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It is December 22nd, and after a hectic busy day yesterday, and a hectic day today. I am posting Chapter Twenty-Six of X-Knights: The First Month. In this chapter, the school prepares to take steps to recover Yvette, but they have also started to realize something about another group who they are at odds against, and as that realization hits them, they have to prepare for that as well.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 26: Sinister Effects

Freeze Frame was not sure why Emplate had summoned him to the central chamber of the lair, but he felt it was not good. Usually, the only times they got called to the central chamber was for a plan, or they were in trouble. Since the master didn’t seem to have the former, it meant the latter. Since that had to be the case, he wondered who the source of it was. He knew that Vincentte had been acting odd since the attack at the mall. Could that madness have gotten them all into trouble? If that was the case, he would kill the gaseous mutant.

When he finally arrived at the central chamber, he was stunned to hear his master had already started ranting. “What in the world was he doing there anyhow? No one was supposed to try anything.” He noticed that none of the others tried to get near Emplate at this moment. It was probably wise, given the magical powers Emplate had.

He then heard Aura speak with a calming voice. “I remember you telling me how much he seemed to fancy Yvette. He heard she was going to be brought in, and decided then was the perfect time to nab her. His obsession with her has intensified since the failed mall attack.” Now he had a better understanding of what had the master upset.

He decided to speak up at that time. “She’s right, Emplate.” He almost flinched when Emplate looked at him. The look he had received made him wonder if Emplate was truly more frightening with out the respirator he used to wear or not. Nevertheless, he continued speaking. “I have heard him muttering about finally catching and claiming her. I didn’t realize he was going to attempt something now.”

He stopped speaking when Emplate nodded. “It would have been nice to know that before Vincentte went out and got himself killed.” Those words shocked him, but Emplate continued. “I felt the link to him go the second he died. Apparently, he was still in the building when the bomb blew, and could not change forms. A shame since he used to be such a good minion. While I have no connection to Yvette now, I am certain she is alive.”

He blinked when he heard that, however, it was his master’s son, Marcus, that asked the question on all their minds. “How can you be sure, father? She had gone to the police station that had been blown up.” He wondered how the boy thought of that, and then turned back to look at Emplate.

He watched as his master looked at all of them. "While she is no longer under my influence, I still know when any of my thralls, either current or former, die. Yvette is not dead." There was a tone in his words that told Freeze Frame, as well as the others, that this was a fact.

It was then that he made the bold suggestion, and he was sure it made total sense. "Then why don't we just track her down and capture her. She's obviously not with Skitz or the others. It should be easy with my powers, sir." He stopped talking when Emplate looked straight at him. For a moment, he felt he would be severely punished for mentioning the idea.

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Emplate looked at his minion for a moment, and considered the suggestion. It wasn't a bad idea at all, and if certain facts were different, it would be an excellent idea. However, the failed attack not too long ago, as well as the fact of Richard's own powers, both mutant and mystical, would mean that Richard would be ready for his involvement. He then nodded, but said, "If things were different, Freeze Frame, I would take that course of action, and even put you in the lead of the mission. Unfortunately, Richard would be ready if I tried anything. I think it is best for the moment to sit back, and let things play out."

He then turned his attention to his beloved, Elane Bonstein, and his always loyal manservant, D.O.A. They were both in charge of finding out more information, and they needed information constantly on Cale, and on the other factor, 'The Rippers'. "Do we have anything on these 'Rippers'? Cale still believes they are some of my thralls, but they are not. Who exactly are they?"

He was glad that Elane had something of an answer. "So far, we know they are like you, my love. They seem to lurk in the underground. They also have been active for some time; at least a year before you returned. They've been slowly growing in numbers. Also, it appears that they have two leaders. They call them Lord and Lady Dark. I don't know who they are, but they seem to stay in their base of operations."

Emplate nodded in understanding. It was a brilliant idea. They remain in secret, sending their underlings out to cause trouble, and plot things out. He had no doubt that when it would be time, they would reveal themselves. Also, by calling themselves by the noble titles, they solidified their position of power. What it did not answer was who they were. He knew who all his thralls were, and if they had enthralled any. This Lord and Lady Dark, however, were not his thralls, nor were their 'Rippers'. The only other possibility was that they were from another timeline, and that worried him.

