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It is December 20th, and with the day coming to a close. I am posting Chapter Twenty-Five of X-Knights: The First Month. In this chapter, events happen at the police station, which in turn improves, than worsens, Yvette's situation there. I do hope you enjoy this chapter.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 25: Bogus Bobbies

Lady Yvette Cassidy Cale remained calm while she sat in the interview room of the police station. It was not easy, given the reason why she was in there. She had been called in because of a body that had been found on the school grounds when she was in America. It had been the body of her old school friend, Angelo Espinosa, whom she had not heard from in years. She had been shocked to hear it was his body that was found on the grounds.

She sipped the water that had been left for her, feeling she knew the real reason she was here. She was sure that being the only person at the school that had not been questioned about this at the time, someone thought she was the culprit. She knew this wasn’t the case, but her alibi might raise too many questions. Any way she looked at it, she would have a hard time proving that she did not kill her old friend.

She blinked, and looked at the door when it opened. It had been the officer who had brought her to the station, and it appeared he had a folder in his hands. She also noticed something she had not noticed before. He had a Knights of Humanity pin On his lapel. That little pin told her a few things. The first was that she felt the officer was going to outright accuse her of killing Angelo. The second was that she had to be very careful what she did, more careful than usual. She was certain there was someone who would jump at this situation and exploit it, and it would most likely be the Knights of Humanity.

She watched as the officer placed the file on the table, and open in. It contained only pictures, but they were very gruesome. Angelo’s powers had obviously let go, and he was a mess. There were slash marks all over his body, and if she had known better, she would have thought she had done it as well. However, she planed to maintain her self control. She looked at the officer, and calmly said, “This was the body found on our lawn.”

She noticed a sneer appear on his face, as if he was waiting for that statement so he could start blaming her. He nodded and said, “Yes it was. This is the body of a dead mutie on your property.” She could feel the hatred he put into that one word. In fact, the only people she ever heard use that word anymore were the hate groups. “In fact, it’s the mutie you killed.”

She willed herself to remain calm, since she did not want to activate her powers. In part, she knew how deadly her powers could be, and in part that she didn’t want to ruin her outfit. The accusation he made was so outlandish that there was no way it could be true. She crossed her arms in front of herself, and just said, “There is no way I could have killed him. He was a friend of mine, one I haven’t seen in years.”

She noticed that the sneer didn’t leave his face. Since they had come to England, they had learned the various ways people twisted the truth, and that groups like the Knights of Humanity were very good at it. “Really, then I’m sure you won’t mind telling me where you were when the body was discovered.” She went to answer, but realized she couldn’t. Any alibi she could offer couldn’t be verified, and if she said she was in America, that would raise more questions. She was trapped. In the past, she had been physically trapped, and mentally trapped, but this was the first time she was trapped by facts.

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Constable Lucas smiled when he noticed the trapped look on Lady Cale’s face. Ever since the Knights of Humanity had learned of the mutant Lord and Lady, they had been preparing to bring them down. The biggest difficulty was that Lord Cale, while advising the King, never did as they expected. For the longest time, the mutant made sure things didn’t fully look pro-mutant. The leader of the group had even gotten all the info he could on both Lord and Lady Cale, and Constable Lucas had memorized everything.

He did not get to close to Lady Cale, since he was aware of her powers, but he started to tell her the facts. “First off, Lady Cale, I am already aware of your powers. I know that you have the ability to make your skin so sharp that you could cut through the wall with ease. That’s why I’m keeping my distance from you. I’m also aware of the psychic powers you possess.”

He glanced at her, and felt disappointed that she wasn’t taking the bait. He knew if she attacked him, it would mean injury, but it would further their cause. He decided he needed to fully point the blame at her. They were still waiting on the coroner’s report, but he was certain what it would show. “Since you are the one who caused them, I’m sure it’s no surprise that the killing blows are human like claw marks. Just like the ones you are known to have when you have your powers active.”

At that moment, he saw a surprised look on her face. If he didn’t know better, he would have sworn she was actually surprised by the news. She even did a good job of making her voice sound surprised. “You are lying. There is no way I would have killed him. He was my friend.” He could even hear a bit of anger in her voice, which he was certain was because she was found out.

