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It is November 2nd, and after a bit of hiatus that is peppered with mood swings, crazy weeks, and focusing on some other writing projects, I am finally getting back to posting X-Knights. Again, as my life starts to get back to something like normal, at least for me, hopefully I can get the rest of this story, or series, up on here before the end of the month.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

Previous Stories and Chapters

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Chapter 5: First Sessions

Yvette Cale walked to the main meeting room with her husband. As they walked, she looked over at the clipboard he was carrying. She hadn’t looked at it, but she knew the training assignments were on it. As they neared the room, she said in their mind link, “My love, are any of us being left out, or did you have us double up with some of the students?”

She heard him respond the same way. “I have everyone involved. However, I still want to be careful when it comes to the psychic classes. Right now, we don’t need to be telling our pasts to everyone. I also plan to give everyone some time to focus on their powers, without running the risk of overlapping sessions.”

As they entered the room, they saw everyone else had assembled. She could tell that Everett, Jubilation and Davis looked a bit exhausted. Their bodies were most likely not used to the time zone yet. She wondered if Richard had taken that into account. She also saw that the kids all looked wide awake. She saw that Jubilation yawned as she said, “I hope that we don’t have to start right away. I don’t think we’ll be ready to teach just yet.”

She heard Richard say, “Don’t worry. When I set up the schedule, I took how some of you weren’t used to the time change yet. Gather round so I can tell you all your assignments.” She watched as everyone got near to them. She then heard her husband say, “Each of the students will have a session in a different room in the school. I’ll let each set of teachers decide the room.”

She then heard Prince James say, “So which teachers do each one of us get?” She started to wonder if the Prince was hoping to be paired with Clarice, or one of the other ladies in the school.

She watched as Richard raised the clipboard and said, “Each one will help you control your powers. Every Monday, these will be your classes. On Friday, you will each be paired with a different teacher, or teachers. Now, here are the groupings. Tasha, you’ll have first session with Yvette and Monet. They will help you develop your psychic abilities, and learn better control over them.” She saw Tasha smile at that. She then heard Richard continue, “Anne, you will be teamed up with Clarice. Clarice is a teleporter like yourself, so it would be best if she helps you at first.”

She then saw Clarice say, “Just to let you know, Anne, we will probably stick around the school when we teleport.” She saw a look of relief pass over Anne’s face, and wondered if it had anything to do with her arrival at the school.

She then heard Richard say, “Kevin, I’ll have you working with Everett. His power will allow him to use your abilities, and then teach you more about them. Amy, I’m having you work with Darrett and Davis. Davis knows about sound based powers, since his abilities are sound based. Darrett’s special gift will allow you some testing opportunities.”

She then heard Davis say, “Good choice, Richard. I’ll do my best to make you proud.” Yvette was happy to hear that in Davis’ voice. She could tell he was happy to be making up for his past in this way.

Yvette then saw Richard smile. She then heard him continue, “Prince James, I’m having Jubilation teach you. Her power may be a bit opposite yours, but I believe it is the best pairing. Thomas, that leaves you to be with me. My own power will allow me to show you about yours. Now, I want all of you to head off. I believe Tasha, Monet and Yvette need to pick a room. Everyone else, discuss which room you want to go to, and we will all meet after the last session. You are all dismissed.”

She then watched as everyone headed off. She then turned to Monet and Tasha and said, “Maybe we should all head to library. We will need a quiet place for this task.” She then lead the way to the public library. She knew the quiet would be best for what she had in mind.

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Tasha followed Yvette and Monet as they entered the library. As they entered, she heard Yvette say, “Tasha, please sit down in a chair. It would be best if you sit down for this lesson.”

She did so, but she wondered what was going to happen. She looked over at Yvette and asked, “Yvette, can using psychic powers be so taxing, that one should be sitting?”

She heard Monet say, “It can be, however, what we are going to do is head to the Astral Plane. It’s a place all mutants with psychic powers can access. When you get there, what ever form you choose will be the form you will most likely appear there as for the whole time.”

She then heard Yvette say, “Since this is your first time, and we are not going to do much, choose something you would be comfortable in.” Tasha thought to herself about that. Last night was the first time she could ever relax and be comfortable. It was a very liberating experience. To not have to worry about her home life, or her parents barging into her room, she could be perfectly relaxed. She even thought about that natural relaxation she had felt.

