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It is October 5th, and after a busy week prepping for a trip, and getting adjusted to some new medication, chapter four is up. This is a relatively quiet chapter as everyone starts settling into the new school. I won't say much more, but hopefully I can get the rest up closer together than I have. I also shall get a Library entry together too. Enjoy Chapter 4.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 4: Settling In

Amy Johnson lead the way up to the girls’ rooms. She was glad two more girls had come to the Cale Institute. She thought it would be very awkward being the only girl at the school. As she lead the way, she said, “Up here is where the girls will be roomed. There are eight rooms up here. Right now, we each get a room. Lord Cale had said that we might have to have roommates later on. I hope everyone is happy with their arrangements. Lady Cale did say there are a few ground rules.”

She watched as both girl looked at her, and heard Anne Smith say, “What rules are those?”

She smiled and said, “Well, Lady Cale, I mean Yvette, since she’d rather be called Yvette, said that no visitors of the opposite sex are allowed in rooms after ten. That was agreed to by all the others. Also, no using your powers against other students, or teachers, unless we are training. Also, no phone calls after nine, except on weekends. It’s basically typical school rules.” She then saw movement at the end of the hall, and remembered another reason the rules were set up. She saw the children of the Cale’s and their bodyguards. All three kids were still very young, Richard Cale III being four going on five. Amy then turned to see Tasha Lewis, looking around nervously. She looked at her and said, “Tasha, is something wrong?”

She watched as Tasha fidgeted for a moment and said “I think I need to speak with Lord Cale for a moment. It’s about my family, and I think I should speak to him about it.”

She nodded and said, “Is it something you can tell us as well, or is it something you don’t want to share?” She could tell something about Tasha’s family worried her, but wasn’t sure what it was. She then noticed the phone in the hall and said, “Listen Tasha, if you need to call your parents, you can use the phone right here.”

She watched as Tasha shook her head and said, “No. I don’t need to call them. I just think I need to talk to Lord Cale about it. It’s sort of delicate.” She started to wonder about the whole situation. She knew that Richard Cale had been a bit flustered before the others arrived. She wondered if it had anything to do with Tasha, especially with the way she was acting.

She then heard Anne say, “I remember that he wanted to speak with the other teachers. I think he took them to the room outside his office. Maybe they are still there.”

She watched as Tasha nodded and said, “Thanks. We’ll talk more when I get back.” She then saw Tasha run off in the direction they had come from.

When Tasha was clear, she turned to Anne and said. “You know, I think she’s hiding something. I think she has a secret she’s afraid to tell us.” She saw Anne nod, and then noticed that Anne was looking over at the phone. She then wondered if Anne had told her parents about her arrival at the school.

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Anne glanced over at the phone in the hall. She still had to let her parents know she had gotten to the school alright. She knew her parent would be worried, especially since she left the house without even speaking to the representatives of Xavier’s school. She turned to Amy and said, “Amy, do you mind if I call my parents? They need to know I’m here safe and sound.”

She watched as Amy stepped back and said, “Go right ahead. I’ll step back and let you talk in private.” She nodded and dialed her home number. Soon she heard the phone ring. She hoped her parents would answer.

Soon, she heard her mother answer the phone. She heard a slight bit of worry in her mother’s voice, as she said, “Smith residence.”

Anne smiled and said, “Mother, it’s Anne. I’m at the Cale Institute. I got here all right. I hope you weren’t too worried.”

She then heard her mother say, “I have been worried. There was a ‘Ripper’ attack in town. I thought they had captured you. I’m glad you are alright. When you had left, your father headed out to find you. The people from Xavier’s offered to help, but he told them no. He said he had seen a group of ‘Rippers’ run down an alley. I was afraid they were after you.”

She didn’t want to confirm her mother’s fears. She calmed herself down and said, “No, I was on a bus to the school not long after I left the house. I guess I was lucky to have missed it.” She almost let out a small laugh at her own little joke. It had been Thomas’ luck that had saved them. She then said, “I’m going to be staying here, Mother, so I’d appreciate it if you sent some of my stuff here.”