Before he could say anything further, he heard the door to the interview room open, and he looked back to see the chief enter, and he apparently had the coroner’s report. As the head officer came over, he said, “Sir, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve almost have the case solved.” He looked at Lady Cale again and gave a smirk, certain what the report would say.

He was stunned when the chief inspector just said, “I doubt it. The coroner found the time of death to be during the morning, the day prior to when the body was found. Also, in addition to the slash marks, there were signs that the victim was victimized by The Rippers. We have determined that Lady Cale has a solid alibi for that time.”

Constable Lucas was stunned by those words. It could not be possible for the time of death to be correct. He also had not seen any evidence of a Ripper attack. If that were the case, it made him look bad as an officer, which would then ruin his credibility in the group. He needed to salvage this, before it was too late. The Knights of Humanity needed to prove the Cale’s were what they said they were. Finally, the solution reached him, and he knew exactly what to do, and say. It involved some facts revealed by their newest members, the Lewis’s.

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Chief Constable Brahms was thankful that the report cleared Lady Cale. He had been unnerved when Constable Lucas had decided to bring her in, on the pretense of asking questions. That feeling got worse when he noticed that the officer was leaving her in the interview room for a time. He had seen tactics like that before. It was a testament to Lady Cale that she didn’t give in to those tactics. However, he was certain that the officer was upset by the news the coroner had given.

He decided he had to make up for his officer’s lack of tact on this matter. He sat down, and looked at Lady Cale. He also figured she should know about the findings. “Lady Cale, the coroner had found that your friend had died when you were in a class. Once we had a time of death, I called the school, and they verified that. It was Mrs. Thomas who informed us of that.”

He watched as she nodded and responded. “Well, I’m glad you were able to prove I was innocent. It seems your officer was not so willing to accept that.” He glanced at the officer, who seemed to be thinking about something. However, he did hear what Lady Cale said after that. “I am shocked to hear that the Rippers are linked to this crime. The big question now is how did they lure our old friend to his death.”

Chief Constable Brahms didn’t have an answer to that one, but was shocked when Constable Lucas crossed his arms and said. “Oh please, you had the Rippers captured him after you had him abduct Tasha Lewis.”

He quickly got up and looked at the other officer. “Now you know that wasn’t the case. After Lord Cale told me about her arrival there, I called down to where she lived. Do you know what I found out?” He didn’t see the officer make any sign of response, so he pushed on. “What I found out is a lot of contradiction. People claiming she’s a bright quiet girl, but others saying she is a trouble maker. The odd thing is, she has no record, and her parents, who seem to call her a problem child, want her back claiming she was abducted. It seems to me she went to the school to get away from some horrid parents.” It was that moment he noticed the pin on the man’s lapel. He then looked the officer square in the eye. “Of course, if you decided to press this course of action, I’ll be the first to report on your pin, which will make your group look very bad when I say how they support child abusers.”

He watched as the officer started to fumble for his next words. He knew the man had no more words that would give him credibility. It was why most officers didn’t support groups like the Knights of Humanity. Those that did usually ended up off the force, because of escapades like this one. However, he was sure that the next words this officer had to say would be ones he really didn’t want to hear.

He was saved from that when another officer entered the room, keeping his head lowered. While the officer did not fully enter the room, he did notice the officer beckon him over. Something about that simple action made him worry. He quickly walked over to the officer, still trying to place this new officer. Once he was close enough, he softly asked, “What’s wrong, officer?”

The man continued to look down, even as he answered his question. “Sir, a bomb has been found in the building. One officer is trying to disarm it, but….” He didn’t need him to continue. This was a dangerous scenario, however, the officers, and the civilians had to be evacuated first. It was just luck that there was no one in the holding cell. He glanced over at Lady Cale, and knew she had to be escorted to safety. He glanced at the new officer again, and realized what he needed to do.

