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It is December 19th, and with the day coming to a close. I am posting Chapter Twenty-Four of X-Knights: The First Month. In this chapter, things are starting to happen as someone is making their way to the school, and some questions arise about the body found on the grounds, questions that seem to make the police look right at Yvette for answers. As always, enjoy.

Generation X Cale Storyline Disclaimer

Attention: Generation X and their villains, as well as any other mutant mentioned in this story, is property of Marvel Comics. The character Richard Cale is named after family relations. Any other reference to anything copyrighted is a chance happening.

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X-Knights: The First Month

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Chapter 24: The Person We Know

Graylon Walsh walked through the lobby at Heathrow Airport. It was one of the busiest airports in England, and as a result it was also a waiting spot for the press. It was one of his typical waiting spots if he knew someone famous was coming in. He would be like other press hounds, lingering around the lobby, waiting for a hint at where the person would show up.

It had been almost like that the day he ran into Lord Richard Cale, Lady Yvette Cale, and their guests, one of which being Sean Cassidy. He had been ready to do a story, but had been surprised when nothing had recorded. He realized now that it had to of been the doing of someone close to Richard Cale, but as it turned out, Richard Cale kept some things secret for a reason.

He was benefiting from one of those, since Richard had told him he had no intentions of turning Alexandra, his faithful assistant since he met her, over to the authorities. He had also benefited in getting information in a more legitimate way. However, this was to be the first time he could scoop tons of people, but he had to help get someone discretely to the Cale Institute.

He knew it would not be easy, especially when he heard the person’s name. Ambassador Jean Levenque, the French ambassador. He had known that where ever the Ambassador would show up, people would flock around him. It was as if the man had charisma as a mutant power, which Graylon now knew was a fact. He also knew the man rarely gave out interviews to the press.

Luckily, Graylon wasn’t to get an interview right now. His task was to get the Ambassador out of the airport unseen, and to the school. The reason, as he was told, was to see his long lost daughter, which Graylon thought might make a good story. However, since he had been following the Cale’s, he was sure it would not be a simple story.

He soon realized how difficult his task would be when a familiar voice spoke. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Graylon Walsh. Are you here for the same scoop everyone else heard?”

He turned to face the speaker, and wasn’t surprised by the ugly sneer marring the otherwise lovely face of Angelina Pond, his only true rival. On many stories, he had scooped her, and it was obvious to him that she must have thought he was here on another story. He took a practiced breath, and responded. “That depends. I’ve heard a few rumors involving people showing up linked to the Cale’s”

He heard a snort of laughter coming from Angelina. “The Cale’s. Everyone knows they are your favorite target. It’s no surprise that you seem to have no clue about Jean Leveneque coming in. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. The French Ambassador that it seems no one knows anything about. Everyone is here to try to get an interview with him, and for once, you are out of the loop.”

He let a sad look cross his face, but he had been aware. The only difference was he also knew were the Ambassador was going to be arriving at. Now he had to think fast, since everyone had been tipped off about the Ambassador’s arrival. He noticed that all the reporters were near the gates where flights from France were coming in, but the Ambassador was not on one of those. He was arriving on a private flight, due to the nature of his visit.

After a quick moment, he saw an opportunity. Angelina’s cameraman was following her, and he was struggling with the equipment. If it would bump something, he knew every security guard would come running, and all the reporters would be on the new scoop in moments. For a brief moment, he quietly asked for forgiveness for what he was about to do, and then neared the one sensor.

With a brief, unnoticeable, flash, the sensors went off like crazy, and everyone flocked around the cameraman and Angelina. Just as he thought, it would cause the distraction he needed. Then, as the crowd gathered, he melted into the crowd, and disappeared for the area he needed to be in.

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Jean Leveneque sat quietly as the plane came to a stop. The flight to England had been thankfully uneventful, which he needed after his last stop. As he had been doing for a while, he was terminating his Asylum 7 programs, and as of recently, he had found many of them were acting on their own. Some of them had even joined together under the leadership of one he had thought been loyal to him.