She then heard Monet say, “We’ll be heading in there now. Are you ready?” She nodded and soon everything appeared to change around her. She appeared to be floating in space. She looked around in awe and wonder. She hadn’t even faced anyone else yet, but she heard a gasp of surprise.

Tasha then heard Yvette yell, “Tasha, what are you doing like that?” She turned to face the others, only to see Yvette appeared to be blushing, and also that she now wore a bright blue gown, and her hair was apparently spikes, instead of the flowing red it was before.

She looked at Monet and then saw that she was in a pure white gown, which was in contrast to her dark skin. She looked at her and said, “Did I do something wrong? I just thought of how comfortable I was last night, the first in a long time.”

She watched as Monet shook her head and said, “No. It’s alright. I think Yvette was just surprised that you appeared here ‘Au natural.’ Yvette has some issues with it, stemming back to our school days.”

She then heard Yvette say, “Monet, you don’t need to tell her about that. That was embarrassing enough. I don’t need my embarrassment to be told to everyone.” Tasha started to feel sorry for Yvette.

She turned to Yvette and said, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Cale. I didn’t mean to offend you. My life at home was so bad that I wanted to enjoy the freedom when I got it. My parents had to control everything I did. I wasn’t even allowed to have my door closed. It just felt so good to have that freedom.”

It was then she saw a look of understanding in Yvette’s eyes. She watched as Yvette literally floated over to her and said, “I’m sorry, Tasha. I know what it’s like to be denied freedom for so long. If you choose to follow this state of being in your room, that’s fine. However, on the Astral Plane and around others is not the place to go ‘Au Natural’, as Monet put it. You never know who, or what, might be around. At least right now, you are with Monet and myself. In fact, maybe later in the week, I’ll tell you about that incident. In a way, we have a lot in common.”

That made her feel better. She hadn’t thought at first that she might offend someone with her choice of attire. Her happiness was cut short when she noticed another person near their group. She didn’t know who the bald man was, but something unnerved her about his appearance. She quickly said, “Who is that?”

She watched as Yvette spun around, but as she spun, she noticed that Yvette’s eyes were glowing a bright blue. She then heard Yvette say, “Monet, get Tasha out of here. I need to take care of our snooping guest.”

Tasha watched as Monet neared her and took her hand, but saw her say to Yvette, “Be careful, Yvette. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

She was almost stunned when Yvette said, “He knows better. Just be ready, I’m letting Richard know of our spy. He’ll know what to do when the phone rings.” This puzzled her, but she figured she would find out about it very soon.

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Monet quickly guided Tasha out of the Astral Plane. When she saw Professor Xavier standing there, she knew what was going to happen. Yvette was going to lash out. Inwardly, she hoped Yvette wouldn’t hurt him, but her words told her that this had happened before. When she was finally back, she got up and ran over to the chair Tasha was in. She saw the girl open her eyes and said to her, “You aren’t too exhausted, are you?”

She watched as Tasha shook he head and said, “No, Monet. I just want to know who that man was.” She understood what Tasha was wondering. None of the kids knew about the mistrust between Xavier and Richard. Soon, she saw Richard running into the room. She also glanced over to see Yvette was opening her eyes.

She then heard Yvette ask, “Is Tasha alright? I hope she wasn’t to scared. The problem has been taken care of.” She watched as Yvette turned to Richard and said, “He was spying on us again. Why can’t he trust us?”

Monet turned to face Tasha, as she said, “Who was it, Yvette? Who was that guy?”

Before anything else could be said, she heard the phone ring, and saw Richard pick it up. Although she couldn’t hear the person on the other end, she heard every word Richard said into the phone. “Jean, he has been warned before. What I’d like to know is when he will trust us. Five years, and the man still doesn’t trust us. Also, how did you learn we had a school here. I see. I’ll have to ask Anne about that. I hope he does recover, and I hope he has learned that his lack of trust in us is only making the rift between us larger. Good day, Jean.” She watched as he hung up the phone, and turned to the rest and said, “So, Charles decided to spy on you. I’m sorry that happened.”

She then heard Tasha say, “Was that the man’s name? Is he a mutant like me?” Monet saw Richard nod, and then heard Tasha ask, “What is this about not trusting you?”

She felt like Richard was about to say something, but was surprised when Yvette said, “Five years ago, Richard and I, as well as Monet and several others here, went to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Professor Xavier, who is in charge of the X-Men, started to worry about our powers, and when Richard had to help him control his psychic powers, he discovered Xavier’s lack of trust in us.”