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Vincentte stood quietly as the lead policeman thought over what needed to be done. He had been observing everyone, and had even noticed a mutant or two amongst the police officers there. However, when he heard about the one going to get Yvette, he knew he had to act. It was just fortunate that another officer had the bomb.

He had figured they were working together, since those two officers had the same pins on their lapels. He wondered why the lead officer hadn’t seen them before, but figured they had hid them. However, it did limit his time for a little fun before he took Yvette away.

He thought about his quarry again, and how he had been still focused on her, even after the escape. Yvette had truly become a blessed woman. It was part of the reason he wanted her so badly. The two things in his way were Richard Cale, her husband, and Emplate. While the later would only be annoyed at what he had done, he would have been rewarded for bringing Yvette back, the former, her husband, would hunt him down.

Now, however, he was going to get his reward regardless what happened, before Emplate would reclaim her. He just had to keep his face down. That way, she would not notice him until it was too late. He just needed to wait for the lead policeman to give the order he knew the man had no choice but to give. Finally, his patience was rewarded. “Alright, Officer Lucas, come with me. We need to get all the officers out of here. We can talk about your little lapse of judgment later, after this crisis has passed.”

As the two officers passed him out of the room, the lead officer then said to him. “I want you to escort Lady Cale out of the building, and to safety. If she gets hurt, the media will have a field day.” He nodded, letting the others leave the room. He watched them head towards the exit, but he remained in place for a moment. His view allowed him a chance to see the bomb, which appeared to be near a vent.

He looked at the officer working at it, and just like he had done, the officer kept his head down. It was the same officer that had brought the bomb in. He could tell the officer was busy trying to defuse the bomb. He had a feeling the officer was just acting, but if he drew attention to it, he’d loose the opportunity.

He quickly returned to the room, and closed the door. He also silently locked the door, remembering that the room was soundproof, unless the intercom was on. That detail he did not notice, but since the only officer in the building now was the one at the bomb, he was sure the man wasn’t paying attention.

He was quickly brought round to the fact that someone had noticed the closed door. It was the one person he figured would notice the door being closed, Yvette. He heard her stand up out of the chair she was in. “If there is a bomb here, we need to get out of here.” At that moment, he heard a bit of fear in her voice, and in a moment, he was sure she would feel more.

He turned to face her, and slowly lifted his head. As he did so, he just said, “Don’t worry, Yvette. We’ll be out of here before the bomb blows. However, we do have some time to get reacquainted.” At this point, he was looking at her, and he saw her gasp in shock. He smirked, and quickly lunged forward. He didn’t want her activating her power before he could have some fun.

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Yvette gasped in horror when she realize who the new officer was. It was Vincentte, one of Emplate’s minions, and judging by the look in his eyes, what he had in mind for her was more than using her as a meal. Her first instinct was to tense up, but she also knew how that would look. She wanted to yell for help, but also realized that everyone, except for the officer working on the bomb, was outside. She had only one course of action, and that was her first instinct.

Just as she was about to do so, she was pushed into the wall by a rushing force. She hadn’t reacted in time, and Vincentte had surprised her. He had her pinned to wall, and she tried to tense up. She tried, but was unsuccessful, and that worried her. She had never known her power to not work. She had only one option open to her at the moment. She looked at Vincentte, and said, “Is this what your master wants you to do to get me back?”

She was surprised when her attacker started laughing. It was a madman’s cackle. All of a sudden, she remember what the others had seen during the attack at the mall, and the thought made her swallow, which was slightly difficult, with his one arm pressing down on her. “No, this is all me. In all honesty, Emplate doesn’t know I’m here, and that I’m here to get the prize I was after so long ago.”

She then felt his one hand on her neck. For a moment, she felt like he was about to start supping on her right there. She was also certain that if he did, she would bleed to death. She gritted her teeth, in an attempt to look strong. “So I’m some sort of prize? It won’t be worth it. I’m not about to be his meal ticket of his again. Not after all the killings he’s been doing now.”