He then looked over at his bodyguard, one of his truly loyal personnel. Once the plane had stopped, he looked at the man, and calmly said, “Are you ready for this, Rage?” He did not understand why the bodyguard started using this codename, but it seemed to fit better than Equilibrium.

He watched as the man shifted a bit, apparently nervous. “I can’t say I am entirely prepared for this encounter. If I remember the incident in Japan correctly, Cale was the enemy. Isn’t it unwise to be going to his home now.”

Jean nodded for a moment, and carefully choose his words. “If things were the same as they were back then. However, I had learned many things. One, Cale wasn’t the person we were told. Two, we have been in communications since then, which helped lead to the end of Asylum 7. And most importantly, my daughter has returned, and is safe at their school.”

He got up then, and was followed by Rage as they headed for the door. As they started to disembark, Rage quietly said, “That all may be true, but a stop here may cause those that helped the Cale’s back in Japan to catch up with us. They have been pursuing us since then, and they may try something while we are here. Once the press knows were are here, they will know where you are, as well as…”

Jean cut off his bodyguard. He knew the press would be a problem, but when he spoke with Richard Cale on the phone, he was assured the press wouldn’t be a problem. Now that they were leaving the plane, they saw no sign of the press at all. He was stunned. The press were always there, in part due to his mutant charisma. The fact that no one, except one young man, was waiting amazed him.

As they neared, he heard the young man speak. “Ambassador Leveneque, I’m a friend of Lord Richard Cale. He asked that I get you to the school, before any of the news people find out you’ve arrived. I have a car ready to get you out of here.”

He was glad that Richard had thought ahead on that, but was stunned when Rage spoke up. “I do not think he’s being honest with us, sir. I have heard of him. He is a reporter named Graylon Walsh.”

For a brief moment, a scowl crossed his face, thinking they had gotten fooled, but before he could say anything, the man responded to the statement. “Your bodyguard is correct, sir, but I am being honest about why I am here. Richard had asked me to do this, since he was sure that other reporters would be around. I had set up a bit of a distraction for them, and if we move quick, we can get you out of here.”

Before Rage could protest, Jean looked at the man. He was sure his own powers were affecting the man, and was certain the man would tell him the honest truth. “If that is the honest truth, did Richard promise you anything for doing this?”

He was pleasantly stunned when the man shook his head, and said, “He did not promise anything, since he said the important thing was to reunite you with your daughter. While I would be honored with an interview, due to the matters at hand, as well as a better understanding of Lord Cale, I will not pursue that avenue. Now, let’s get going before people find out you arrived.”

Jean nodded, and followed the reporter. “That is the best advice I’ve heard to day. Maybe, Mr. Walsh, I will give you that interview later, since you were honest.” He then followed as the man lead both him and Rage to a car. They both got in, knowing that their luggage would be brought to the Cale’s after some time. He didn’t worry, since the most important person in his life would be soon back in his life.

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Lord Richard Cale stood patiently in the main hall, dressed nicely, but causal. It was the way he had everyone dress, since it would look better. It was not everyday that the students got to meet such a dignitary. Honestly, since he had been advisor to the King, he had met many, so this was normal. However, he noticed that some of the others got all decked out. Jubilation and Everett were dressed in the nicest outfits they had brought with. Davis, Paige, and most of the students were dressed casually, but in very nice outfits, almost close to formal dress.

There were very few people missing from the room, but Richard knew why. He had asked Sean to watch all the little children in another room, keeping Eloise there so she would not get overwhelmed. Another person that was missing was Christy, but he understood why. For the longest time, she and Kevin Dallas, had been fighting the guest who would be arriving. They been unaware of the change in him since the incident in Japan.

He took a deep breath and then turned towards the door, wondering how soon they would arrive, and decided to remind everyone of the protical. He walked towards the door as he spoke. “Alright. I want to remind everyone again of the seriousness of this matter. First and foremost, our visitor is an Ambassador, and deserved the respect that title holds.”

