked over to the window. He then heard Kevin say, “You tried to soak Clarice, like the way you tried to soak the others when they arrived here. Why would you want to do that?”

He turned to face Kevin and said, “Have you ever seen a woman with lavender skin? It’s something exotic. Even though all the times I saw her, she was wearing a suit, and something about her made me want to see her figure. I think that’s also why she was more on her guard than others. I must admit I had targeted most of the women at the palace, but she was the one I tried for most.”

He then heard Thomas say, “Maybe you shouldn’t target her. There are more important things to be worried about instead of her wrath.” He had to agree. He shouldn’t keep trying to soak Clarice.

He nodded his head and said, “You’re right. Maybe I should focus my interests elsewhere. To be honest, I am a bit interested in Tasha. She seems like a very nice girl. Does anyone know anything about her?”

Prince James heard Kevin say, “Not really. Her background is a complete mystery. I think she spoke with Richard about it, but he hasn’t told anything about that meeting. Maybe it’s something she doesn’t want have shared yet.”

He wondered if it was something so terrible that she didn’t want it shared. He honestly couldn’t think of anything that bad. He looked at the others and said, “Could it be something that bad they she didn’t want any one of us to know?”

He then heard Thomas say, “It can’t be as bad as what I see right now. Both of you, get over here.” Now he was worried. Something outside must have scared him. He and Kevin ran over to the window and followed Thomas’s gaze. Soon, he saw a group of figures a small distance away from the school. He noticed they were all wearing dark clothes and cloaks.

As he looked down, he heard Kevin say, “Who are they?”

He felt his blood go cold as he heard Thomas say, “They are ‘Rippers’. In fact, the one is the same one who led the group that attacked Anne and I before we got here.” Now he realized why they had arrived all of a sudden. He also realized how much danger they were in at the current time. His father had wanted him in the school so he wouldn’t be captured by the ‘Rippers’ in London.

Of all things, he did know what had to be done. He looked at the others and said, “We have to warn everyone. Lord Cale will have someplace to secure us all. This castle is almost a millennium old. They probably have like a panic room here.” He then dashed out the door and started running to where the others might be. They needed to warn everyone of the danger. They needed to warn everyone of the attack that was coming.


Darrett looked out the window of the room where they always gathered to play games. He was glad that with the place now a school, they still kept some traditions. Every night they had played a game with the kids. The only difference with this night however was that it was Jubilation, Clarice, Davis, Monet, Yvette and Amy helping the three little ones. They were playing Cluedo, which he knew was England’s version of Clue. Right now, he really didn’t feel like playing the game. Something was bothering him. The past five years being a bodyguard gave him an uncanny knack for knowing when something was up. He didn’t pick up on some things, but he always knew when an attack on his home was coming. That was the main reason he didn’t pick up on Emplate’s return, as well as Claudette’s attack at the airport. Now he was waiting for what he felt was coming. As he watched the window, he heard two people enter the room and head straight for him. He could tell who they were just from the reflection he saw in the glass. Before they could say anything, he continued watching the window and said, “It’s a quiet night out there.”

He wasn’t surprised when he heard Richard say, “You never say that unless you feel it’s not going to stay that way.” He knew Richard knew his abilities, and never doubted them.

He was almost surprised when he heard Everett say, “Are you saying Darrett has gotten a sixth sense about upcoming attacks? He never showed that before.”

Darrett turned away from the window and said, “It’s something I’ve come to be able to do since Clarice and I started working as bodyguards. Remember what you know about us, Everett.”

Before he could say anything else, he saw Everett turn to Richard and ask, “Do any of the others know about Darrett and Clarice’s past?” He watched as Richard shook his head, and saw Everett sigh in relief as he said, “I’m glad no one has to explain that to anyone.” He then watched as Everett faced him and quietly said, “I take it the one little girl is your daughter.”

He nodded and quietly said, “Yes, and I never explained about her grandparents to her. Maybe when she’s older we can tell her, but not now.” He knew that would be a very confusing conversation. He knew the day it happened, his daughter would ask him how her grandfather could be only a few years older than him. That would be when he’d explain about alternate timelines, but he wasn’t sure how he’d approach that.

His thoughts were cut short when he noticed Richard step towards the window and said, “What’s was that? I thought I saw movement out there.”