She became unnerved when his hand went lower down as he spoke. “Oh, it will be worth it. You see, after you had escaped, the master decided to offer you as a prize to the one who found you. At first, everyone thought they could punish you for getting away, and sup on you until you nearly died. Then, Freeze Frame became part of the group, and he got a slave of his own. You would not believe the things they do to one another.” As he said that, she saw a hunger in his eyes, one that did not go with supping on her marrow.

It was at that moment that his hand had moved to her top. While it was still on her side, she could tell he was going to move it forward. Before he could, she kneed him. For a brief moment, she felt his arm weaken, and she shoved him off her. She ran for the door to the room, but it was locked. She tried to tense up again, but no luck. She glanced back at Vincentte, who was now running towards her. She noticed he hadn’t turned to vapor, and was wondering if it was for the same reason.

She tried to get out of his path, but ended up falling to the floor. She tried to get out of reach, but was tackled to the floor. Soon, she felt her arms being tied behind her. “Since you had to make this difficult, I’m really going to enjoy having you as my slave. Good thing I had your favorite restraints on hand.”

In that moment, Yvette became afraid for her life. Her powers weren’t kicking in, she was in the clutches of a mentally deranged man, and there was a bomb about to blow up. What she needed now was another moment of good fortune. She chanced a glance back, and noticed that the door to the room was now opening. From the crack, she could tell that the person entering had to be an officer. It was the hope she was looking for.

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Mr. Sinister had been faking his efforts to diffuse the bomb the whole time. He could diffuse it, since he was the one who had made it, but it was to serve a purpose. However, his goal was to wait until the officer escorted Yvette Cale out of the building. Normally, he would entrust this to a minion, but for what he wanted her for, he had to do it himself. The Cale’s, given the family history, and that the heads of the family were two powerful mutants, would be an excellent bloodline to study. Added to that fact that the Cale’s now ran a school for mutants, capturing her opened up so many possibilities.

Unfortunately, when he had realized they weren’t coming out of the room, he looked up, only to see someone attacking Yvette, and in a way he did not want to see, unless in a proper test environment. He quickly left the bomb, setting a timer for delayed detonation. He needed enough time to rescue and abduct Yvette. He was not worried about the damage the explosion would cause, since when he made the bomb, it would look like the Knights of Humanity had built it.

He had grabbed a stun gun, and entered the room. He noticed Yvette looking at him, but not seeing his face, which was to his benefit. The other person, whom he recognized as one of Emplate’s minions, did not seem to notice he had entered. He had found out, due to his own methods, that something had happened to that one’s mind. It had to be the reason for this overly aggressive action. He also was aware of the mutant’s vapor powers, but luckily, that was not an issue. Since he was after Yvette, and was aware of her powers, he had secretly placed a gas in the air to dampen her power. It was also doing the same to this mutant, and would do so until the bomb went off.

He fired the stun gun, and hit his mark. Vincentte convulsed and passed out, right on top of Yvette. He walked over, and pushed the unconscious mutant off her. As he did so, he heard her say, “Thank you. You have no idea what he wanted to do to me. Now, if you can untie me, and get me out of here, I would be grateful. I take it you defused the bomb.”

He decided it was not the time to let her know who he was yet, and just picked her up, and held her over his shoulder. Luckily, it kept her from seeing who he was. The simple action also told her that the bomb was not disarmed, which is what he wanted her to think. “Oh no. I hate to say this, but you have to rescue him as well. He may have attacked me, but he doesn’t deserve to die in an explosion.”

As he entered a stairwell down to the police station garage, he decided it was time to let her know his plan. “Frankly, I could care less about him. It is you that I was after.” He heard her gasp, and felt her try to kick her legs. “Now, now, Lady Cale. You and Lord Cale have been on my interest list for a while. Given your deadly power, I’m amazed you could have children.”

He heard her gasp in horror, but he could hear some determination in her voice. “You’ll be sorry once I activate my powers, Sinister. My arms may be bound up, but my legs will still slice you.” At this point, he was walking to one police car he had already prepped for his departure.