She heard her mother happily say, “Alright. I’m just glad you are safe. I hope you plan to keep in touch with us. You are our pride and joy.” She smiled when she heard that.

Anne replied, “Don’t worry, Mother. There are other mutants here. In fact, all the teachers are mutants, and they know how to take care of people. I think they’ve had some experience in the area of protecting mutants.” She heard her mother chuckle at that. It was no secret that years ago, mutant hatred was more popular that mutant tolerance. In fact, England was one of most mutant tolerant countries. She also knew that Lord Cale had gone to school in America.

She then heard her mother say, “I know. Lord Cale is always looking out for the people. He’s not going to let anyone be hurt. I just want you to do your best. Now you have a good evening, and enjoy your classes.” She then heard her mother hang up the phone. She was glad her mother wasn’t worried anymore, but she didn’t feel right lying to her about the ‘Ripper’ attack.

When she hung up the phone, she turned to Amy, but realized three children were standing in front of her, looking up at her. Before she could ask, she heard Amy say, “You didn’t get to meet them earlier. The boy is Richard Cale III, the young girl with lavender skin is Joleen Fergeson-Thomas, and the youngest girl is Ashley Cale. They live here, as well as the others.” Now she understood why the kids were there. The castle was their home.

Before she could respond, she heard Richard Cale III say, “Did my fathers show you what the monster did?” She quickly realized that the boy was talking about the scar on his forehead. She then realized what had prompted the school to start. Lord Cale must have wanted to save his children, especially from the ‘Rippers.’


Thomas Jacobs walked with Kevin Mitchel and Prince James as they headed to the rooms for all the guys. As they walked, he heard Kevin say to him, “So Thomas, how did you find out about the school? Did you sign up for it?”

He shook his head and said, “Not really. I was actually using my power to earn some extra money. My plan was to save up enough money to go to a school like this, but Anne and I sort of got thrust here together. She was planning on coming here. However, now that I’m here, and since what happened while we got here, I was thinking about staying. Besides, one of the teachers looks like one of the X-Men, at least from years ago.”

He then heard Prince James say, “I don’t think any X-Men would be here, since Lord Cale doesn’t trust Professor Xavier. He respects Xavier’s dream, but he does not trust Professor Xavier. It’s kind of odd since Lord Cale attended the Xavier School that was in Massachusetts.”

Thomas looked at James and said, “You know, that sounds kind of odd. I know Lord Cale is all for mutants and humans coexisting, but a lot of people view Xavier’s X-Men as the protectors of that dream. Why would he not trust them?”

He then heard Kevin say, “It all stems from Xavier apparently not trusting Lord Cale. Lady Cale told me about it yesterday. I don’t know all the details, but she did mention that Lord Cale found out about Xavier’s lack of trust. In fact, I think the lack of trust worried him.”

Just the mention of the word made Thomas remember that his mother must be very worried about him. He noticed the phone on the table and said, “Can we talk more about this later? I should give my mother a call. She’s probably worried sick about me.” He saw both the guys nod, and then he went to the phone. He quickly dialed his home phone, and waited for his mother to pick up.

He was a bit disappointed when he heard his mother’s voice say, “You’ve reached the Jacob’s residence. We are unavailable for the phone right now. Please leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

He was a bit crestfallen, but remembered that his mother had to work two jobs some days. She and his step-father couldn’t afford to pay all the bills with just one job each. Of course, when his father divorced his mother, he somehow made off with all the money, and made it look like he was broke. He also wondered if they would let him stay at the school for free. When he heard the beep, he said, “Hi, it’s me. I wanted to let you all know I’m alright. I’m up at the Cale Institute. I’m going to be here for a bit. I know we can’t afford it right now, but I think they are looking for volunteers for the school. I’ll have one of the teachers call you. Take care.” He hung up the phone, and felt something against his legs. He turned to his left, and saw nothing. He then looked at the other guys and said, “That was odd. I thought I felt something brush against my leg.”