Monet watched as Tasha sat back, almost in disbelief. Monet then said, “Richard still respects Xavier’s goal of human and mutant coexistence, but until he can trust him again, Richard doesn’t want anything to do with Professor Xavier. Judging by the conversation, I think Xavier found out about this school and was trying to find out what was going on here.”

She watched as Richard nodded, and said, “Apparently, Jonothan and Paige were trying to recruit Anne to go to one of Xavier’s schools in the states. If Xavier is going to keep up this spying, I may have to take added measures. Right now, do your best to continue the lessons.” She then watched as Richard left the room.

When he was gone, she heard Tasha say, “I can’t believe that such a rift exists between two good men. I hope things get straightened out.

She put her hand on Tasha’s shoulder and said, “It will. It will take them time, but they will get it sorted out.” She kept a block on her thoughts, but deep down, she secretly feared that the rift would never close. She knew Richard wasn’t evil, but she feared Rich would one day think Charles Xavier was a menace to society.


Anne Smith entered the room that Clarice had told to meet her in. She saw a few toys scattered about the room, which told her the room was the children’s playroom. Soon, she heard Clarice say, “I’ll be with you in a moment, Anne. I’m just making sure the children are busy.” She looked in Clarice’s direction to see her setting up a game on the television. It looked like one of the games in the Mario Party series, but she wasn’t sure which one.

When she saw Clarice stand and walk over to her, she heard the one girl say, “Thank you, Mommy. I hope you can join us later.” She realized the girl that had spoken had to have been Clarice’s daughter.

She watched as Clarice approached and said, “Sorry about the wait, but I wanted to make sure the kids were preoccupied. I take it you are ready for your session.” Anne nodded and listened as Clarice continued. “Alright then, let’s start by going from room to room. I want you to start by creating a portal from here to your room.”

Anne knew what Clarice was asking, and started to focus on her room in the school. She knew it was a bit sparse, but she knew her parents would be sending some of her things. She figured Lord Cale had already asked them to do so. When she had the image of her room in her mind, she created a ‘step’ to her room. She then watched as Clarice stepped through it, and then followed her through. When they were through, she closed it and said, “Did I do good?”

She watched as Clarice nodded and said, “Yes you did. Now, I want you to create a portal to another room in the school.” She nodded and started to focus on the main hall. It was a difficult task, since it was the only other place she knew of in the school. Soon, she had repeated the same process and they were in the main hall. Once that was done, she heard Clarice say, “Alright, now focus on another room in the school.”

She looked at Clarice and said, “I don’t think I can. It helps if I’ve seen the place or person before.” In fact, that had been the only way she had managed to ‘step’ to the school in the first place. She had seen pictures of Lord Cale’s home.

She watched as Clarice looked at her and said, “Can you explain that a bit more? My power doesn’t require me to focus on a set area, but on a distance.”

She nodded and said, “Well, I found that if I focus on someone I’ve seen, I can create a ‘step’ to where ever they are. I found that out when my friend was in Paris for vacation and a created a ‘step’ to where they were. It caused a bit of a fuss though.”

Anne watched as Clarice looked at her, almost in deep thought. She felt like she was on pins and needles, waiting for Clarice to respond. It was as if she didn’t believe her. Soon, she heard Clarice say, “To be honest, Anne, I’ve never heard of a teleportation power working over such a large distance. Can you show me an example of this?”

Anne nodded, and thought for a moment. Then she thought of the perfect test subjects. She looked at Clarice and said, “I’ll create a ‘step’ to the two people who came to my home yesterday. I had seen them come up my home’s walkway, not too long before I made my way here. Since then, they might be elsewhere in the world, even in America.” She started to focus on the man and woman that were from Xavier’s. She hoped that when she made the ‘step’, they wouldn’t notice it. As the ‘step’ came into view, she could see the two of them in what appeared to be a jungle. She also saw they were kissing, and there was an odd glass panel in the background. She then turned to look at Clarice, and saw a look of shock on her face.

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Clarice couldn’t believe what she was seeing in front of her. The one time she had been at Xavier’s school in New York, she had seen the ‘Danger Room’, but she had never seen it in use. Now she was looking in on that very room, and apparently Paige and Jonothan were celebrating the end of a good session. She quickly turned the Anne and said, “Close it fast.”

She didn’t want to panic, but she was afraid the two would look over at them and would wonder how they appeared to be in the same place they were. Inwardly, she couldn’t believe the range Anne’s powers had. She was thankful when the scene disappeared and she heard Anne say, “I’m sorry if I scared you. I did want to show you the range of my powers.”