He turned back towards the window and saw a few figures out there. He calmly said, “They don’t look like any of the anti-mutant groups. I know they have tried a few things in the past, but I could be wrong. The cloaks they are wearing seems to be hiding who they are right now, but I can see a face in one of the cloaks.”

It was then he heard his wife say, “Did you say cloaks?” He turned to face Clarice as she stood and walked over. “Don’t say they are black cloaks, with what appears to be a silver trim on them.” He looked out the window again, and noticed that the cloaks appeared just as Clarice had mentioned.

He turned and said, “That’s exactly how they look. How did you know?” He then saw her eyes go wide. Something told him this wasn’t a good thing.

His fears were only confirmed when he saw the rest of the students run in, being lead by Thomas and the Prince. They were all worried, and he started to worry when the Prince said, “Lord Cale, Thomas spotted a group of ‘Rippers’ outside. He thinks they are about to attack.” Soon, he heard the proximity alarms that Richard had first put in the mansion go off. They had been designed to go off if anyone approached the place any way other than the front gate. He then watched as Richard shouted, “Clairce, Yvette, get all the kids and students down to the secret room. The rest of us will take care of our unwelcome guests.” For the first time, in all his years in England, he was very worried about what was to come.

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Yvette quickly got up and grabbed each of her kids’ hands and said, “Amy, Anne, Tasha, Thomas, Kevin and Prince James, follow me.” She quickly rushed out of the room, and heard Clarice following her. She quickly glanced back and saw Clarice was caring Joleen as she ran.

She then heard Amy say, “Yvette, where are we going? Will it be safe?”

Yvette nodded and said, “It’s the most secure room in the castle. In fact, this is one room none of you have ever seen before. In fact, not many people outside of this castle know the room even exists.” At this point, they were now all in the library and she went straight for the book that triggered the hidden door to open.

As the door started to open, she heard Thomas say, “What is down there, Lady Cale?” She knew some of the students weren’t comfortable addressing them by first names, but when it came to her title, she wished people wouldn’t use it in a private setting.

She heard Clarice answer the question for her as they started down. “It’s a room where the Cale’s have always done research. Their family title comes with a lot of responsibility.”

As she lead the way down, she watched the magical candles light up the path. As they neared the bottom of the steps, she heard Tasha say, “Yvette, what is lighting up all these candles? It’s almost as if they were magical.”

As they neared the room door, she heard her daughter, Ashley, say, “Mummy always said this room was magical, and Daddy said it was safest.” Yvette smiled at what her daughter had said. Only from the mouths of babes could the most unexplainable thing be explained quite normally.

When they were at the room door, Yvette opened it and said, “Alright, everyone in. Don’t touch anything in there.” Once everyone had run in, she turned to Clarice and said, “Do you want to wait out here, or in the room?”

She wasn’t surprised when Clarice said, “I’ll wait out here. If I see the ‘Rippers’ coming, I’ll come in and teleport everyone out. I just hope Richard doesn’t start using codenames from our old days.”

Yvette nodded and closed the door. Once the door was closed, she turned to see most of the students looking around the secret library in awe. She hoped that they wouldn’t start looking through the books, but she was startled when she heard Prince James say to her, “Lady Cale, does this room have anything to do with why Cale’s were called Paladins in the old days.”

She nodded and said, “Yes, Prince James. It has everything to do with that. However, we can talk about all this stuff later.” She quickly glanced around the room, and wondered where the other two students went.

Soon she heard Anne say, “What are these uniforms?” She felt her heart freeze. She then ran over to where Richard had put the uniforms from their Generation X days into glass cases.

She walked up behind Anne and said, “I’ll tell you about them later. Right now, we need to hope everything works out.”

She was startled when she heard Kevin say, “Yvette, when you explain about them, can you explain about this outfit here?” She turned quick, and gasped as she saw Kevin was looking at the restraints she used to wear. She started to feel tense, and quickly calmed herself down, however, she did put her hand behind her back as he said, “Is something wrong?”

She shook her head and said, “No. I’ll tell you about that outfit later as well. Just go back to the others.” She watched as he and Anne went to the others, and then she turned around, holding her tense hand out of sight of the others and quietly said, “Calm down. I don’t need to be tensing up now.” Soon, she felt her hand untense, and she went back to the students, hoping all would be well upstairs.