He then looked at D.O.A. as he began to speak. "I've been busy trying to gather information about what is going on at Cale's school. It seems that since our attack, they had a few new people arrive. That had coincided with an attack from your sister, which resulted in a death. Odd thing is, they all act as if the one who died will come back. Also, a French Ambassador arrived, which appears to be the father of a girl who looks like Yvette. Lastly, which coincides with why Yvette was at the police station, it appears that Angelo Espinosa was killed. The police seemed to have suspected her.”

That bit of news surprised him. Even though he had learned that Generation X had parted ways, there was no malevolence between them. He could not see her killing Angelo. So why would the police suspect her of doing that? He looked at his manservant again. “Why did they suspect her?”

The next comment totally surprised him. “It appears he was killed with claw like hands, just like Yvette’s. It’s almost as if she had done it. However, it is possible that another mutant has powers like my cousin.” He nodded in agreement. It was quite possible, but the odds of it were astronomical. If he had even found of a second, recapturing Yvette would have been a very low priority. Something didn’t seem right, and maybe right now, he would enlist some aid on this matter. He needed to rule out the possibility of a clone, and the only way to do that was to contact Claudette. He closed his eyes for a moment, and focused on her. The mental link between the two of them was strong, and once he made contact, they would be able to figure this mystery out, and how to use it to capture their foes.


Claudette St. Croix sat in her hideout, and she was not happy. Just a few days prior, the attack she had done on the school ran by the Cales had gone wrong. It had started out well, with there being a fatality, but went down hill. First, the demon, Sen, had been killed, and then the summoner, Arisa, had been captured. If that had not been enough, one of her loyal followers kept insisting that they try to rescue Arisa. In fact, it was that very reason why Quinn Taylor was bothering her now. "We need her back, Claudette. She may not be a mutant, but she's got a lot of power."

She went to respond to the comment, but she was briefly distracted when her brother contacted her mentally. "Sister, we need to talk." Normally, she would welcome anything he would say. They had some mutual goals, some exclusive goals, but in the end, they both wanted the power controlling others gave them. Marius also wanted to us mutants as cattle.

She sighed, then mentally responded. "I shall talk with you in a few, dear brother. I'm dealing with something here at the moment." She then focused her attention on Quinn. She would have lashed out, but Sean was in the room at the moment. It could have been planned that Quinn was bringing up the subject around him. "Quinn, we have discussed this multiple times, in the past few days. Rescuing Arisa isn't an option. First off, if we were to attempt a rescue mission so soon after our recent attack, we would lose more of our people. Second, we may have lost Arisa, but we still have Henry."

She held her temper in check as Quinn snorted in disgust. It was obvious that Quinn did not like men. In fact, she was almost a mis'andrist. The only guy she seemed to tolerate was Sean. Of course, that could be due to the fact that he was deaf, but he could also lip-read. That limited how much he talked, and she had to admit the silent type was to her liking.

Quinn’s expected opposition to her statement brought her back to the moment. “Henry is a beast. We need Arisa back, and soon. She can command tons of demons. She's also more pleasant to be around." Claudette had to agree on that point. Even when Henry was not in his more brutish form, he would make off hand comments, even hinting he would be better for her than Sean.

She put that thought out of her mind, and returned to the facts. She focused her gaze on to Quinn. "While I agree that Henry is a bit brutish, controlling demons is by no means something stable. Arisa may have control over some demons, but if they were to break free of that control, I do not want to be around to be part of what they will do when free. Besides, the chance for us to be able to rescue her at this point would be one point in a million. She may even turn on us, which is why I have been checking for new hiding spots."

She was still stunned when Quinn just said, "So if Asira escapes, and she tries to return, she's still lost to us. Would you have done this if either Sean or I were captured? I can tell you that I have no desire to help Richard Cale." That she knew was true, and Sean would never betray her. She doubted Henry would ever join her enemies. Arisa was the only wildcard.

Before she could respond, she was stunned when her brother broke through again, and with some surprising news. “Sister, Yvette has been abducted by someone else. She was also accused of murdering Skin.” The news had her dumbstruck. One of her foes, one she knew would not kill a friend, accused of doing just that. It would have been a stroke of luck if she was arrested, for it meant one less person to go after. However, the fact that she was abducted was the big thing. If she had been in police custody, then that meant a police station was attacked. That would be a whole other issued, one that could not be taken lightly. She also realized one other thing. She had either said it, or mouthed the words about Yvette’s abduction, because a smile had crossed Quinn’s face.