When he was at the car, he quietly said, “I take it your powers are still not working. With that bomb, I was sending into the air a gas to keep your talents from activating.” He then opened the back, and tossed her inside onto the back seat. He then closed the door, and got into the front seat. “I even made sure this cop car was the same way. Now, relax, and when we get back to my lair, we’ll begin the testing.” He then pulled out, and sped out of the garage. He had even timed it right, for just as the car left, the building exploded.


Davis Skinur sat in one of the many cafés in town. He was there with Monet St. Croix, a fellow teacher at the school. In all honesty, he felt she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. He even knew that the first time he saw her, but that was years ago, when he was under the influence of Apocalypse. Now, he was his normal self, trying to make up for the wrongs he had done then.

When their food had arrived, he paused for a moment. It was true that until now, they had been enjoying each others company, and talking like a couple. However, before they had left the school, they each mentioned about Yvette not being back, but Richard had said it would be fine. He could also see a bit of worry on Monet’s face as well, so he voiced it. “You’re worried about Yvette as well, aren’t you?”

He watched as she nodded. “Yes. Given all that she suffered at my brother’s hands, and the police thinking she is linked to Angelo’s murder, it is hard not to worry.” He nodded, and tried to pick at his food. He didn’t really eat since it appeared Monet wasn’t eating either. She then leaned forward, and softly said, “What makes it worse is that some of the marks on the body look like she actually did cut him.”

He did the same, and said, “I know. However, I’m certain she didn’t kill him. Yvette doesn’t strike me as one who would kill, unless she had been severely wronged, or possibly the kids were in danger. Besides, there was something I noticed after the police had left after the body was found.” He noticed she paused, and looked at him. He leaned a little closer, to make sure no one heard him. “I’m sure the police noticed it as well, but from the location of where the body was found, there were two sets of foot prints coming in, and only one set going out. I think that alone would exonerate Yvette.”

He watched Monet think about it, before saying. “I think you are right. In fact, it reminds me of something I read about when I worked with Richard’s friend, Gabe. There was something in one of his books about magic users who could animate the dead. If someone could do that, they could also make it appear like Yvette killed him, or lured him into a trap.”

He nodded in agreement. If someone could do that to frame Yvette for a murder she didn’t commit, luring Angelo in would have been a snap. He then looked towards a window, and noticed something. It seemed that a bunch of police officers were gathering outside. For a brief moment, he was afraid that the officers were looking at him, and recalled his past. It was always a fear in his mind, but after a moment, he noticed they were all looking at the police station. In that moment, he started to have a bad feeling about what was happening. He quickly stood up, and said to Monet, “I think we better get out there. I think something must be happening at the police station.”

Almost instantly, she was up and heading towards the door. She was almost out it when she stopped. She turned and looked at him, realizing that they were rushing out without paying. He nodded for her to run outside, and then he paid the bill. He had explained, as best he could, why they were running out, but the person just shrugged. Luckily, he saw Monet speaking with one of the officers, and just that, unless she was doing more. He quickly made his way over to the group, and inwardly hoped no one had looked into his past.

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Monet had made her way over to the police officers that were outside their police station, but she didn’t need to read minds to known what they were thinking. It was such a common and overpowering thought, and it invoked fear. “Bomb!” The fear even worked its way into her, since of everyone outside, she could not detect Yvette’s long red hair. The lack of that meant one of two things. While one was unthinkable, the other one was that Yvette was back at the school.

For a moment, she let herself calm down, and hoped that calm passed on to the police officers. Soon she found the one who had to be in charge, and walked over to him. She glanced back, noticing that Davis was coming over, obviously a bit nervous. She hoped her calm feeling would relax him, knowing his anxiety was due to his past.

She finally tapped the officer on the shoulder, and was startled when he turned to face her, a bit upset. He quickly said, “Pardon Miss, but you shouldn’t be here. We have a bomb situation, and the farther back you are, the safer you are.”

She could tell he was about to escort her back, but she held her ground. She knew no one could move her if she didn’t want to be moved. It happened many times when she had her mental battles with her sister. She just crossed her arms, and spoke. “Sir, my name is Monet St. Croix, and I work at the school. My friend, Lady Yvette Cale, had been called to the police station earlier today. I was wondering if she was still there when this started.”