He then glanced at those who had gone on the fateful trip to Japan. He knew most of them now accepted that he had changed since that trip, but he want to stress that there was to be no grudges. “For those of us who have met him before, please remember that things have changed in the last five years.”

He then glanced at the students, who all looked a little nervous, but some had grouped themselves into couples. Ever since the school had opened, he had noticed that some of the students had paired up, but right now wasn’t the time to address it. He was well aware that Prince James was the only one who had any experience with diplomats. “Students, if things go well, it is possible that the Ambassador’s daughter could be joining the school. I hope that you spoke with Prince James about how to act.”

He smiled as they all nodded, and was amazed when Kiana spoke up. “Sir, I know you may be unaware of this, but my father had been a diplomat when alive. I’ve been helping as well. However, what are we to say about the other guests?” He wasn’t sure how to answer that question, other than to say nothing at this point. It would be something to approach directly if only those guests would make themselves known.

Luckily, he didn’t have to dwell on it at the moment, as Alexandra quickly said, “Sir, Graylon just said that they are pulling up to the front door now.” He nodded, and watched as everyone made sure they were in the places they had taken when they first entered the hall. He then approached the front door, his wife next to him.

In a moment, he spoke to his wife, Yvette, in their psi-link. “Do you think we will have to defuse anything before it starts?” It was his biggest concern, knowing that Jean may have one of his bodyguards with, and if it was the one from Japan, there would be problems.

He felt his wife squeeze his hand as she responded. “If it is the same guy, we will have to. Clarice seems to be expecting something from him.” He started to wonder if she was also passively scanning the minds of the others. Or would she be scanning the minds of their arriving guests. He honestly hoped it wasn’t that.

Soon, a knock on the door told them their guests had arrived. He opened the door, and Ambassador Jean Levenque came in. Richard smiled and then started the introduction he had prepared. “Welcome to the Cale Institute, Ambassador, Levenque. I hope your trip here was uneventful. Allow me to introduce to you the faculty and students of the school.” He was about to continue, but stopped when he saw the two figures that followed. One was Graylon Walsh, who Richard had asked to get them here before any press could bother them. The other, however, was a figure he was already familiar with. The last time he had seen the man was in Japan, over five years ago. He did not recall the name, but he did remember that Clarice had fought with the man, and he could already pick up on the fact that neither the huge man, nor his bodyguard had forgotten the encounter.

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Clarice Ferguson-Everett felt herself go on high alert when she saw the tall man enter. She had totally expected to see the big man, especially since she heard the Ambassador was coming. She also noticed that the big man appeared to be preparing for a rematch. However, before either of them could even speak, she was stunned when the Ambassador said, “Rage, remember what I told you. They are not our enemies.”

She watched as the man relaxed a bit, but still watched her. “Understood sir. I shall let my animosity go.” She rolled her eyes at that statement, but held her tongue. She still remembered how he talked during the battle, claiming to be the peak of perfection.

She also noticed that Richard and Yvette were looking at her, and she knew what they might say. She quickly relaxed, and said, “I know, what the Ambassador said. We are not enemies.” She then edged a little closer to her husband, but kept her eyes on Rage, as he appeared to be now known as.

In a moment, the incident seemed forgotten, as Ambassador Levenque said, “Thank you for the warm welcome, Richard. It looks like you’ve done well for setting up this school. I’m not surprised that you asked your friends from Generation X to help you.” She then watched as he turned to face Jubilation and bowed. “Miss Lee, again I apologize for what happened to you back in Japan. I have done what I could to round up members of the group who had captured you, and bring them to justice.”

She watched as Jubilation just nodded, and said, “That is appreciated. To be honest, I’m not too worried about it. Their plot was thwarted, and the person who had hired them was caught over five years ago.” She then watched as her friend raised her hand. “Also, it’s Mrs. Thomas now.”

She watched as Ambassador Levenque raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Wow, it is obvious I did not know that. I congratulate you on the blessed union. I do hope you’ll have the joy of children soon.” She blinked when she heard that, but then remembered why he said that, and why he was there.