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Sean Rogers had lip-read the words his lover had said, and realized what it would mean. If Yvette Cale had been abducted, no doubt Richard Cale and his friends would mount a rescue mission. It would be the perfect opportunity to get Arisa back. He glanced over at Quinn, and he saw she was talking. “She’s been abducted. This is the moment. We get into positions, and when they leave, we attack. They won’t expect the attack now.”

He looked at Claudette, and nodded, signing his words, even though Claudette could easily put his words into psi-speech now. “She’s right. We do need her back. Also, with their attention focused on whomever captured Yvette, we might even be able to waltz in and get her out.” He didn’t want to add about how she was better than Henry. It might ruin any chances of them being able to go rescue Arisa.

In that moment, he realized that Claudette would not entertain another word about the matter. In fact, the look that was on her face now told him that she was furious. "Listen, both of you. She failed me, just like Freeze Frame had years ago. Mention this again, and you will face a fate worse than what happened to Freeze Frame. Now leave."

He didn't have to be told twice. He ran for the door to the room, with Quinn behind him. Soon they were out of the room, the door slamming behind him. However, the meaning of her threat had rattled him. Years ago, after Generation X had thwarted their plans, Claudette handed Freeze Frame over to her brother, the mutant known as Emplate. The fact that she would be willing to repeat that action again said tons.

He then looked at Quinn, who over the years had picked up sign language, and signed, "I can't believe she would threaten us like that." He noticed a grim look cross Quinn's face, as she silently nodded. Quinn could do sign language, but not very well.

Quinn looked side to side, obviously checking for Henry, before speaking, obviously in a very low voice, or none at all. "I can. The years confined to that suit have taken a toll on her. Besides, I think what ever you two had might have had her last longer than she might have if you didn’t love her.”

He blinked at that last statement, surprised that she had even said it. He could have sworn that Quinn would have never admitted something like that. “I thought you hated men?”

He watched as she nodded, and then mouthed, “I do, but I’ll admit that if it had a positive effect on our leader, it’s good. Besides, if your power wasn’t so devastating to others, I’m sure she would have just blasted you with some sort of psychic attack.” Those words didn’t make him feel better. In fact, it made him feel worse. When he first joined this group, he was certain he’d find others, but after the first few set of crimes, he started to have doubts.

He didn’t sign anything more, and walked away from Quinn. He knew she wouldn’t follow him, and he was grateful for that. For the first time, he seriously was thinking of leaving Claudette, and turning himself over to the authorities. However, he knew that if he did that, he might not survive Claudette’s wrath. If he were going to leave, he had to pick the right people to turn to, and that appeared to be the Cale’s. He sighed then, and went to his quarters in the hide out.


Jack stood in the middle of Lord and Lady Dark’s central chamber in the lair. He was their most loyal follower, and he knew they would always appreciate the information he had. He was certain that the information he had now would be greatly appreciated. He also knew not to speak until he was addressed. A few of the other Rippers had tried that once, only to be severely wounded, or killed, by Lord or Lady Dark.

He briefly looked at the other person in the room. It was Necra, who was high up in the Rippers like him. The female mutant had the power to reanimate corpses, however it was limited since her power was mostly reanimating herself. On a plus, she didn't need to eat, saving more of their prey for them, but the negative was that she was a living corpse. However, her power allowed her those privileges to be his equal.

He returned his focus back to the reason he was here when Lord Dark spoke to him. "You have information regarding what Necra had been tasked with. I do hope things have gone as expected."

In all honesty, he was unsure if the results were what Lord Dark had expected. The corpse left on the Cale's yard had caused some chaos, but not like what they had initially expected. "I'm not sure if it is as expected, My Lord, but it is chaotic. As was expected, Lady Cale was accused, and taken in for questioning."

He heard a gleeful laugh come from Lady Dark, as she clapped her hands together in delight. "Oh, I can just see her now. She must be livid in the jail cell. She must be frantic, knowing she can cut her way out, but won't because it will make her look guilty." He then noticed that Lady Dark had her own hands in their claw like form.

He nodded, and then said, "Actually, the police were able to confirm that she couldn't have killed him. Apparently, they could determine the time of death." He could feel a killer look come from Lady Dark, and he hoped the next bit of news would spare his life. "However, before they could release her, a bomb in the building was found. Apparently it was part of a ploy to capture Lady Cale, created by Mr. Sinister. It was supposed to blame the new hate group, The Knights Of Humanity."