Clarice nodded, still a bit stunned from it. She then said, “It’s ok. That is an exceptional range, especially since the two we just saw are in New York State, on the other side of the Atlantic. That is at least a couple of thousand miles. The range on your power is amazing. Reducing that much distance to one step. You really do fold space. I must warn you that such a power can be dangerous.”

She watched as Anne turned to look at her and said, “How can it be dangerous?”

She thought for a moment and then choose her words carefully. “Any place you create a ‘step’ to might not be able to allow a person to survive on the other side. However, some places, like the last one you created a ‘step’ to, might view the appearance as a breach of security. Also, there are some dangerous people out there. If they use those ‘steps’ you create, it could be dangerous for you. Also, can you maintain ‘steps’ you create?”

She watched as Anne shook her head and said, “Not that I’m aware of. It would be nice if I could. I could ‘step’ home every day. I guess I could hope for that to happen one day.”

Clarice look at Anne for a moment, and choose her next words carefully. “Right now, I’m thankful you can’t set up established ‘steps’ If the ‘Rippers’ would come across one of those, it could mean disaster. Also, what do you think would happen if some unscrupulous person used a ‘step’ to go to your home and attack your family. These are things all teleporters and portal creators have to think about. You also need to learn how to open and close your ‘steps’ quicker.” She watched as Anne nodded with each statement. She then said, “Anne, you have a very powerful gift. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could travel millions of miles in one step. I don’t recommend trying it, but it’s a power with great potential.”

She then saw Anne smile, as the girl said, “You mean my power has great potential to help people.” When she nodded, she saw how happy Anne was. The session started off rocky, but appeared to end well. When she first thought about teaching, she was nervous. Now, she had faith in her teaching skills. She also hoped the others had similar success in their classes.


Kevin Mitchel walked into the one reading room in the Cale Institute. He wasn’t sure of the room’s original purpose, but he had a feeling it was the same as it was now. He also noticed that Everett, the man who was going to help him with his powers, was laying a few pieces of paper on the one table. As he neared the table, he heard Everett say, “You’re right on time, Kevin. I was just setting up for your session. These papers are only part of it.”

That had him worried. He didn’t mind just using the paper for testing. He worried that he’d ruin something valuable. He looked at Everett and said, “Are you sure that’s wise? I think Richard and Yvette would be mad if I ruined anything here.” In his mind, he actually saw the plate he ruined at Amy’s house. Her father was furious. He then imagined how upset the Cale’s would be.

Before he could get upset, he heard Everett say, “Don’t worry about it. Do you think Richard would have paired us as teacher and student if he didn’t think we could handle it.” He had to nod in agreement with that statement. He knew that Richard must have known Everett for a long time.

With that in his mind, he looked at Everett and said, “Alright, Everett. What do you want me to do?”

He watched as Everett motioned to the papers and said, “On each paper is the name of something I want you to transform the paper into. After you’ve done that, I want you to change this plate to rubber. Are you ready to do that?”

Kevin nodded and looked at the first paper. When he saw the word on the paper, he smiled. Soon, he turned the paper into a piece of aluminum. It was easy for him. Then next one he turned into a piece of glass. Soon, he had transformed every paper into something else. He then turned his attention to the large glass plate. It was very thick, and he knew it would take some time. He picked up the plate, and started to focus. He knew small things were easy to transform, but this plate would be a challenge. As he concentrated, he noticed the plate began to turn into rubber. It took him a while, but soon, the plate was rubber. He carefully put it down, and said, “I’ve changed all of them. What’s next?”

When he heard Everett’s words, he felt his heart stop. “I want you to restore the plate, and then all the papers.” It had taken him almost all his energy to transform the plate, and now he had to restore it. He wasn’t sure if he could do it. He knew he had to try, but as he picked up the plate, he felt himself lose his grip. He watched as it fell to the floor, but he was thankful it was now rubber, as it bounced off the floor. He then turned to Everett, and shook his head. He wasn’t sure he could do it now.

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Everett looked at Kevin and realized that the boy was drained. He reached down, and picked up the rubber plate as he heard Kevin say, “I’m sorry. I don’t think I can do it. It’s too much for me.”

He put his hand on Kevin’s shoulder and said, “It’s alright. Sometimes, the best way to develop your powers is to push them to their limits. Now, do you want me to help you change the plate back?” When he saw Kevin nod, Everett started to use his power. Soon, his aura appeared like a floating rainbow. Within a minute, he could use Kevin’s powers.