It was at that point that Davis got to her side. She was thankful he had made it there, and saw him point to the station. “When we noticed all this from the café, our concern for our friend made us ask. Was she already back at the school, or not?”

She then noticed a look of concern on the officer’s face. For a brief moment, she almost let the panic of the crowd engulf her. “I wish she had been. We had just determined she hadn’t killed the person that was found on the school grounds. It was at that time that one officer informed me of the bomb. That officer was supposed to bring Lady Cale out, but he hasn’t. We also haven’t seen the man who was working to defuse the bomb. Hopefully, he’ll succeed, and if not, hopefully they will all get out.” She was glad he never stated the alternative, but the thought crossed her mind.

She stopped thinking about it when another officer came up, with a puzzled look on his face. He only gave her and Davis a quick glance, but he spoke to the officer in charge. “Sir, I’ve just checked and everyone that was on duty at the time is here. No one is unaccounted for.” As the puzzled look appeared on the lead officer’s face, she felt all her mental alarms going off. Something was definitely not right.

She saw the superior officer shake his head. “That can’t be right. What about the two officers still in the building. The one who was working on the bomb, and the one I left to escort Lady Cale out. Where are they?”

Her mental alarms shrieked when the other officer spoke. “I asked everyone, and they swore they had never seen those two officers before. In fact, the one that had informed you, no one can say they saw his face, but some did mention it looked purple.” Almost in an instant, she put two and two together, but something still didn’t make sense. If it was who she thought it was, one of her brother’s minions was abducting Yvette. That was a bad scenario.

Before she could say anything to anyone about it, Davis put a hand on her shoulder and pointed. “Someone is leaving the building. Look!” She turned and looked at the car now pulling out of the garage. In the briefest of moments before it sped away from them, she noticed who was behind the wheel, and it made her pale in fright. She had been wrong about who was after Yvette.

She was about to give chase, but paused as an explosion rocked the area. She felt someone pull her down to the ground, and realized it was Davis doing so. She was about to protest, when he softly said, “I saw it too. It wasn’t a police officer in the car, and it looked like someone I had read up on after Yvette mentioned seeing him. You should contact Richard, and wait. If you were to give chase now, it would like mutants were attacking the police.”

She nodded, realizing what he meant by that. If someone saw her flying after a police car, some would blame mutants for the bombing. Ironically, she was certain that was the truth, to use it as a diversion for their escaping with Yvette as captive. She quickly focused her power, and sent a telepathic message to Richard. “Richard, Yvette has been abducted from the police station, and it appears Mr. Sinister is to blame. Please get down here quickly.” She then took a deep breath, and felt that Davis still had an arm around her. For a moment, she took comfort in that. He was indeed much different from her first encounter with him years before, and it was also possible that that action kept her from doing something rash, and risky. Her only regret was that Mr. Sinister was getting away, and she was certain Yvette was abducted by him.


Graylon Walsh had been stunned when he heard the news, and ever more stunned when he was asked to go with the group. He wasn’t going to question it right now, but it might be for the best. He knew that Ambassador Leveneque and his daughter needed time to themselves, and it would be best to let them have that. Besides, he was certain someone might try to scoop this story, and twist it around. While he had done stories on information that was not public knowledge, it had been true.

Those thoughts left him when they arrived at the scene. The police station was nothing more than rubble, and scattered about were fragment of building, and possibly bomb. When the car stopped, he jumped out, with Alexandra McNeal, Everett Thomas, Kevin Mitchell, Lord Richard Cale, and Clarice Ferguson-Thomas. He could tell they were all in shock at the sight, but he let his professionalism take over.

This was not the first devastating scene he had seen in his career as a reporter. It was also not the worst. From what Richard had been told by Monet as they made there way here, there were no officers lost in the explosion, but there may have been one fatality. He watched as Richard and some of the others ran over to Monet and Davis, checking on how they were. Even from where he was, he could see they were shaken up a bit.