He saw both the guys smile, as Kevin said, “That would be Grimore. I think you’re in for a surprise with him.” He heard a sound, and turned to see that to the right of the phone sat a cat. He felt his heart stop, knowing that the last thing he wanted to see was a cat.

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Prince James almost laughed aloud when he saw Thomas jump. He knew people were going to have a reaction to meeting Grimore. He watched as the cat looked at Thomas. He saw Kevin chuckle, and then said, “I think Grimore wants to say hello to you, Thomas.”

He watched as Thomas started to step back as he said, “I didn’t know there was a cat here. I’m allergic to cats. Whenever I’m around one, I start sneezing and going into shock.”

This had James puzzled. Grimore had been around Thomas all the time he was on the phone. If he was allergic as he said, then he would have reacted earlier. He then thought about Grimore, and remembered how unusual Grimore was. He smiled and said, “Well, that might be because Grimore is not your ordinary cat.”

He watched Thomas face him and say, “What do you mean he’s not an ordinary cat?”

He then heard Kevin say, “Exactly what he means. Grimore is not your average run of the mill tabby, but don’t take our word for it.” He now knew what Kevin was doing. He was trying to set things up for Grimore to reveal the big news.

He watched as Thomas turned to face Kevin and said, “Whose word should I take then, the cat’s?”

He watched as Grimore looked at Thomas and said, “Exactly, young Thomas.” He watched as Thomas turned to face Grimore in shock, as Grimore then said, “I may look and act like a cat, but I’m not an ordinary cat. In fact, my own powers allow me to keeping your allergies from happening. As for my speaking to you, something happened five years ago that allows everyone to understand me. However, if you do have an issue with cats, I know someone you may not like.”

He saw Thomas step back again, as he looked at both himself and Kevin as he said, “That cat is really talking, and allowing me to not be sick?” When they both nodded, he heard Thomas say to Grimore, “Do you mind if I pet you? My allergy always stopped me from doing that.” He saw Grimore nod, and then saw Kevin do as he had asked. As James watched, he heard Grimore purr with content.

When he was done, he heard Grimore say, “Welcome to the school, Thomas. I know you will do well here.” He watched as Grimore jumped off the table and headed down the hall.

When Grimore was out of sight, he turned to Thomas and said, “Looks like good things are in your future. From what we’ve learned, Grimore’s words usually mean a lot. You know, we should all get ready. I think Lord Cale said we are learning more about our powers tomorrow.”

He then heard Kevin say, “I can’t wait. I need to learn how to control my powers better.” He then saw Kevin head into the room that was his. He then heard Kevin say, “Night all. See you all in the morning.” He then saw Kevin’s door close. He saw Thomas follow the example and do the same. He then entered his room, and thought about what his new school life was like.


Jubilation Thomas was still in shock at what Richard had said earlier in the evening. Now that it was just the eight of them in the room, and she wasn’t totally sure about one of them. She looked over at Richard, who was seated in a chair, next to Yvette, and said, “So the whole reason you asked us all here was because Emplate returned and attacked you?”

She noticed Richard nodded, but it was Yvette who said, “He did more than attack Richard. He was terrorizing our son. He’s also heading the criminal group known as ‘Rippers’. We know that they are Emplates.”

That news startled her more. She remembered the day when Emplate was sent away. His attack had ruined Darrett and Clarice’s wedding day. However, it did remind her of something. Bishop had remarked about the Emplate war starting with an arrival through a portal. She wanted to ask about that, but she heard Monet say, “That’s why Gabe sent those books with me. He must have had a feeling that Marius was back.”

She then heard Clarice say, “I wouldn’t be surprised. All of Gabe’s family had latent psychic abilities, so I’m not surprised that he picked up on Emplate’s return. Ever since we got here, we’ve been researching everything the families looked into.” Jubilation was impressed. When they had all first met Clarice, she had been ready to jump into a situation. Now, with the responsibilities she had, she was researching and preparing for anything.