As his aura still surrounded him, he heard Kevin say, “What is that around you, Everett?” He could see the awe and wonder in Kevin’s eyes.

Everett smiled and said, “It’s my mutant power. I have an aura that allows me to use other mutants powers. It’s similar to Richard’s power, but I can use many abilities at once, where he has to use one at a time. Now watch for a moment.” He picked up the plate and started to focus on it. It was the first time he used a power like this, so he knew it would take some time. In almost the same amount of time Kevin had taken to change the plate, he had restored the plate.

As he put the restored plate down, he heard Kevin say, “That took almost as long as I took to change it. How did you manage to do that?”

He turned to Kevin and said, “It’s your power. With practice, and time, you will be able to restore the things you change. Try it with the sheets of paper. Restore as many as you can.”

He saw Kevin walk to the first one he changed, and started to change it back. It wasn’t as instant as the first transformation, but he also knew Kevin was a bit drained. Soon, he saw Kevin put down the restored page, and move to the next one. He watched as Kevin moved down the line, and soon, almost all the papers were restored. When Kevin reached the last one, he saw the boy was moving slower. He heard Kevin say, “Almost done.”

Everett walked over to Kevin and said, “I’ll take care of the last one. We will repeat this next week, so if you get a chance to practice, do it.” He picked up the former sheet of paper, and restored it in almost no time. He then turned to Kevin and said, “Right now, I think you need to rest. That will be it for today.”

He saw Kevin nod, and watched as the boy headed for the door. He then saw Kevin stop and turn to face him. “Everett, how did you meet Lord Cale?”

Everett knew what Kevin was trying to find out. He wanted to know how Everett knew Richard, and he knew he couldn’t lie. He smiled and said, “We went to school together. I’d tell you more, but you need to rest.” He watched as Kevin then left the room, and he moved to put the papers away. He smiled as he though about how much help he could do teaching here. He also hoped that Jubilation would do as well teaching as he did.


Davis Skinur stood in the music room with Darrett and waited for Amy to arrive. He had appreciated this chance Richard was giving him, and he knew some of the others were still uncomfortable around him. He looked over the room, and enjoyed the silence that was there now. He looked over at Darrett and said, “You know, I never truly appreciated the silence before, Darrett. Now that I can choose to have it, it’s more enjoyable.”

He watched as Darrett sat down, and said, “You know, I used to not appreciate the time to just sit back and relax. Now I can do it, and my job at the same time. I must admit that teaching might not be as easy as being a bodyguard.”

Davis turned to Darrett and said, “You know, I always wondered about you, and Clarice. How did you two end up at the school all those years ago?” He had wondered about most of the members of Generation X at the time, but Darrett and Clarice seemed to be the most mysterious.

He watched as Darrett looked around and then said, “Well, both Clarice and I came from alternate timelines. Clarice comes from a timeline where Xavier was killed and Apocalypse had taken over.”

Davis felt himself shudder at the name of the evil mutant that had manipulated him. He then shuddered and said, “I don’t ever want to hear his name again. Maybe we should change the topic. I’m not sure I want to hear about the time you came from.”

He watched as Darrett nodded and said, “I understand. I think sometimes my timeline was worse then hers. So what did you have in mind for the lesson?”

Davis was thankful for the topic change and said, “Well, I was thinking of having her doing her vocal projection in different rooms. Those beings you create would be perfect to see if she’s doing it right. Think it’s a good plan?” He watched as Darrett nodded. He then felt the need to ask another question. “Darrett, do you trust me?”

He watched as Darrett turned to face him and said, “If Richard trusts you, then I trust you. It took me some time to get used to Richard when I first arrived in this timeline. I’ve also learned he’s a good man, who values trust. You managed to re-earn his trust. That says a lot for you.” He nodded, remembering how Richard was about trust.

He then turned towards the door as it opened and saw Amy entering the door. He smiled and said, “Amy, good timing. Are you ready for your lesson?” He watched as she nodded and headed into the room.

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Amy Johnson walked over to Darrett and Davis and said, “What did you have in mind for my lesson?” She looked at the two of them wondering what the lesson plan was, and what exactly their powers were. She had heard Darrett explain his powers, but she never learned about Davis’s power.

She watches as Davis faced her and said, “We are going to test your ability by giving you different subjects and places to send your voice to. Darrett is going to bring us some test subjects.”