He then paused as he looked at something on the ground. He was not going to touch it, but the symbol on it was that of the Knights Of Humanity. Lately, that group had been becoming more active, but he didn’t think they would resort to bombing. However, he would not put it past them if the place was a highly mutant place. He also felt certain they wouldn’t label their bomb. Doing that would be very foolish, and would hurt their image. He felt it was more likely that the image was going to be used to frame the group.

Sure enough, as he got closer to some officers, he heard they were shouting about this. “First, you try to frame Lady Cale, then some of your friends set a bomb. If she is dead because of this, I will make sure every officer in the country is looking for you. This is way out of line.”

He chanced a quick glance at the officer that was being yelled at, and he noticed a look of anger on his face, but mixed in it he could see shock. “I can assure you that the Knights of Humanity would not have bombed a police station. Why don’t you ask the officer who saw the bomb, or the one trying to defuse it? I’m certain they would say there was no evidence that the Knights Of Humanity caused this.”

That puzzled him for a moment, and then he remember what Monet had relayed to Richard telepathically. She had told him that there were two officers that were not supposed to be there. One had been Mr. Sinister, but the other was an unknown. Could the other have also been a member of the Knights of Humanity. Could it have been an assistant of Mr. Sinister, or someone else entirely.

He was about to ask the officers if that was possible, however, two shouts caused him to not ask. The first had been from an examiner, and he had said he found the remains of a body. He was concerned that it was Yvette’s body that was found, and then the words of the second shout hit him. It had been Alexandra, who had called for him. “Everyone, get over here. I think I confirmed what happened, and it’s not good.” He inwardly cursed his feeling of dread, but quickly hurried to the spot. He was thankful, however, that she didn’t call any names. No one had approached the police since they arrived, so it was best to keep that image up for a bit yet.

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Lord Richard Cale walked over to Alexandra with the others he had brought with him there. With all that had happened, he knew it was best to wait until talking with the police. Besides, he could hear the one yelling at the others, and from some of the words he heard, he had a feeling the bombing looked like a hate group attack. He also caught the words that a body was found, but he couldn’t focus on any of those. He wanted to be certain of what had happened before he spoke to the police, and all he felt certain of was his wife’s abduction by Mr. Sinister.

Once they were all together, he looked at Alexandra and said, “What can you hear?” Since he had found out about her power, a remote hearing, and how Graylon had used it at first to find out stuff other reporters couldn’t, he allowed her to stay at the school. This was the first time her powers could be used in a very positive way, allowing them to locate Yvette.

He watched as they all stood around her, and she had closed her eyes. “She’s trying to say something, but he must have gagged her since they left. The other voice is speaking, and it must be this Mr. Sinister.” He watched as she paused and gasped. “He just told her how he had set everything up. He had the bomb ready for whenever she was brought in. Apparently, he was aware that she wasn’t cleared regarding that man’s murder.”

He watched as Everett let out a low whistle. “How the hell did he find out about that? I thought you told the police that Angelo was already declared dead.” Richard nodded, because he had. The investigating officer had told him that all discretion would be used due to the unusual circumstances.

He was about to say something when Alexandra spoke again. “He just said it was fortunate that one of the officers was a member of the Knights of Humanity. It just added suspicion to be placed on them for her disappearance, but he’s aware that you and her are linked.” With those last words, he noticed that Alexandra was looking right at him.

He nodded, and then looked to the others. “He knows we’ll be coming after her. We’ll have to have Paige and Jonothan contact Professor Xavier. We’ll need all the help we can get on this.” He then looked at Graylon and said, “We’ll have to let the police know that the Knights of Humanity aren’t behind this, and that Yvette is alive.” He watched as the Graylon nodded, and then looked at Clarice. “How many people can you teleport with one of your portals, or those pikes you use?”

He watched Clarice, who aside being a friend, was also his bodyguard since they came to England, thought about it for a moment. “A few, but if we have to ‘rabbit hole’, it may not get us all the way home, depending where he is.”

He nodded, and then Kevin pointed. “I think planning may have to come later. My father works at this station, and he’s coming over.” Richard looked over, and noticed that the very person was walking over, a slightly concerned look on his face.