It was then she heard Davis say, “Richard, I know you asked all of them here because of Emplate, but I know nothing about him. Why in the world did you ask me here?” She watched him look around the room, however she felt a chill when he gazed at Monet last. It was as if he was attracted to Monet.

It was then she heard Richard say, “I think you got your answer at the airport, at least I’m guessing you had an encounter at the airport.”

She then heard her husband, Everett, say, “You had a feeling Claudette was back. We were attacked by Quinn, and some other guy. That’s why you want all of us to teach here. That’s why you called all of us here.”

She watched as Richard nodded and said, “Yes, Everett. I’m asking all of you to teach here I know you haven’t all formally agreed to, but right now, you are the only four I trust. I know you have lives back home, but will you teach here?”

Jubilation was stunned at Richard’s request. Before, she nodded to give the kids in the room some faith that they would, but she wasn’t sure she could. She looked at Richard and said, “Richard, I’m Vice-President of the Chicago branch of Paladin Technologies. How can I walk away from that? I worked hard to get that position. I don’t want to give up all that work now. It’s a lot to give up.”

She then heard Yvette say, “Richard and I are prepared to give you all you need to help. If you want to keep up with your jobs, we’ll give you the ability to do so.” Hearing that gave her some hope, but she wasn’t totally sure about it.

She realized she didn’t have to think about it as she heard Everett say, “We’ll help you, Richard. Who better to teach them about Emplate and being a mutant than us. Besides, if things are as bad as you think they are, they will need all our help.” She glanced over at Everett and wondered why he volunteered her help. She planned to talk to him later about it.

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Monet St. Croix watched as Everett and Jubilation agreed to stay and help. She could tell Jubilation was not totally happy with the choice, but she could understand part of the reasons why. Jubilation was going to be giving up the most, now that she was Vice-President. There was also the fact that her brother and sister were back. Both were causing trouble now, or at least starting to cause problems again. However, the big reason had to be that Davis Skinur was with them. She remembered what Davis had done to Jubilation the first time they encountered him. She did know how she felt. If Marius was back, she was going to be there to help stop him. She turned to Richard and said, “I’ll teach as well. Besides, you know there will be more they will have to deal with than Marius. You are aware that mutants might not be the only problems they have to deal with.”

She watched Richard nod as he said, “You are right about that. We will have to deal with both natural and supernatural problems. I just hope we can keep the kids from getting into too much danger.”

She heard Darrett say, “Richard, you know that if they are like we were in school, they won’t stay out of trouble. Even our innocent trip to Japan turned into an adventure. We may try to keep them out of trouble, but it will come to them.” She watched as everyone nodded in agreement. Even she couldn’t stay out of trouble, but that was because of her sister.

She was almost alarmed when Davis said, “Well, Richard, I’ll help as well. Besides, I still have a lot to make up for.” This had distressed her. It was true that Davis helped them fend of Claudette’s minions, but she still didn’t fully trust him.

Monet turned to Richard and said, “Richard, why did you ask Davis here? We all know his history. How can you be sure we can trust him?” She looked over and saw Davis had lowered his head. She did see a look of regret cross his face. She wondered if Davis did feel sorry about his past.

She then heard Yvette say, “Davis turned over a new leaf since long ago, Monet. If you remember, he saved both our lives, and stopped your sister. I know it’s been five years since then, but Richard and I know he’s been changing his ways. He works at Godiva’s museum now. She trusts him, we trust him. Besides, if he thinks it’s a way to make up for his sins, who are we to stop him?”

Monet knew Yvette had a point. She was about to say something when she heard a knock at the closed door. She looked over at the door as she heard the voice of Tasha Lewis say, “Excuse me, Lord Cale, but can I speak with you for a moment?”