She then watched as Yvette cut off a slight awkward moment, and motioned towards one of the doors. “Speaking of children, your daughter is waiting for you. If you’ll come with us, we’ll take you to her. She’s actually with my ‘father’ and our kids.”

Clarice was not surprised when a fatherly smile crossed the man’s face. “Now that is good to know. I had heard you had children, Richard, and I would be honored to meet them.” She was then surprised when he turned to the bodyguard, and gave some surprising orders. “Rage, I want to you to relax, and try to be social. Remember, time has given us a chance to reflect on the mistakes we made years ago. There is a lot to amend for. Maybe you can even tell them about some of the work we’ve been doing.” With those last words, she saw her employers and friends leave the room with the Ambassador.

For a moment, there was an awkward silence, but it was finally broken when Everett spoke. “So what exactly have you been doing?” She could tell Everett was being a bit cautious as he spoke, and she could tell that she wasn’t the only one unsure of Rage.

For a moment, she could have sworn that Rage was going to have a rude but sophisticated response. She was then surprised when he uncrossed his arms, and appeared a little at ease, as if Everett’s tone had relaxed him a bit. “We have been working on shutting down the Ambassador’s special programs. Apparently the incident in Japan made him want to correct his mistakes. Unfortunately, those that ran some of those facilities did not want to terminate their operations.” She then noticed a slight smile cross Rage’s face. “I was able to convince a few of them of their folly.”

For a brief moment, she noticed that Rage was giving her a look. She could tell he wanted a rematch. She was willing to give him that, but she knew her orders on this matter. After a moment, she felt a comforting hand on her shoulder, and her husband, Darrett spoke softly to her. “I know this will take some time, hun. I went through it for a while when I first arrived in this timeline.” She took a deep breath, realizing he knew what she was going through. In fact, she was now sure she could resist that urge to have a rematch with Rage, even if he tried to goad her into it.

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Sean Cassidy sat in the Cale’s family room, watching over his grandchildren, Richard Cale III and Ashley Cale, as well as Joleen Ferguson-Everett, the daughter of Clarice and Darrett. They were all playing a game with Eloise Levenque, the young lady who his adopted daughter had brought to the school almost a week ago. He was still amazed how much Eloise looked like Yvette. If one didn’t know better, the two looked almost alike.

Thinking about their similar appearance also remind Sean how Yvette had came into their lives so many years ago. He remembered that day, since it was one of the first days he was head of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. On that day, they had their first encounter with Emplate, and later found Yvette, then known as Penance, left on their doorstep by Gateway. He still didn’t know how Gateway got her there, since at that time, Yvette kept her powers active all the time. Even communicating with her had been tricky, until Richard had arrived at the school. After that, Yvette quickly became the lovely lady she was seen as now.

He shook his head as he came out of that memory, and noticed that Yvette’s influence on Eloise only made it more difficult to tell the difference as she walked in with Richard, and Ambassador Jean Levenque. During his time with X-Corp, he had never met the Ambassador, but he knew of the man from what Richard and Yvette had told him of the trip to Japan. Seeing the three enter, he could see the outfits both Yvette and Eloise wore were almost identical as well, except for the difference in color, and that Eloise’s measurements had to be slightly different from Yvette’s.

He quickly stood up, hoping he was showing the respect the man deserved as Ambassador, when the man took a look at him and frowned. Before he could ask why, the man gave him the reason why he frowned. “What is the former leader of that vigilante group, the X-Corps, doing here? Do not tell me he is teaching here.”

He was about to respond when Yvette looked the Ambassador right in the eye. “He is not teaching here. He is my adoptive father. Before the X-Corps, he was our teacher at the school. After my husband and I were nearly abducted, he adopted me. Years later, when our school closed its doors, he ended up leading that group, and nearly died when Mystique slit his throat.” He nodded with that last statement, still feeling a twinge of pain where the scar still was. He had been lucky that someone had gotten him to a hospital, and that they came to his aid.