Richard turned to face the officer, and took a deep breath to help calm himself just as the officer spoke. “Lord Cale. We didn’t expect you down here so quick. I’m sorry about this, but your wife…..”

He cut the officer off, and said, “Relax. We know she wasn’t in the building at the time. I want to speak with the one in charge, however, because we know who is behind this, and it wasn’t the Knights of Humanity.”

He heard the officer sigh. “That’s a relief. I’ll admit I was starting to worry, especially about Kevin. Speaking of which, why did you come here, son? Were you worried about Lady Cale, or about me?”

He saw a slight smile cross the officer’s face when Kevin answered. “I was worried about both of you, Dad. I’m glad no officers were injured.”

At that, the officer frowned. “That’s not the case. We did find evidence that someone was caught in the blast. There had been two people posing as officers in the building. We had suspected members of the Knights of Humanity, but we haven’t found out who it is yet.”

Richard looked at Alexandra, and said, “Did you hear anything about that?” He then said to Kevin’s father. “She has a gift of remote hearing. If she focuses on a person, she can hear any conversation they are having, or what people are saying around that person.” He saw the cop nod.

Soon Alexandra nodded, and spoke. “Yes. Apparently it was the only unforeseen part of his plan. He said the guy’s name was Vincentte.” He, Everett, Clarice and Monet all gasped when they heard that. She then paused and said, “I won’t say what he was trying to do, but when Lady Cale was carried out, he was left there for when the bomb went off. Also, there was something in that bomb that was suppressing all mutant powers.”

Richard blinked when he heard that. He then turned to the officer. “Get the one in charge over here, before this spirals out of control. The last thing we want to happen is for the wrong facts to get out to the public. I may not like them, but I’ll not see the Knights of Humanity get blamed for a crime they didn’t commit.” He didn’t want to admit that it was the kind of thing they would blame mutants for doing, but he felt that if the word got out that mutants found out about the plot and cleared their name, they would be less likely to retaliate.

Just as the officer turned to go get his superior, he heard Graylon groan. “I think it’s too late for that. While we’ve been talking, my biggest rival, Angelina Pond, has just shown up, and I think she’s doing a live broadcast.” He glanced over, and did notice that a news report was going on. “I guess my stunt at the airport didn’t detain her long.”

As the woman spoke, he saw Kevin’s father speaking with the head officer, but it was obviously too late, since she had already started speaking to the camera. “As it looks, the police station had been bombed by the Knights of Humanity. All of the officers had gotten out, but it seems that Lady Yvette Cale, who was apparently still in the building……” He noticed she had stopped, and looked at the officers, before continue. “Hold that, it seems that one of the Knights of Humanity members had abducted Lady Cale. No doubt, the officers here will be going after all the members of the hate group. I’ll be doing a follow up report, speaking with Lord Cale about how he plans to retaliate against this hate group.”

Richard groaned, hoping that this was the worst of it, and then Alexandra tapped him on the shoulder. He turned, and she softly said, “Sir, can I tell you something?” He nodded, and moved closer to her, noting she wanted this to stay quiet. After a moment, she said, “Before I stopped listening, something odd happened. All of a sudden, I could have sworn I heard Lady Cale talking, and it seemed to be with you. Something like this happened before, when I was in the class one time, listening to you. I don’t know what to think about it.”

In that moment, Richard had a bone chilling thought cross his mind. Some time ago, during one of the encounters with Emplate, the foe said the Rippers were not his minions. It now seemed for possible that it was true. If Emplate was losing his grip on some of his thrall, it was possible that some turned on him. He then remember another fact. Darrett Thomas-Ferguson was from a timeline where two of Emplate’s thralls had turned on him, and if what Alexandra said was true, that meant a very bad thing. In fact, it was a disastrous thing, if it was true. He repressed a shudder, and then said to Alexandra, “We’ll talk about it later. Right now, we will focus on rescuing Yvette. I just hope her powers can prevent Sinister from doing any tests right away.” He then had everyone get back in the car, and he hoped they could end this before Graylon’s rival caused this to spin farther out of control.

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