She watched as Richard got up and headed over to the door and opened it. She saw him motion her into the room, as he said, “Certainly Tasha, the other teachers and myself were just talking about the school, and what they will be handling here. Is there something important you wanted to talk about?” She could see the girl was nervous about something. Inwardly, she hopped that Tasha had not heard her outburst, since Tasha saw Davis save them. Now she was feeling sorry about her outburst.

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Tasha Lewis looked around the room at all the other teachers. She could sense some of the teachers were bothered about something, but she didn’t want to pry. She had to talk with Lord Cale. The more she stepped into the room, the more she thought she was interrupting something. After a moment, she heard Lady Cale say, “Tasha, did you think you were interrupting something?”

She nodded and said, “Yes, but I do need to talk to Lord Cale. It’s something I’d rather keep quiet right now, but something rather important.” She didn’t want to mention to everyone about her parents.

She watched as Lord Cale nodded and said, “Alright, Tasha. Just step into my office, and we’ll talk in private.” She nodded and started to walk to the door that lead to Lord Cale’s office.

As she headed to the door, she looked over all the teachers, and eventually turned to the man that save them at the airport. “I wanted to thank you again for stopping Henry. I never thought anyone could defeat him.” She noticed that the man seemed a little bit nervous about that.

She then heard the one man of African decent say, “Don’t mind him, Tasha. Davis is just nervous being here in England. He’s lived most of his life in the states. He just needs some time to adjust.” She noticed Davis had nodded. She may not have been the best psi in the world, but she knew that wasn’t it. There was something else, but she couldn’t latch onto it.

She then heard Davis say, “It’s going to take me some time to get used to the time change. I’ve never been out of the states before. Everyone else here has, so they are used to the time change. Maybe all I need is a good night’s rest.”

She then entered Lord Cale’s office, and heard him say to Davis, “I think you have a good idea there. Darrett, Clarice and Yvette, why don’t you show the others to their rooms. I want the kids’ first class to be one where they learn about their powers. I’ll set it up to be a one on one, but two of them with have two teachers. At the end of the week, we will have another day like that, but with different pairings. During the week, we will have normal classes, so I want you all to think about what topics you want to teach. Everyone got that.”

She then heard one woman ask, “Richard, do you want us to use....”

Before she could hear the woman finish, she heard Richard say, “No Jubilation. No codenames of any kind. I’m teaching kids here. This school will not be like Xavier’s. Is that understood?” Tasha started to wonder why Lord Cale didn’t want the school to be thought to be like Xavier’s. She inwardly decided she might want to ask Lord Cale about that. She then heard everyone leaving the previous room, and she watched as Lord Cale entered the room. As he entered, she heard Lord Cale say, “Have a seat, Tasha, and feel free to address me as Richard. I’d rather all of you kids think of the school as an extended happy family.”

She smiled at that, and said, “Thank you, Lord...I mean Richard.” A happy family was one thing she never had, and it felt good to be part of a happy family. She walked over to the chair in front of his desk and sat down, and she watched as he sat in the chair behind the desk. Now all she had to do was tell him about the hell that was her family.

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Richard Cale sat in the chair behind the desk, and allowed his powers to extend. In the years since he left the school in Snow Valley, he had gained some control over the range of his powers. Now, he could extend radius of his power, and retract it the same way. As a practice, he always kept his powers limited to one foot around him, but now he extended it to the range it was at before he learned to control it. He already knew that Tasha was a psi, but he could also sense the bad life she had had. He looked at her and said, “Alright Tasha, what is it you wish to talk about?”

He had a feeling what the topic would be, but he wanted her to say it. He wasn’t disappointed when she said, “Sir, I don’t want you to tell my parents I’m here. If you do, they will come and take me home. They want to control me. They treat me like a servant. They even made everyone in town think I was a bad kid. I was hoping that when you called, I would be the one who answered the phone.”

Richard sat back and said, “So that’s why your father acted like you weren’t a mutant. It threatens his hold on you and would mean you can get away from him.” When he saw her shake her head, he knew he was wrong. He looked at her and said, “There’s more?”