He also noticed a shocked look cross the face of the Ambassador’s face, which was replaced by a slightly hurt look. “I’m sorry. I had not heard anything about Mystique, but I am aware of her past. Had I known she had gotten involved with your group, I would not have reacted as I had. Can you forgive an old man’s foolishness?”

Sean nodded and smiled. “It’s all right. Yur forgiven for that, since it was my own foolishness that lead me to X-Corps in the first place. I’m just glad that my foolishness didn’t cost me meeting my grandchildren.” With those words, he noticed that the Ambassador nodded, and then walked over to Eloise, who embraced him.

As the two hugged, Sean heard Richard walk over to his side, and softly say, “I think you reminded him of what was important, Sean. I think all that he had done over the years was linked to Eloise’s disappearance. In fact, one of the things I picked up from him during our first encounter was his advanced age.” Sean nodded with that statement, realize that the loss of a loved one made people do very reckless things. He just wondered if the Ambassador would be able to make amends for his mistakes.

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Christy Laine looked in on the scene that was now unfolding before her. It was not something she had expected in the foe she and Kevin had pursued for so long. Here was the man she had once described as pure evil, and he was doing something totally good. He was embracing his own daughter, who had been gone for a long time. In fact, if not for her conversation with Richard Cale prior, she would never have believed it.

As she looked on the scene, she noticed movement near the door she was peeking in from. She almost jumped in surprise when the door opened, but relaxed when it was Richard Cale opening it. “Did you want to join in on this touching reunion?” Before she could even answer, he held up his hand and said, “Before you do, I should speak with the Ambassador first.”

She watched as he turned back to the room, and cleared his throat. She remained back, but heard Canon say, “Richard, is there something you wanted to say?” From the tone of his voice, she could tell there was kindness in it, like there was to be no fear for whatever was to be said.

She almost gasped when Richard told Canon the news. “I take it you remember our first encounter back in Japan.” There was a pause for a moment, and she tried to see if Canon nodded. “Well, you are also aware that we had received some help from two who had pursued you. At that time, as a reward for helping us, I had allowed them free stay at the apartments in the company buildings. As it turned out, they had arrived here before you did, thinking you were coming to England for another reason.”

She waited for something bad to happen, and was stunned when Canon just said, “I totally understand. I trust you had kept my identity from them during the whole time.” She was still stunned when she noticed that his voice had no tone of anger in it.

She gasped when Richard made his next statement. “Yes, until earlier this week. After you said you would arrive to see Eloise, I felt it would be best to inform them about your identity, and your actions. The young lady, Balam as you might know her, took the news rather well, and seemed able to accept it.” For a moment, she felt a bit proud at the statement Richard made about her. It was also something she had hoped other people could be, open-minded.

She waited until Canon made his next statement, wondering if this was the moment she should talk to him. “That is nice to know. Has Mr. Dallas been told yet, or did he reject the notion?”

She decided to enter the room at that point. It was the best way for her to answer his question, but she also kept her distance from Richard, just incase his power might lock in on hers. “He hasn’t been told yet. The Cale’s had been attacked shortly after we had arrived here, and Kevin was killed. I do hope you remember what that means with his power.” She watched as he nodded. She then looked at him, wanting to confirm the one thing she had been told. “So you’ve been shutting down all your Asylum 7 operations.”

She remained silent as he nodded. “Yes. I’ll admit that it started shortly after the incident in Japan, when I found out I had been manipulated by another. Since then, and I’m certain that my encounter with Lord Cale played a major factor in my current actions, I started shutting Asylum 7 down entirely. Some of those were more accepting of it than others. Thankfully, I had Rage to help with most of them.”

For a moment, Christy did a double take as the words sank in. In that moment, she also noticed a sense of unease going through the room. She quickly focused on the last words, and then said. “What did you mean by most of them? Don’t tell me that some escaped.”