He paused when Lord Dark leaned forward, his gaze focusing on him. “And was he successful on capturing her, or did the bomb kill her?” Something in the question made him wonder if the news he was about to relay was the news his master wanted to hear.

He took a deep breath, and then responded. “It appears the abduction was successful. She is currently held by Mr. Sinister. From what I’ve heard about him, he seems to pride himself on genetics, being formerly obsessed with the Summer’s family. I don’t know why he’s decided to go after Lady Cale.” He stopped there, and braced himself for what ever would happen if Lord Dark was displeased.

After a moment, he realized that Lord Dark was happy about the news. He took a good look at Lord Dark, who was rubbing his hands together. “Now that we’ve heard that, we can plan our attack. In fact, I’m sure it will be the perfect time to attack.” He relaxed for a moment, and then eagerly awaited for Lord Dark to tell them his plan.

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Lord Dark sat back, happy with the news he had just heard. It gave them an opportunity he thought would not happen so soon. It would be risky, but the results would be regaining what they had left behind in their collapsed timeline. He looked at his most loyal followers, and said, "We have the perfect opportunity, thanks to that fool, Sinister. We will be able to get into the school, and over take them before they will be the wiser."

He noticed that Jack seemed eager to begin. "Do you need me to assemble some of our troops together. Some of the others missed out on the attack a few weeks ago, and are eager to battle."

He shook his head briefly, and held up on hand, showing the hungry maw on it. "Not for an immediate strike, Jack, but it will be needed for after. If I know Lord Cale," he chuckled, and then continued, "and I do know him, he will mount a rescue mission for Lady Cale. No doubt he'll have his friends help, but not all of them. I also don't doubt that he'll leave the students behind. They will be our first victims, and converts. We will also have the best way to fool them." He then looked at Lady Dark.

She smiled back from under her hood, and then moved her hands to the hood. She lowered it, revealing her fiery hair, and her blue eyes. "Yes, they will easily open the door when I show up at their door. In fact, I can use my current appearance to make them think Lady Cale escaped." She then frowned, remembering one little detail. "Of course, we may have to deal with Synch and Daria's whelp. I'd love to rip him limb from limb."

He nodded in agreement. He had forgot about that slight complication in the plan. "Ah yes, the summoner. He used those damn decoys to evade us. Those huge bug things weren't even alive. We'll have to take care of him immediately. He is the only one who could know who we are. We either have to succeed in killing him, or hope he goes on the mission.” He highly doubted the latter would happen, so a killing was the only option.

He paused when Lady Dark just chuckled. “I’ll kill him. Besides, if he dies, any of those things he summons will die, or break free and cause more havoc.” He did like the sound of that idea. In fact, the more he thought about that problem, the more he wanted it to happen.

Lord Dark put the thought out of his mind. They needed to prepare, and travel. He looked to Necra, who once had been a truly living mutant girl. "You will accompany Lady Dark. Once she gets in, animate the first kill. Then, once the place is secure, Jack and the others will come in to ambush the others when they return."

The living corpse nodded, and spoke in her unnerving voice. "Understood. I shall also make sure she remains safe. May I know what to do just in case they surprise us?" Something about the question sounded foreboding for his plan. The only thing that could go wrong is their decoy plan to be found out.

He chased the thought out of his head. "If she can't get in the door, and there is a force ready to defend, then return here. I doubt it will happen, though." He watched as they all nodded, and then Lady Dark left with Necra, and Jack went another direction. He then lowered his hood, and looked in a near by mirror. As he did, he couldn't help but think that if the plan went wrong, he would have exposed to his enemies the identity of the true force leading the Rippers.


Angelina Pond was thankful for the opportunity that had fallen into her lap after the bombing. Shortly after reporting that the mutant hate group, the Knights Of Humanity, had been responsible for the bombing, they demanded a press conference. The fact that they wanted it with her only made it better in her mind. Two big scoops over the big name in reporting, Graylon Walsh. For the first time in a long time, her biggest rival had lost his edge. She had been thankful that he hadn't scooped the interview with the French Ambassador. It still irked her that some sort of malfunction at the airport made security detain her and her cameraman for a while.