She watched as Darrett nodded and soon, she saw three people appear. The first one looked like a man dressed from the early 1930’s. As she looked at him, she could have sworn she saw him from an old game. The second was a green haired woman, who wore sunglasses that looked like a musical note. The last one looked like a very tall individual, but something about him creeped her out. She then heard Darrett talk to the three, “Each one of you head to one of the three neighboring rooms. She watched as Darrett faced her and said, “Amy, could you please turn around.” She did so and soon she heard three doors close.

Soon, she heard Davis say, “Alright Amy, you can turn around.” As she did so, she saw Davis turn on a stereo and soft relaxing music filled the room. As they stood there, she heard Davis saw, “Now Amy, I want you to talk to the person in each room, and ask each one a question. After you ask the question, tell them to come back in the room.”

She looked at each door, wondering which door each of the three went behind. She knew which one she wanted to find first, but wasn’t sure which door the woman had gone to. She looked over at the door to the left and focused on her power. Soon she said in that room, “Are you the female of the three? Please open the door and answer me.”

Soon, she saw the door open, and the man dressed from the 1930’s came out and said, “Sorry. I’m not the one you are looking for. She’s in one of the other rooms.” She hated to think that she failed in using her abilities, but she was trying to learn about her abilities. That was the main reason she wanted to come to the school.

She focused on her powers a second time and looked over her two choices. This time, she had a better chance of picking the right room. She looked from door to door, and finally decided to face the one in front of her. Then she spoke into the room. “Are you the female of the three? Exit the room and let me know.” She watched as the door opened, and the tall gentleman appeared at the door and shook his head. She lowered her head and sighed. She failed twice to pick the right door. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to try to use her ability again.

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Darrett could see that Amy was upset. He had a feeling that she was trying to find the one female villain he had summoned. He looked at her and said, “Amy, you are doing well right now. Can’t you use your ability to focus on a person?”

He watched as she shrugged and said, “I don’t know. I never tried to use my power that way. Will it work?”

To be honest, he didn’t know. He turned to face Davis and watched as Davis shrugged and said, “You never know. You can give it a try, but later, you should ask Richard if it’s possible.” He watched as Amy nodded. He realized that Richard’s power might be able to answer her question.

He then saw Amy turn her attention to the unopened door. He listened carefully until he finally heard Amy’s voice come from behind the door. “Who ever you are in there, can you come out and tell me your name?” He looked at her and she said to him, “I tried.”

Soon, he saw the room door open and watched as the figure he summoned stepped out and said in a high pitched voice, “I was wondering when you were going to ask. My name is Melodia.”

He watched as both Davis and Amy looked at him. He finally smiled and said, “I saw her from a cartoon a few years back. I think Richard and Yvette are familiar with the characters.”

He notice Davis nodded and said, “I know. I used to watch it too. Haven’t seen it in years. However, I think you should send those three back for right now.” He nodded in agreement and returned the beings.

He started to worry when the tallest of the three still remained. He looked at the figure and said, “You are dismissed. Don’t even think about rebelling.”

He was surprised as the being started to step towards him and said, “I’ve already considered the options. I doubt you can stop me.” He was surprised when the figure appeared to be shocked when it wouldn’t move.

He turned to see Davis holding up a hand and his eyes were glowing. He then heard Davis say, “Send him back now. I’m got him frozen, and lowering his will power. I don’t know how long I can hold him though.” Darrett nodded and tried again to dismiss the figure, and was successful this time.

Darrett then turned to Davis and said, “Thank you. I guess I didn’t realize he was more powerful than I first thought. Thanks a lot, Davis.” He then realized that since everything that happened five years ago, Davis was truly a new man. He also hoped that the others who didn’t trust Davis would now trust him.


Prince James walked down the hall that lead to the ballroom. He had been to that room in the past, when he and his father attended functions at the Cale household. This time, however, he was to meet Jubilation Thomas who was going to teach him how to control his powers. In fact, he wondered how she was going to do that as he neared the room. As he entered the room, he started to wonder why the ballroom was so dimly lit. He then looked up to see ten glowing orbs in the room. He was surprised by the site, until he heard Jubilation say, “Welcome to your first session, Prince James. I believe you are wondering about the orbs lighting this room.”

He looked at them again and then said, “Actually, I was. I’ve been in this room before for special functions. Lord Cale never had lights like these. I take it you are responsible for them.”