She watched as Canon nodded. “Yes, in fact I wanted to warn all of you about the one. His name is Dio.” Christy gasped when she heard the name, remembering all that Kevin had told her prior to one encounter with him. “I had a feeling you would remember him. He did not take the news well, and managed to rally a team to fight me. It had been a tough battle, but the base was destroyed, however Dio and his followers were able to flee.”

Christy let out a sharp intake of breath. “That means he could be anywhere you’d been connected to.” She looked at Richard, and said, “Lord Cale, I’m beginning to think that Kevin and I should extend our stay, especially if Canon will allow his daughter to remain here. Kevin knows how to handle Dio, and I’m sure he’ll pass the knowledge on to you, if you’ll allow us to stay.” She watched as Richard nodded, and then noticed that Canon was nodding as well. Now, all she needed to do was convince Kevin, in a few days when he would be revived.

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Prince James still lingered in the main hall, however most of the students moved up to the top of the stairs. There was something a little unnerving about the Ambassador’s bodyguard, and he could see it was bothering his one teacher. That aside, he still found himself thinking about the Ambassador, and how everyone seemed to focus on the man at the moment he entered the door. In fact, even though the Ambassador was in another room, he still felt like he had to look at the man.

The moment of silence was broken when Tasha Lewis, the most beautiful girl he had ever meet, spoke. “He must have some sort of mutant charisma. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, and neither could anyone else.”

He nodded in agreement. “You know, I don’t think my father ever met him. That power would make him very hard to forget. I believe this is the first time I had ever seen him.” He heard almost everyone give a sound of agreement.

He was stunned when Anne just said, “I’ve seen him before, and so has Kevin and Amy, although I don’t think they realized it.” He turned to face Anne, wondering what she was talking about, when his fellow student just said, “I have a tape of a show that had Lord and Lady Cale on it, a few years ago. And the Ambassador was there.”

He heard Tasha gasp at that revelation. “Wait, does it have anything to do with what he talked to Mrs. Thomas about?”

He was stunned as Kevin said, “The parts we saw had shown she had been abducted. We just never had a chance to ask Lady Cale about it. But after hearing them speak, I don’t think the Ambassador had anything to do with it.” Hearing those last words made Prince James feel certain that it was just a coincidence that the two were both there at the same time.

For a brief moment, all were quiet, and then Alexandra broke the silence. “You know, I once saw a portion of that online. It had shown all these ninjas running about, and one really stood out.” He then watched as the newest girl there motioned towards the Ambassador’s bodyguard. “The one that stood out looked to be as tall and built like him.”

It was in that moment when Prince James could tell they were all reaching the same conclusion. He motioned them all around, and quietly said, “I’m beginning to think that ……” He was about to say what conclusion he had come to, when the doorbell rang. At that moment, time seemed to stop. No one else was expected to arrive, which made him worry about who was waiting on the other side of the door.

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Amy was stunned just like everyone else in the room. No one else was expected that day, just the Ambassador. At first, her mind jumped to what had to be the only logical conclusion. Since Lord Cale had asked Graylon Walsh to fetch the Ambassador, that meant a few reporters had followed. She start to head down towards the door, as one of the new teachers, Paige Guthrie, said, “Ah thought you were supposed to keep other reporters from finding out, Mr. Walsh?” The tone in her voice was so cold, she could have sworn it would freeze the air.

She then noticed a hurt look on Walsh’s face. “There is no way they found out and followed us. Before I picked up the Ambassador, I used my own powers to cause a scene.” She paused for a moment, as everyone gasped at the news. She started to move again when Walsh continued. “Yes, I’m a mutant. I can generate electricity. It’s been enough to ruin some tapes and such. I’m ashamed to say that I had to make it appear that my biggest rival’s cameraman was hiding something suspicious on him.” She could then see he was very sincere about that.

When she reached the bottom of the steps, she heard the bodyguard speak. “His accounts are accurate. I did not notice anyone following us on our way here. So, there is no way it is a reporter. A majority are not that good at following people.” She then watched as he gave an apprehensive look to the door. “There is a chance that we were followed by one of the people upset with the Ambassador’s current activities.”