Now, the cameraman was keeping up with the latest news, not that he really needed to. She was certain that the big news would be the press conference with Henry Meier , the leader of the group. Just looking at the man now, she could tell he was upset, but he held in his anger. She figured this was because he knew she would spin it against him. She would have done it, since she cared about ratings.

She nodded at the man, and put on her most enchanting smile. "We will be going live in a few minutes. You know that after your statement, I will ask you a few questions." She was doing that to see how many more ratings she could get, and no doubt the leader of the hate group would provide cause.

She was not surprised when Henry Meier responded. "Indeed. I know exactly who caused this. That mutant bastard, Lord Richard Cale, had his wife take that bomb in there, and set it off. We will be vindicated, and the people will see that filth for what he is." Inwardly, she was jumping for joy. While it was against the general public view of Lord Richard Cale, it would be a ratings gold mine.

She then turned to face her camera man, since it would be almost time for the broadcast. It would be a late night broadcast, but it was big news following the bombing. She held up her microphone, and waited for her cue. Her cameraman, who had his earpiece in, was listening, apparently hearing from the studio when it would be time to start. He then raised his hand, and she waited for him to signal that the camera was active, and then it happened.

He just shook his head. All of a sudden, the ratings gold mine collapsed. She didn't have to see anything, but he was already motioning to a nearby television. As they hastily set up for the live feed, the television in the room had been shut off. She quickly ran over to it and turned it on. She was thankful that it was already on one of the news programs, and what she saw almost made her gasp. She could see Lord Richard Cale speaking, but the volume was down low. The caption that ran along the bottom of the screen, however, told her all she needed to know. "LORD CALE SAYS MUTANT CAUSED BOMBING. LADY CALE ABDUCTED. KOH IS NOT TO BLAME." Her live news feed was cancelled. She was then surprised to see who was with Lord Cale, and she was irked again. It was Graylon Walsh, and he had somehow scooped her again. How did he do it? She was sure he didn’t hear about the bombing, until it was too late. He had also been one of the first to question what Lord Cale was doing with his school. This didn’t make any sense at all to her, and what was worse, Mr. Meier was starting to get very impatient.

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Henry Meier was getting very impatient with the reporter now. She had promised him a chance to speak out about the allegations made against his noble organization, and when the time came, she was looking at a television. He stood up behind his desk, and slammed a fist down on it. “Ms. Pond. Are we going to do this live interview or not? The longer I am kept from speaking, more of my good people will be hunted by the police for what those damn mutants did.”

He was stunned when the reporter turned to face him. “It’s not happening. There is no need to do it anymore, Mr. Meier. The person you just said had done it, actually just stopped it.”

He felt his jaw drop when he heard that. He walked over to the television, and turned up the volume. It was then he heard it. The mutant, Lord Cale, had cleared their name. He had even said another mutant had caused it, and was trying to blame them. He now knew why the reporter had stopped the live feed. If he had gone on now, he would have looked like a trouble maker. People would start thinking again that they had set the bomb. It was a disaster now, because all their lives had been save by a mutant.

His musings stopped, however, when his own phone rang. He turned and looked at it, feeling slightly unnerved. Something told him the call was related to the news he had just heard. After a few rings, he cautiously picked up the phone. "Hello." He was unnerved enough to forget about formalities.

His anger started to swell when the person on the other end spoke. "Hello, and you're welcome. I take it you just heard the news." It was the mutant, Richard Cale.

He started to shout into the phone. "You dare to call me, after all you and your freaks have done." His voice was so loud that the reporter had taken notice and focused on him. For a brief moment, the rational part of his mind told him how this would make him look to the press, but he mentally told that part to shut up. "Just as soon as I can, I'm going...."

He shut up when Cale responded back, not shouting, but his raised voice he was sure could be heard by the reporter. "Going to what? If you say I'm lying now, you would be admitting you actually set the bomb. We both know that isn't true." He knew Cale was right about that. Cale then continued. "Honestly, while we will not agree on most issues, I think we can agree that most police, after a station being bombed, might shoot first and ask questions later. I think we can also both agree that anyone who is not responsible for the crime should not have to fear police retaliation."

He grunted his agreement. "I really hate to say this, but you are right, for a mutant." He then looked at the reporter, who he was sure was really paying attention now. If she said anything about this, he'd be ruined. He then looked at the phone again, wondering if the mutant even knew the reporter was there.