Once all the students were out of the room, Richard held out his hand and focused his mind on his sword. He knew what the ‘Rippers’ were. They were a gang of Emplates, who would kill anyone to get what they wanted. Soon, his sword appeared in his hand and burst into flames. When he lowered his arm, he looked at those still in the room and said, “It looks like we will be having some issues with the ‘Rippers’. I hope you all realize that we may have to use lethal force to stop them.”

He saw Darrett nod his understanding, but he heard Jubilation say, “Richard, you can’t be serious. You can’t expect us to kill our foes.”

Richard closed his eyes and said, “I am serious, Jubilee. These ‘Rippers’ have killed, kidnapped and God knows what else. If they are after the students, they will kill us to get to them. Plus, these are Emplate’s minions. They will either kill us, or drag us off to where ever his lair is. I hate to say it, but this may turn into the same war that Bishop was afraid of.” He also realized how serious he was. He recognized that he was addressing them according to their old Generation X code names.

Before he could continue, he heard Monet say, “Skitz, I understand what you mean about defending ourselves at all costs. In fact, I think what you are saying is wise. If this is the beginning of the Emplate War, we need to stop it here and now. Also, we can’t allow my brother to get any of the students. You know what he did to Penance.” Richard felt a chill go through his spine when she said that.

He then heard Davis say, “I’ll do what I must to save the students, and your family, Richard. If using lethal force to keep the students safe is what we need to do, then we must do it.”

He looked over at Everett, and heard him say, “I may not agree with it, but I understand your point. May I make one suggestion?” Richard nodded and listened as Everett said, “May I suggest we try to capture one, in hopes we can find out where the ‘Rippers’ are based. If we know where Emplate’s lair is, we can quickly stop him. It’s the only logical thing to do.”

Richard nodded and finally said, “Alright everyone, let’s get to the main hall. Mancer, be ready to bring in some help. Jubilee and Synch, be ready to blind them. Soundwave, I want you to be able to create a sonic barrier of some sorts.” He then noticed that Davis didn’t have his walkman on him. He then said, “Never mind that. Stick with M. I hope you can handle some one on one situations.”

He saw Monet look at him, and say, “Maybe you should have him guard the kids. Blink or Penance would be better up here.”

Richard shook his head, “No, M. If we fall, Blink can get them out of here, and Penance’s current wardrobe won’t handle her powers. We can do this. We just need to be on our guard.” He then headed out of the room and headed for the main hall.

As he lead the way, he heard Jubilee shout, “Looks like Generation X is rising from the ashes. Lead the way, Skitz.” When he heard that, he started to hope he didn’t make a mistake. He hoped that with the students and kids in the secret room, no one would try to be a hero-in-training.


Jack watched as he saw movement in some of the rooms. He looked around, and then to the other ‘Rippers’ and said, “We must have tripped an alarm. Hopefully, they won’t be too ready for us. Remember the mission. We are to capture the girl named Anne. Her powers will help us more than anyone elses. If we fail in that, observe everyone. Lord and Lady Dark will appreciate any information we can get.” He turned then to face the main gate and said, “Also, feel free to wipe out the one bodyguard. Lord and Lady Dark would love to see him dead.”

Soon, he used his powers on the wall around the castle, and lead the rest through it. As they neared the front door, he heard one of the other ‘Rippers’ say “Will Lord Dark be upset if we fail?”

Jack shook his head as they stopped, and said, “No. Lord and Lady Dark will only be upset if we never tried. He wants to know what they are capable of. Last I knew, only Lord Cale, his family, bodyguards and teachers were here. No doubt two of them are keeping the kids safe.” He saw the others nod in agreement. He then said, “When I phase the door, run in and attack. There are ten of us, and only six of them.”

With his last words, he phased the door and lead his people into the place. When they were in, he was surprised by a few things. First of all, there were six people guarding the room, and all were ready for battle. The second thing was that he noticed many similarities in some of those he saw. The last thing that surprised him was the fiery sword Lord Cale was holding. He was even surprised when Lord Cale said, “It looks like our company has arrived. Now let’s all show them the way out.”

Jack looked at his underlings and said, “You have your orders. You know what to do. Attack!!” He watched as all his underlings stepped up and the attack began. Now Jack hoped he’d make Lord and Lady Dark happy.

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