He watched as she nodded and said, “My parents knew I was a mutant. They were planning to make me use my powers to do things to help them. They wanted me to be their criminal, and if I was caught, they would claim I was controlling them.” He saw tears welling up in her eyes. He got up and walked over to her chair as she said, “They were planning to hand me over to anti-mutant people if I was caught. What kind of parent would do that to their own daughter?”

He brought himself down to look her face to face and said, “I don’t know. However, I’m going to try and help you by allowing you to stay here. I’m also going to called the police in your home town, explaining the situation as best I can. Maybe I can give you some peace of mind.”

He saw here look straight at him, with hope in her eyes. “Are you sure you can?”

He nodded and reached for the phone. “I think so. This school is in your best interest, and it’s obvious to me that you aren’t lying.” He started to dial the phone number for the police in her home town.

Richard then heard her say, “Thank you, Lord Cale.”

Soon he heard an officer answer the phone by saying, “Constable Griffin speaking.”

Richard readied himself and said, “Constable, this is Lord Cale. I have a child here that has enrolled in my school. After speaking with her, I have reason to believe that her parents have been trying to control her. She is afraid of her own parents.”

He heard the constable gasp as he said, “That’s not right. I know there are some problem children here in town, but something about some of them is not right. I’ll have one of the other officers look into it right away. Can you give me a family name?”

Richard calmly said, “The girl’s name is Tasha Lewis.” He heard the officer gasp, but he just said, “I take it you know the name. She’s the one who’s afraid of her parents. She’s a good kid.”

He heard the officer say, “That’s not what her parents have been saying. They called us, telling us to lock her up if we find her. They said they want her to learn a lesson for running away and causing trouble. If what you say is true, then it’s best you keep her there. I’ll wait a while before I tell them, but give her sanctuary.”

Richard nodded and said, “I agree. Please keep me posted on the situation. I want her to be safe here at the school.” He hung up the phone after the officer agreed and turned to Tasha and said, “Alright, as of right now, Tasha, you have sanctuary at the school until there is no threat from your parents Now, have a good night’s rest. I want you to be well rested for your mutant power training sessions” He watched her as she got up and exited the room. He could tell just by how she walked, that a great weight had been lifted off her shoulder, even though it was only temporary. Deep down, he knew he would eventually have to deal with Mr. Lewis face to face.


Everett Thomas walked next to his wife down the hall where some of the bedrooms were. He had been surprised by how many private rooms were in the Cale household. From what he could tell, Richard could have at least another dozen students there, and even two more teachers for each student. They had just left Monet at the room that was set aside for her, and now, Clarice and Darrett were showing them to their room. As they walked, he said to Darrett, “So, how has life been for you two since the last we spoke. I heard you two had a kid.”

He heard Darrett laugh as he said, “Yes, you have a granddaughter. I know she wasn’t around when the others were introduced, but you’ll see her soon. Knowing her, she is off with the other little ones.” He then realized that they hadn’t seen either of Richard and Yvette’s kids as well.

He then heard Clarice say, “Speaking of children, when are you two going to have children. Or have you been too busy with your jobs?” He knew what Clarice was hinting at. Every time they wrote, they had told of Jubilation’s promotions. Deep down, he hoped this time away from Chicago would help them relax, and focus on starting a family. However, when he learned that Richard was starting a school, he knew it was the right thing to do to help out.

He then heard his wife say, “Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that tonight.” He could tell by her tone that she wasn’t exactly happy with things, but she wasn’t totally upset either.

He then heard Darrett say, “Here’s your room. Clarice and I will be right down the hall. Richard and Yvette are in a different hall all together. Right now, I think you two need to talk about something. We’ll talk with you in the morning, alright?”

He nodded and then went in the room with Jubilation. When he closed the door, he turned to her and said, “What’s wrong, hun? Are you upset about this whole turn of events?”

He watched as she nodded and said, “Yes I am. I’m upset that we are throwing away our jobs to teach a school. I understand why Richard and Yvette asked us here, but why didn’t you ask me if I was alright with it?”