Lord Cale then spoke again. "Now, some would say you owe me a debt, but I thought it would be better to tell you about another thing that might save your image.” He blinked at that comment, and thought about lashing out again. He stole a glance at the reporter, and she seemed captivated by every word. He decided to continue listening. "I do believe you have the Lewis's in your group. I have no idea of what they may have told you, however I have heard a great deal of how they treated their daughter. This treatment started long before her powers manifested, and is deplorable. Now, given how people all over look at those who do unspeakable acts of any sort to kids, can you just imagine what would happen if the press found out about that?"

He went pale, wondering if the mutant knew the reporter was there. It was true he had already known about what the Lewis’s motives were, but he was fine looking past it. He then glanced again at her, and he noticed a slight glint in her eyes. He swallowed, knowing that he was over a barrel. However, he was not going to reveal that the reporter had been there. "If people like that were in any group, they should be chucked out. I'd even go as far and report them to the police." After a moment, he realized he now needed to do that, costing himself two good members to his group. He then said quietly, "You are certain about this. Given the situation, you know."

He was thankful when Lord Cale lowered his voice as well. "Dead certain. I've been told by multiple sources. Their daughter is here, and I've spoken with her, and other teachers who have remarked that she seems to be a good person, but her parents insists that her good grades are due to cheating and other things." He remembered hearing something similar when talking to Graylon Walsh on the phone.

He looked at the reporter again, and he decided what had to be done. He then said into the phone, "I shall handle this matter then. However, I'm doing this for the Knights of Humanity, and not to help you, mutie." He noticed the reporters eyes go wide, but he heard no surprised sounds come from the other end. Lord Cale might have expected the slur. He then hung up the phone, wanting to be sure of having the last word. He then went to the intercom, and said, "I want the Lewis's here immediately."


Tasha Lewis sat with everyone else in Lord Richard Cale's office. He had just hung up the phone after talking with the leader of the Knights Of Humanity. Alexandra had informed them that Graylon's rival was with him, and had been preparing to do a press conference. After that, everything happened quickly. He had been quick to get Graylon to set up a conference to clear the Knights Of Humanity, and then kept track of them until the time was right. Graylon had even provided them with the number to call directly.

After a few moments, she saw Alexandra grin. The girl looked at all of them, and said, "He did it. He just tossed them out, right in front of Angelina. If they are smart, Tasha, they will flee the country." Hearing those words, Tasha felt a wave of relief go through her. She would now be free of the horror that was her parents.

She watched as Jubilation Thomas smiled at her. Her teacher just said to her, "You look like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders." She nodded, because it was true. The possibility that her parents would somehow get her back in that house had always been in the back of her mind. Now that everyone would know the truth, she would be vindicated.

She felt a hand on her shoulders, and she looked back to see Prince James. He had a smile on his face as well. It was just recently that they realized they had feelings for one another. The fact that she didn't need to always stay in the school grounds meant they could go places. "Maybe, after we get Lady Cale back, we can have a nice quiet dinner out."

She looked at him, and smiled back. "That would be nice, but I think we would need to have someone to help keep it quiet. You are the Prince." For a brief moment, a chuckle went through the room, and everyone seemed relaxed. It was as if the world seemed at ease.

That moment finally passed when Darrett Thomas-Ferguson brought them back to the moment. "With Tasha now free to leave, will that be a help in the plan to rescue Yvette." The room went silent, and Tasha nodded. As one of the team leaders, she would most likely need to go on the rescue mission. However, she was also sure she knew nothing about Mr. Sinister, since he had not come up in any of their lessons yet.

She watched as Clarice Thomas-Ferguson paced the room, and said, “He’s not your average mutant menace. However, I don’t want to go into it, since the one I know of might be a lot different than the one we are dealing with.” She did recall that some of the teachers were from alternate timelines. However, knowing how alternate versions were might allow them to figure how to anticipate this one.

She looked around, and it was the new teacher, Jonothan Evans Starsmore who responded. "Nathanial Essex, more commonly known as Mr. Sinister, is a mutant geneticist, and he is obsessed with certain families, and their mutant genes. He has been focusing on the Summers family, and finding powerful abilities. No doubt he started focusing on the Cale's since Richard is the first mutant in the family. However, I think he also factored in Yvette’s powers, and those two are a powerful combination.”