He watched as she nodded and said, “Yes. With my power, I can create balls of plasma, control where they go, and when they burst. As you can tell, I can control many of them at a time. Today, you’ll start learning to do the same. Around the room, I have placed multiple cups of water. Ten in total. I want you to outen each sphere. Survey the area, and get an understanding of where things are. It may look easy, but it isn’t.”

Prince James almost wanted to laugh at that. He looked at her and said, “That shouldn’t be too hard. I just douse them one at a time. It shouldn’t take too long.” He even smiled a bit with that one. This was definitely going to be easy.

He then saw her create another plasma orb, and watched as it floated into the middle of the room and exploded. It was bright, and he shielded his eyes. When he had his vision back, he was surprised to see she had pink RayBans on. He then heard her say, “Well, I didn’t create them all at the same time, and in thirty seconds, I’m going to detonate them in order of first created. If any one goes off before you douse them, it means we repeat this test next week.” Now he realized he had a problem. If he was going to save face, he had to get rid of all the orbs at once. He looked around the room, and knew he had to use all the cups at once. He started to focus on all the glasses, and hoped that he was right that the orbs were over each glass. As the water started to rise, he hoped that the orbs would go out.

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Jubilation watched as Prince James made the water rise. She had a feeling his first trick would be to raise all the water up. That was why she made sure only four of the orbs were directly over the glasses. When she saw what he had done, she said, “You’ve taken care of four of them, but managed to get the first orb. The second one will go in a few seconds.” She watched as he made all the water go in a different direction. With that move, he outen only two more. She then saw the one orb explode with loud ‘Paf’. She held up her hand and said, “That’s it. You can drop the water.”

She watched as the water all fell to the floor, and heard Prince James say, “That was very difficult. How can you even pull off that control?”

She smiled and said, “I’ve had tons of training. Besides, I can’t only control them, but I can reabsorb them.” She made all the orbs come back to her and reabsorbed them. She then said, “I can teach you how to split your focus. It can come in handy. The powers you control can work that way. However, you must develop them first.” That was one of the things she was thankful for at Xavier’s and her own private practicing. All that time, she had better control over her powers. In fact, even when she got very mad, she never lost control of her powers. She then walked over and turned on the room lights, and removed her Raybans.

As their eyes adjusted, she heard Prince James say, “I never knew one could do that with their powers. I hope you’ll be able to show me how to do that. I had always thought I could only control water to do the same thing all the time. How can you make them all do separate things at the same time?”

Jubilation smiled and said, “It’s something I learned at the school I went to. However, most of my skills I did learn on my own. I basically learned a good deal of control. One thing you need to remember about your power is that if misused, it can be extremely dangerous, especially if you are out of control of it. I know from personal experience.”

She watched as he nodded and said, “I think I understand. I used to use my powers at home to have some fun at others expense. I guess that wasn’t right.”

She nodded and said, “No, but if they are harmless, it should be alright. Just remember that there is a point when pranks go from harmless to mean.” She watch as the boy nodded, and she then wondered if she should ask Richard about something else. Maybe she could be a counselor of sorts. When she thought about all she had done in life, it made sense to her. However, she still wondered how she was going to keep up with her job at home.


Thomas Jacobs walked into the room Richard had told him to meet him in. He wondered what Richard had planned as he headed over to the table Richard was sitting at. As he neared the table, he was almost startled when he heard a voice say, “It’s about time you showed up, Thomas.” He looked up to the one shelf in the room to see Grimore laying on his side, looking at him.

He then heard Richard say, “I knew he’d show up, Grimore. Now Thomas, please take a seat at the table.” He did as he was told, and noticed that there were a few things on the table, which include some dice and a deck of cards. When he was seated, Richard said to him, “Now Thomas, why don’t you explain your power to me, a bit better than you had when you first arrived.”

He nodded and thought for a moment. He wondered how he could put it in better words. As he thought about it, he thought of the job he had gotten and smiled. He then said, “Well, Lord Cale, I mean Richard, my power is to basically allow for the best outcome. I change probability so I can always beat the odds. It doesn’t matter what I do, I can always beat the odds. No matter what the odds are, I can beat them.”

He watched as Richard looked at him and said, “Then let’s put that to the test, alright. I have here a deck of cards. My task for you is to pick out a card for each of the following types. The first type is a card red in color. The second type is an even card. The third type is higher than an eight. The last type is that the card must be a face card. Any card you pick must cover at least one of these types. If you don’t pick a card to fit any of the types, you must start again. Understood?”