He looked down for a moment. He was sorry he didn’t really ask her what she wanted, but with the fact that Emplate was back made him decide what was best. He looked up at her and said, “I know I should have thought about it more, but I was also sure that Richard would do all he could to make sure you could still do your job back home. Also, what if Emplate had returned in Chicago? Do you think Richard would have dropped everything to come to our aid. We were teammates, remember?”

He watched as she nodded her head and said, “I remember. I’ll give Richard the benefit of a doubt. I just hope this doesn’t become more than I can handle. Remember, the company is in Chicago, and now we are in England. The time difference alone will be enough to mess things up. It’s just with all the things here, I have a bad feeling that things are just going to get more and more complicated. However, I guess that is the life of a mutant, huh.” He nodded in agreement and gave her a hug. He knew she would adjust to this change, and he was sure she could work it out. It was the one thing that made Jubilation the girl he fell in love with. She could adapt to any situation. Now, he just wondered what surprises tomorrow would bring.


Davis Skinur followed Yvette down the hall to the room he was staying in. He had a feeling it wouldn’t be far from Richard and Yvette’s room. As they walked, he said to Yvette, “Do you think I’m going to be able to fit in? I mean, given my history with Generation X”

He watched as Yvette stopped and turned to face him. “Do you remember the first time we met, Davis?” He nodded, remembering that he was still being manipulated by Apocalypse at that time. He then heard her say, “At that time, you had tried to kill me. Many months later, you saved my life, Monet’s life, and Richard’s life. In that time, I learned you weren’t an evil man. I also know my husband was very afraid of the man you were, and was obviously glad when the man he knew returned. If Richard and I can look past your sins, the others can as well.”

He sighed with that. He then said, “I was so mixed up all those years ago. I’m glad you two forgave me. I just hope the others do. Do you mind if I share something with you, Yvette?”

He watched as she nodded and said, “You may, but I’ve been catching some things off you. I guess you never really knew I had psi-skills.”

He was surprised by that, but if she was spying on him, he couldn’t blame her. He looked at the floor and said, “I’ll level with you, Yvette. After our first encounter and all that, I think I was starting to have feelings for Monet. I look back at that time, and I couldn’t believe some of the things I wanted to do to her. Do you think, if she forgives me, that there may be a shot of a relationship?”

Davis watched as Yvette stopped and said, “To be honest, Davis, I’m not sure. However, the Monet you met, and the Monet you saved are two different girls. The one you met had some extra baggage, however as you know, you handed that extra baggage her nastiest defeat.”

He chuckled at that, and said, “I did do that. I’m just surprised she’s still active. She must have found some way to regain her powers, and deal with her affliction. I’m glad you didn’t get that fate. Richard always wanted to have a family.”

He was almost surprised when he heard Richard say, “You’re right about that, Davis. I’m so glad you helped secure that dream.” He turned to see Richard walk up behind then, and saw Richard’s cat following right behind him. He then heard Richard say, “Davis, you will fit in. I know your powers will help the students learn. I also know you can help keep them safe.”

He was glad that Richard had faith in him. He smiled and said, “I won’t let you down. I plan to show that I am the good person I was before all the unfortunate things happened. Besides, I want to prove I’m no longer that dark person any more.” He then noticed he was right outside his room door. He looked back at his friends and said, “Anything else I should know about things?”

He watched as the cat looked at him, and start to purr. He then heard Yvette say, “Well, I think you should know Grimore has given you a paws up. Also, be ready for anything unusual. Richard’s family has always had to deal with the strange and unusual.”

He wanted to ask how strange things would get, but decided not to. He looked down at the cat, and then at Richard and said, “I’ll be ready for anything. I’ve got a lot to work for here, Richard, and I won’t fail you.” He then headed into his room, and closed the door. He walked over to the bed, and sat on it. As he sat there, he wondered how much he would have to do to prove to Monet that he was a good man.

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