For a moment, she let those words sink in. Then she looked at James, and a horrifying thought crossed her mind. If Mr. Sinister captured the Prince, he’d extend his focus to James, and maybe all of them. She then said aloud, “We can’t all go then. Some of us should remain here.” She noticed that some of her other classmates were nodding. She then looked at Lord Cale, and the look on his face told her he had a plan in mind, but there was something else.

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Richard Cale stood up from his desk, and looked at everyone. Tasha had been right, but he was certain she didn't know the full reason. He then responded to Tasha's statement. "You are right, Tasha. Mr. Sinister would see us as a treasure trove of genetic material to work from. However, those that remain behind will have a greater function. First off, we will need to determine where Mr. Sinister's lair is. Tasha and Alexandra, you two will start in on that." He saw the two girls nod, and could tell that they were ready to start.

He then looked at the others, but mainly at Amy Johnson. "Once we know where they are, I want you to tell Yvette to sit tight. I don't want her trying to escape." He then looked at the others. "Once we know where he is, a team will be put together to strike. Jubilation and Darrett, you two will not be of that team. I will tell you why in a bit. Clarice, you will be with that team, because when the time comes, we will need a quick escape." He saw her nod, knowing it was her ability that was part of the plan.

He sighed and said, "The team that remains here will hold down the fort, so to speak, but a small part of it will be getting Yvette home. That means you'll be one of the ones staying behind, Anne." He noticed the young girl nod. He then said, "Once we know where to go, we will head out. We'll use the cover of night to get there. The strike team will divert Sinister's attention, while the home team pulls off the rescue. Once we hear she is safe, we'll come back."

He saw everyone nod in agreement, and then he took a deep breath. "Now, before we start, I want all the students, except the Team Leaders, Alexandra, and Kiana, to leave. There is something very important I wish to discuss, and I need them present." He saw the confused looks on their faces, but they left the room.

Once all was quiet, he looked at those who remained, wondering how he could best explain the reason for excluding most of the students. Before he could say anything, he heard Everett say, "I have a feeling we aren't going to like this news."

Richard nodded, and then looked over at Alexandra. "I'm sure you are all aware of Alexandra's abilities. As long as she focuses on an individual, she can hear anything around them."

He watched as Graylon nodded. "I had a feeling her power was like that. She could hear whole conversations from the comfort of a room. Hardly any trouble, most times." Richard looked at Graylon, and the reporter held up his hands. "Well, she had some problems focusing on you or Lady Cale from time to time."

Hearing that bit of news made him pause. It only confirmed his thoughts, and he forced himself to continue. "She had told me that much, Graylon. For the some time, we had been thinking that Emplate was in charge of the 'Rippers', since they all were similar to Emplate. Alexandra just confirmed a scenario that I don't think any of us wanted to consider."

He saw Darrett collapse into a chair, with Clarice rushing to his side. All the former Generation X members had looks on their faces of horror. The others in the room, however, had looks that were both puzzled, and worried. After a few moments, Kevin Mitchel broke the silence by saying, "Something tells me this is very bad. What is it?"

Darrett answered the question, and his voice was shaking as he did so. "The 'Rippers' are being led by the worst Emplates from my timeline." He then saw Darrett look straight at him. "Why didn't we ever think of this possibility?"

Richard shook his head. "Because, when you arrived in this timeline all those years ago, we felt certain you prevented it. Team Leaders, once this mission is over, we will have to tell the others. However, until then, the only way Yvette Cale will enter this place is when Anne rescues her. Otherwise, it will be one of the leaders of 'The Rippers' trying to enter. An evil force that has the same faces as myself and Lady Cale, because, they are us, from another timeline.” He let the news sink in, and then said, “Right now, it needs to stay with us. I’m betting the ‘Rippers’ will take this chance to try to get in. So let’s work quick to get Yvette back. Understood.” He saw everyone nod, and was thankful no one was asking questions. He took a deep breath, preparing himself for a long night, and what was about to begin.


Mr. Sinister could not believe his good fortune. The abduction of Lady Yvette Cale had gone off without any real hitches. He had to thank the device for keeping her powers at bay, since he had been certain that even he would not be able to withstand her claws. Long ago, he had managed to get the video from the Massachusetts Academy showing her bust out of the med lab room. He had studied the damage she had caused, and made sure the cell would be able to stand up to that.