She was not surprised when Monet St. Croix, another of her teachers just said, “And what exactly was the Ambassador up to in the first place. If it’s something that we should all know about, that should have been brought up the second you got in here, maybe ever before that.”

All of a sudden, everyone was talking, and no one seemed to notice her. She quietly made her way to the door, as she heard more words exchanged. Some thought it might be a reporter, and others were wondering about what the bodyguard said. No one stopped until she reached the door, and opened it.

In a brief moment, all was silent, until they all saw who was behind the door. It was one of the local police officers. She wasn’t sure if it was one of the ones investigating the body found there or not, since they were all kept away from the scene. After an awkward silence, the officer nodded to her, and asked, “Excuse me, is Lady Cale around?”

Amy nodded. “Yes, but she is currently with someone. I can have her summoned, if it’s urgent.” She then glanced back at those in the room, and she noticed some worried looks. All the teachers seamed worried, but none more so than Davis Skinur. She also noticed that Kevin looked a bit more nervous now. She could have sworn that he thought the officer was here about the visitor apparently killed during the battle on Sunday.

Before she could say anything, she heard Tasha in her mind. “I already called Lady Yvette. She is on her way, but I’m getting a bad feeling about this.” She had to agree with her classmate. Something seemed odd since she had a feeling the officer here wasn’t the lead officer on the case. In fact, she started to fully wonder about this officer, since he wasn’t high ranking either. It was almost as if he was there for another reason.

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Yvette could not believe what Tasha had told her telepathically. It was not like she wasn’t expecting this after hearing of Angelo’s death. She had been trying to think of how to say she had not been around, without saying she was out of the country. Given how she and Anne had traveled, she was sure it would raise many more questions, and with a murder, that was not needed.

As she entered the hall, she already picked up on the tension, especially from Davis and Kevin. She understood Davis’s reason, but she was unsure why Kevin was worked up. She mentally calmed herself down, since it was possible that the tension might amplify her own nervousness at the moment.

When she reached the officer, she noticed that he turned to face her, and nodded. “Lady Cale, I apologize for the inconvenience of this, but this is relating to the body that was found on the grounds last week.”

She nodded, which confirmed her thoughts on why the officer was here. “I had a feeling that was why you were here, but I don’t think there is anything I can shed on the situation. I did not see who placed the body there.” It was the truth, and since the discovery was in the morning, as she was told, she would have been asleep if she had been here.

She was relieved when the officer nodded. “Understood, ma’am, but there are still some questions. They still don’t know how the body got there, since there was a lack of blood at the scene.” Those words puzzled her. No one had told her that detail, but in her mind that told her he had not been killed on the grounds.

It also puzzled her why the officer was telling her this in front of everyone, unless they had cleared all of them as suspects. She crossed her arms in front of her, feeling that he was implying she was linked to the death. “I see. And why are you telling me this and not searching for the killer?”

She was impressed by the way the officer stayed calm. “Well, ma’am, there are some details that need to be answered. First off, the identity of the person appears to be someone who is listed as deceased. Second, there is the method that they think killed the man.” For a brief moment, Yvette felt fear, but she would not let it show. Fear now would cause her to tense up, and the way the man was speaking, she was sure that her hand would appear to match the method used to kill Angelo.

She briefly nodded, and spoke before the man could say anything else. “I see. Well, if they wish to speak with me, I’ll accompany you to the station.” She noticed that both Darrett and Clarice were about to say something, but she spoke to them telepathically. “I will be fine. If you come along, it might make them think I am guilty of a crime we all know I could not commit.” She noticed that they nodded and remained at their spots.

She watched as the officer nodded, and then motioned to a police car. “Very well, ma’am. Please get in the vehicle, and I’ll take you to the station. And, you don’t have to worry, this is being kept discrete.” She nodded, headed out, and got into the vehicle. However, deep down, Yvette felt there was something bad on the horizon. The feeling didn’t go away as the vehicle started to move, and she didn’t feel sure about her words to her friends, and bodyguards.

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