He nodded and picked up the deck. He held it in his hands and thought about what he needed. The more he thought about it, he needed either a queen of diamonds or queen of hearts. He focused on the cards, and started to cut the cards. When he had done that, he turned the top half of the deck and said, “Here’s one of them, the queen of hearts. Do you want me to pull out the other card that matches all that you asked for?”

He watched as Richard nodded and said, “If you feel you can.” He looked at Richard and then focused on the cards again. He knew the card had to be there. He cut the deck again and turned the top half over. He was shocked when he saw the card wasn’t the queen of diamonds, but it appeared to be the queen of spades. He tried to cut the cards again, and failed to pick out the right card. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he could tell by the look on Richard Cale’s face that Richard knew the cause.

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Richard smiled as Thomas looked at him. He then heard Thomas say, “Why can’t I get the other card I need?”

Richard reached into his pocket and pulled out the missing card. He then said, “Because you never needed it. The deck only had one card that matched all the types. It was a test for you. You focused your ability on the cards, figuring all the cards were there. This had been a test of the extent of your powers. Now, I want to see something else.” He put the cards aside, and brought over the two cups, and all ten of the dice he got out. He also extended his power’s radius, and took on Thomas’ ability. He placed five dice in each cup and handed the one cup to Thomas. “Tell me, Thomas, have you ever played Liar’s Dice?”

He watched as Thomas nodded and said, “Yes. I’ve never lost a game. Are you sure you want to play this with me?” Richard knew what Thomas was hinting at, however, he had a feeling Thomas didn’t know fully about his ability.

He then sat back and said, “You seem very confident about that. Well, let’s hope for the best then.” He watched as they both shook their cups and rolled the dice. When all was said and done, he had rolled five aces. Each were a wild card. He covered them and looked at Thomas and said, “Ok, what’s your bid?”

He watch as Thomas looked at his dice and then said, “3 sixes.” Soon they were in a bidding war. Richard hoped they would stop when he knew he’d win.

It took a while, but soon he heard Thomas say, “Nine sixes. I’d like to see you beat that.” He then saw a grin pass Thomas’ face. He knew that Thomas thought he had won.

Richard sat back and said, “Might as well go for broke. I bid all sixes, and since we can go no higher, let’s show our dice.” He watched as Thomas lifted his cup, and revealed what he was sure he’d see.

He then heard Thomas say, “Well, that makes up half of the bid, but I don’t think you were lucky enough to roll all sixes.” Richard then picked up his cup, and saw a look of surprise cross Thomas’ face as the boy said, “I don’t believe it, all aces.”

Richard nodded and said, “Yes, all ace’s which fills the bid. Now if you were wondering how that could be, I’ll tell you. Thomas, my ability is to be able to mimic any mutants power that is in my range to copy their power. As you can easily figure, I took on your ability and used your powers to allow me to roll the five aces. With a little practice, I’m sure you can learn to use your powers in almost any situation.”

He watched as Thomas nodded and said, “I think so. I never realized that things could change with different factors. I learned a lot today. Thank you.”

Before he could respond to what Thomas had said, he heard Grimore say, “I think everyone is about to enter. You’ll be pleased with how the day went.” Richard looked to the door to see all the students and teachers enter the room.

When they were all in, he got up and said, “I trust everyone’s session went well, given it was their first sessions.” He knew there had been some problems but other than those, he was sure all the sessions went well. In fact he saw everyone nod in approval. He then said, “Everyone, every Monday will be like this. On Friday, we will have similar sessions with different teachers. Now everyone, I want you all to relax and prepare for tomorrow. There will be standard classes tomorrow.” He watched as all the students left the room and looked at all the teachers.

As soon as all the students were gone, he heard Clarice say, “Some of them are powerful. We almost had a situation that would have cause Xavier to take notice.”

He nodded and said, “Apparently, he did notice. Yvette had an incident with him. Let’s just all try and keep an eye on things. Does everyone understand that?” When he saw everyone nod, he then said, “Ok, I want you all to give me a summary of the sessions in writing. I want to know how they turned out, since that will decide how I pair everyone up on Friday. As for tomorrow, I hope you all have a class lesson prepared. If not, just give a summary of what the class will be. Right now, let’s all relax and recoup from the days events.” He saw all of them nod, but was happy to see the happy looks on all their faces. Something about the day’s sessions must have made everyone happy, in a way. Maybe this is what they all needed, especially with how things were happening in the world right now. Inwardly, he hoped that things would truly start to get better.

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