He had even been watching both her and Richard Cale for years. He had been waiting years for this chance, and after studying their habits for years, he knew this was the time. He knew Yvette would not use the full force of her powers, since it would destroy her outfit. The woman was self conscious about her figure, but even in what she wore now, he could tell she had a body that would make most women kill to have. He had to laugh how her own power, when fully activated, made her body slimmer, limbs skinnier, and turned her fingers and toes into long claws.

He then marveled at how Richard Cale's power could replicate all of that. It made him wonder if that factored into their genetic compatibility, and even if it would work with others. He then laughed out loud. "To think, my allegiance to Apocalypse all these years had me blind to a genetic treasure trove. I may have to rethink my opinion of the Summers family."

He walked over to some of his equipment, trying to decide which tests he should run first. He would need tissue samples, but given Yvette's healing factor, which he learned about from some of the X-Men's files he had hacked into, it would be very tricky to obtain. Healing factors were one mutant power his devices couldn't fully stop. It could retard them to a point, but it could not stop them. A thought then crossed his mind. “I wonder if I will be able to get that healing factor you have, Lady Cale.” The possibilities for it were endless.

He sighed for a moment, and then wondered about the offspring. He knew the Cale’s already had two children. It would eventually happen that the children would have powers. He wondered if he could speed up the manifestation of those powers, or what powers would be manifested in any of Yvette’s possible offspring. That would have to wait until he got a tissue sample first, though.

He paused, and then looked at the monitor that showed Yvette’s cell. He had made sure she could have just a small fraction of her power, hoping to see her claws at work. What he did see surprised him. Yvette had her back to the camera, and was remaining seated. It was not the actions he was hoping for, since he wanted to see how those powerful claws worked.

He watched her for a moment, trying to figure out what was going on. He noticed that she seemed to be nodding, as if acknowledging someone, but no one else was there. Could another person be in there, invisible? He shook his head, remembering that the power dampening device would have revealed someone there. Maybe she had a walkie-talkie on her. He dismissed that idea, noticing that both arms were visible.

He stopped looking, and rubbed his eyes. There was no way that could be the case. He needed to focus on the task of preparing for his experiments. It was possible that if he wanted a tissue sample, he would need to modify his tools. That would take time, which he knew he had. There was no way they could find him now. He then set off to work, preparing the instruments he would use.

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Yvette Cale sat quietly in the cell. It was against her own instincts, but she had good reason to remain calm. First, if she would have fully activated her powers, her clothes would be shredded. Her undergarments would have been fine, but if she had escaped, she'd be running around the area in a state that any reporter would comment on. She had already figured that some reporters had commented on her being at the police station that Sinister had bombed.

The second reason she remained calm was Amy Johnson. Her one student was talking to her right now, her voice quiet in the cell. "Lady Cale, please remain calm. They had me contact you to tell you that we will be rescuing you once we locate you. It should not be long, since Tasha and Alex are working together to determine the location."

Hearing Alex was helping made Yvette want to ask how they would do so, but Amy cut her off. "Lord Cale doesn't want you to respond at the moment. Tasha didn't fully tell me why, but she said it was linked to something about Darrett's timeline." At those words, Yvette almost gasped, but controlled herself. Amy then finished by saying, "Just remain calm. Once we know your location, some of us will cause a diversion, while Anne uses her power to rescue you. Just sit tight." With that, Amy went quiet.

Yvette took a deep breath, and thought about what she had just heard. Alexandra was having a hard time focusing on her. They didn't want her to try and escape. And the kicker was that it was linked to Darrett's timeline. Now the accusation of murder made sense. Angelo would have come to England if he had heard from one of them. The police seemed certain her claws caused his death. They all pointed to the idea that her and her husband's counterparts from Darrett's timeline were here.

She looked down, just in case Mr. Sinister was watching, and gasped, hoping he did not see it. If that was true, it meant they had to look at the 'Rippers' in a whole new way. The way Darrett had first viewed them when he arrived, as well as other prejudices, made her realize how grave this thought was. What was more horrifying, was that if it was true, then they were facing a foe that would already know how they think. A foe they never anticipated having. A foe that already had an advantage of time to establish themselves.

Now, she hoped it would not take long for the rescue to happen. The longer she was here, it meant that this foe could possibly sneak into the school, in the guise of claiming to be her. She then lowered her head, and said a quick prayer. After a moment, unsure if Alexandra was trying to focus on her or not, she softly said, "Hun, please hurry." She was more scared of this new threat, than of what ever Sinister might do to her, and time was running out.

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